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Civilizational Mobsters

Religious extremists have terrorized humanity for over 2500 years

I can’t think of any time or place where I’ve heard the word “mob”, and it’s notorious connotation, used in anyway positive or praiseworthy. Yet in the world of human interaction and societal interrelation, the battlefield of ideas, make this type of group the commonplace structure within which human beings are forced to exist. If you’re asking how, let me elaborate. A mob, as far as we can observe, has always been a large group of individuals usually brought together based on an emotional reaction to a circumstance of some nature. This reactionary stimulus is responsible for setting the conditions in which mobs are formed and is where we can trace the hidden hand controlling the battlefield of ideas at play. islam-will-dominate-the-world_1

What could be a more fitting example than the recent emergence of the so called ISIS insurgency and its antithesis in Western opposition?

The history of ISIS, whose official motto is, “Remaining and Expanding”, can be traced back to conflicts that began as far back as  2,500 B.C. when certain groups of humanity departed from the civilizing values of humanity’s original culture, known as Kemetic culture. Kemet was the founding civilization of the highest cultural, spiritual and intellectual achievements, whose capital straddled the banks of the river Nile even long after the times of this fateful rebellion. So, the ongoing pendulum swing of political ambition expresses itself through the ages up to this very day.  As with most other groups of its ilk, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has taken up the banner or baton of its many predecessors whose histories seem inextricably linked. That link is particular to this part of the world, the so-called “Middle East”, that appears forever mired in the chaos born from the fissure that occurred between the original culture and its rebellious offspring. Since that time, the so called Eastern and Western worlds have been locked in an infernal struggle between factions of these original rebels.

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Survivor's Notebook

The Dog & Pony Show

Trump Clinton Debate

Politicians are excellent actors. Are these two friends or enemies? While we are distracted by their performance, life goes on.

If you think of yourself as a person who cares and wants better for yourself, your community or humanity, you have certainly attended the dog and pony show more than once. A lot of effort is put into the appearance of things to bring people out. Maybe it will be advertised as a meeting of the minds or a solution-based event. Maybe celebrities will come and talk. Maybe a panel discussion will be held, giving the audienc
e a chance to question the “experts”. Many in attendance attend to feel like they are a part of something important, with the potential to bring something positive into their lives.

Trump Clinton shake handsWe as human beings are facing many problems. When we have problems, we seek solutions. Our dilemma has been that we are often called to attention by people who claim to have answers to our problems. When we take the time to hear what they have to say, however glamourous their presentation is, we still go home with our problems and no closer to solving them.

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Feature Story

Humanity’s Freedom

The Nile Valley Civilization provided humanity’s original value system, enabling it to accomplish amazing feats unmatched by modern technology

What makes knowledge valuable is when it is applied to the consciousness of the individual in order to achieve enlightenment– to become a good person. According to humanity’s Ancestral forefathers, being good requires that our quality rise higher today than it did yesterday. To achieve such a feat, we need a reason as well as a guide to do so. When we seek the fundamental knowledge of human societies and behaviors, we find ourselves in Africa (Meritah) looking for the clues to human history.

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Talking Drum

Opportunity To Mobilize

Pilgrimage-with-Maakheru-walkingInitiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn how to live as human beings, cautious of how they fit into nature and into the overall existence. For 20 years, The Earth Center has been paving the way for individuals to reestablish their connection to their traditions by providing a unique education that has been untouched and kept in secrecy within the initiation camps across Meritah (Africa) in order to preserve its integrity. This education has been made available by the authority of the priests in Meritah, with the goal of assisting people who would like to relearn their true heritage and who understand the importance of dropping their colonial conditioning. Due to many requests, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in its mission, but who are not able to join the initiation, by offering memberships.

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Feature Story

Holy Days or Holidays


There are many stories about the origins of Thanksgiving, but do any of them honor our origins?

Since the beginning of human civilization, holidays or days of observance have been cherished as special occasions amongst families and larger communities. The original holidays of humanity are extremely important, and they started as holy days observing very specific spiritual and/or astronomic events. Presently, the “holiday season” still brings joy and comfort to all in colonial territories.

For years the origins of the colonial holidays have been exposed by honest researchers. Those origins reveal a very terrifying history of colonial barbarism, genocide and deceit. This deceit not only keeps many ignorant of the true origins of today’s celebrated holidays but also seems to trap even the families who become aware of them in continuing on in “the spirit of the holidays.”

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Kem Graduation

A Tree and Its Roots

“A tree cannot stand without its roots.”

This proverbial wisdom is absolutely true, no matter what kind of tree we are talking about. And so with the world of humans, a family can be considered as a tree. The visible part of the tree is what we tend to notice. This can be considered to be the living relatives. The the roots of the tree are hidden. These can be considered to be the dead relatives or Ancestors of the family tree. A family is strong when it functions together. There must be communication between each part. Considering the wisdom of the proverb, if a family ignores the roots of its family tree, that tree is doomed to fall.

A family stands on the accomplishments of its Ancestors. The living must learn from the successes and failures of those who came before. Any heritage or inheritance of the family must be to the credit of those who have passed on before. Without a common heritage, there is nothing to bring a group of relatives together to even call them a family. What will unite them? What will they do together? How will they know how to treat each other? What goal will they collectively have to achieve something for their descendants?

In recent times, this larger perspective of a family has been degraded. So it is in Meritah (Africa), many families and entire tribes have abandoned the heritage of their Ancestors. As a result, the ancient African civilizations have been greatly weakened and once mighty families have fallen to become firewood or lumber for European, American, Asian and Arab interests. It is in this desperate context that The Earth Center of Meritah was established.

The Earth Center was established by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a high priest and master healer from Western Meritah. He provided a link for people all over the world to connect with Kemetic (Traditional African) Culture. He realized that this link would also be needed in Africa itself, as the Kemetic traditions are becoming inaccessible even to many descendants of Kemet on the continent. Foreign religions and political ideologies have created a hostile environment for anyone promoting Kemetic Culture, leaving the children of Kemet disconnected from their roots.

Thenuziri Grad Gen 1Two such children were fortunate enough to discover The Earth Center and enroll in the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality. This is the original education system of Kemet and the heritage of all of its descendants, meaning all humanity. Kemetic education takes the form of initiation. It is not simply a classroom experience. Initiation shapes every aspect of the initiate’s life, how he sees himself and his surroundings, his goals, his do’s and don’ts etc. Initiation brings the   initiate into the way of life of his Ancestors, in other words, his roots.

The M’TAM initiation provides a comprehensive cultural foundation for the human being. The cornerstone of Kemetic initiation is the Kemetic language, Ré N Kemet or Medu Myeet. Language is at the foundation of human culture. Without language, there is no way for a group of people to communicate even a single idea. The language carries the ideas and principles of the culture. For an idea to exist in a human mind, there will have to be a word for it. Without a word for it, how will we make sense of it and communicate it to others. Medu is a highly refined language that has words for many concepts that don’t exist in English, including words to describe the spiritual (non-physical) existence. This is why the Medu Myeet class is the cornerstone of the initiation.

Thenuziri Kaqemna headshotKa’at Ibi is of the second M’TAM class. Ka’at Ibi loosely translates to meditation. Students in this class will learn the exercises and techniques to strengthen and harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Ka’at Ibi is the predecessor to all forms of meditation known to today, such as Yoga and Qigong. Fundamentals of spirituality are also taught as the initiate is forced to reconsider everything about himself and who he thinks he is. The origin and goal of a human life is explained in a way that puts the mind at ease by clearing up the confusion brought by the modern religions and ideologies.

The Sounnt (healing) class teaches the inner workings of the human body. The basic philosophies of healing set the foundation for how we understand the goal of healing and how to achieve it. Initiates also learn how to diagnose disease and identify causes of disease. Healing apprenticeships are also available for Sounnt graduates who can eventually take on healing as a profession.

The new graduates have succeeded in completing the long and difficult journey of their first level of initiation. Upon graduation, they received names that were chosen by reading their Earth Energies. Therefore, these are the names that the Earth itself has given. The graduates each received an individual name to express their personal destiny. Ogunleye Idriss Oyewumi will now be known as Ouzerba, meaning strong soul. Naba Lamoussa Kader will now be known as Kaqemna, meaning seeker’s soul.

Thenuziri Ouzerba headshotAs a group, these two are now bonded as brothers by the same family name. That name is Thenuziri, meaning “Tree of the God WSR or UZIRI”. WSR, as the Ancestral God of humanity, was the one to bring humanity the civilization that separates us from animals. According to the Kemetic Holy Drama, WSR was killed and his coffin ended up next to a tree. That tree grew rapidly to at least 5 times its normal height. This can also be seen as a metaphor to show how much an individual will grow if he keeps the principles and energy of WSR within himself. May they both be strengthened and inspired by this name to grow as that tall tree, fed by humanity’s deepest roots; to grow beyond the normal human limitations, keeping the principles of their Ancestors and Ancestral Gods.

Survivor's Notebook

Spiritual Revolution

Bois Caiman Ceremony

A depiction of the Bois Caiman Ceremony

On the island now called Hispaniola, where Columbus first landed over 500 years ago, was the French colony called Saint Dominique. In the chaos of the French Revolution, which began in 1789, an extensive network of Maroons, enslaved Blacks and “freed” Blacks launched a rebellion in 1791. In a ceremony known as Bois-Caiman, the leaders of the rebellion made a spiritual pact to support their cause. Days later, on the 25th of August, 50,000 captives rose up and destroyed the plantations. Around 1500 plantations, about 25% of all plantations on the island, went up in flames in one night. The smoke from the inferno could be seen from as far away as the Bahamas. Smoke and ash obscured the sun while saturating the air and sea. The Haitian Revolution had begun.

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Feature Story

No Island of Peace



“There can be no island of peace in an ocean of blood and tears.” This is a wise saying that is certainly relevant, even in the literal sense, when exploring the role of the Caribbean islands in the transatlantic enslavement trade. Early in the colonial period of “discovery”, these islands were actually some of the first to meet the imperial hand of the European colonial empire, as it stretched across the vast blue waters of the Atlantic. The white sands covering many of the beaches that are now tourist attractions once bore the bloodstained footprints of humanity’s greatest genocide. During the period of the slave trade, spanning from the 1500s to 1800s, these beautiful islands were often the first stop along the infamous “Middle Passage”. They would become colonies and homes to large slave plantations and with that, would also become a new home to many descendants of enslaved Africans, once chattel slavery was finally abolished.

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Talking Drum

Is it our time?

Sunrise over lake

The Sun rises, beginning a new day.

We don’t question so many ideas that we are told are facts. We take for fact that north is up and that gravity pulls us down. We assume that if today is Monday, tomorrow can only be Tuesday. New generations may never know life without cell phones, internet and video games. This world that has been artfully built for our amusement and convenience is distracting us from the reality of things.
Let’s notice that the calendar we are using has names for months and days of the week that are never explained to us in our formal education and never discussed in society. Do these names have no meaning or are the names insignificant? Where do these names come from and who decided that this is the way we should tell time? These are questions worth asking.
Upon investigation, we discover that the names in our calendar are mostly taken from Roman mythology, while the names of some months come from Roman emperors and Latin numbers. When we say today is Saturday, we are saying the day belongs to the Roman “God”, Saturn. In other words, we are worshipping Roman culture and mythology when we use this calendar.

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Alternative Health Notes

Food as Politics

GMO-ActivistsIt is difficult to pinpoint the exact time frame in which food became politicized, but here in America, food is steeped in politics and is constantly a subject within current events. The politics of food are too numerous to name in one short article, but here are a few:

  • Genetically modified food (GMO)
  • Nutrition standards  
  • Infant formula  
  • Fast food conglomerates
  • Processed food and labeling
  • Meat safety
  • Pesticide standards
  • Water as a commodity

Although each of these topics are equally important, we will review a couple of these within this article.

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Feature Story

Harvest Your Garden

Harvest-colour-corrected-CroppedAll your labors in the vegetable garden finally pay off at harvest time. However tempting it might be to rush into picking your produce, it is impatience that causes one to pluck it too soon before it is ripe for eating. Here are some signs to help you recognize the moment when your crops are at their peak of perfection.

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Kem Graduation

Pursuing Personal Quality – A Welcome to the Sahqara Generation

From left: M’TAM Instructor Kasabez Maakmaah and Saqhau Washhek; the graduate, Ibasta Sahqara; Director of The Earth Center, Nehez Meniooh

The continent is Africa (Meritah). A full moon has risen early in a still sunlit sky. A village compound with a carpenter on a low stool in the center of the yard building a large frame using raffia bamboo. The carpenter’s seven-year-old son enters the yard and starts this conversation.

“Tapsei, Papa (Good work, Papa). That’s a big moon tonight, Papa.“

“O yes,” the carpenter says, continuing to measure, cut, and chisel bamboo. He is making frames for a pyramid roof for their kitchen.

“I see something on it. It looks like…. like….

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Cover Story

Failure of Democracy

Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump rack up additional wins

US presidental cannidates with corrupt records.

As President Barack Obama spends his last term in office, we are faced once again with the democratic process of electing a new President. We are taught in grade school that the President’s role is to be the administrative head of the executive branch of the Government, which includes numerous agencies, such as the Department of Labor, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Transportation, etc. The President also serves as Commander In Chief of all United States military forces deployed around the world. The image that is promulgated throughout the world is that democracy is the best the world can hope for regarding stability and improvement/advancement. What is promoted is that people are choosing their leadership by popular demand, thus it brings with it stability because everyone had a vital input in setting the course of the nation’s agenda. Thus, the Presidency represents people’s hopes and dreams. This is what is projected to the world and the President is the figurehead that represents democracy. However, if we look beyond the idea that is projected, we will see that democracy is no more than a governing tool. It is a business management tool set for the bottom line and that bottom line is power and control over people and their resources. Another flaw with democracy is it allows for any con-artist with enough money and influence to become the head of state despite their corrupt nature.  So in essence, the U.S. Presidency and democracy must be viewed in this context to get a better understanding why there is a push to spread democracy throughout the world.

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Feature Story

Libya: Victim of Neo-Imperialism

THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN ON A GUIDED GOVERNMENT TOUR Supporters of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi inspect damages at his house which was hit by a NATO air strike overnight in the Gargur area of Tripoli on May 1, 2011 as the Libyan regime said the raid killed Kadhafi's youngest son and three grandchildren but that the strongman escaped unhurt in what it called a deliberate attempt to assassinate him. AFP PHOTO/MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

The aftermath of NATO airstrikes against Libya in 2011.

LIBYA, ONCE ONE OF the richest countries in Meritah (Africa), prior to US/NATO intervention in 2011, has now been reduced to a failed state. The country is in chaos with two competing governments claiming authority over the country. Weapons from weapon depots in Libya have been scattered throughout Meritah (Africa) and the country is now the base for The Islamic State (IS) in Northern Meritah. Libyans are also fleeing the country where kidnappings and assassinations are commonplace, adding to the influx of refugees flowing into Europe. The events that have lead up to the present chaos, which include the brutal murder of Muammar Qaddafi the former leader of Libya, were in no small part due to US/NATO intervention in the internal affairs of what was supposed to be a sovereign state.

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Talking Drum

Brexit: Europe in Crisis

Brexit Protest

Protest in UK opposing the decision to leave the european union

AS A KEM LIVING in the UK, I have been witnessing the unfolding drama within the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom (UK) has been in the middle of a debate, to decide whether or not to stay in the European Union (EU). A referendum was held on the 23rd June 2016 for the people to vote on this topic. They voted to leave. From a Kemetic perspective, one needs to understand the history to know the present.

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Survivor's Notebook

Irresponsible Leaders


Protestors in Chicago call for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel following murders by Chicago Police.

With the passing of another 4th of July, we have reached 240 years since the Declaration of Independence. Behind the nationwide fanfare of fireworks and cookouts is a celebration of the USA’s history and independence from Britain. Lately, this observance has been met with increasing cynicism as the promises of freedom, justice and equality made by the founding fathers have never been realized by the majority of Americans and actually seem to be getting farther from reach as the years go by. The finger-pointing and scapegoating fuels a never-ending cycle of hatred and antagonism amongst the population. Meanwhile, most of the politicians in the middle of it all skillfully deny their responsibility.

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Volume 15.8

Those Belonging to Truth – The Nimahat Graduation


The Nimahat Generation: Ibreni (left) and Kameera (right)

Prophet Neb Naba, the Maakheru (Voice of Truth) of the M’TAM Schools worldwide, told us a story that was taught to him as part of the traditional education within his culture in Meritah (Africa). This anecdote revolves around a man that spent days and days trying to cut down a tree, but the axe he was using was so dull. He stood there day in and day out trying to cut down that tree, but couldn’t. Eventually his actions caught the attention of his neighbor, who began observing him and found it very interesting. His neighbor thought to himself, how much can you achieve in trying to cut a tree with a dull axe?

This neighbor decided one day that he was going to talk to the man, so he went to him and said, “Hey, my friend… what are you doing?” The man replied, “I am trying to cut down this tree, but I don’t need to be distracted…” The neighbor smiled and then replied, “But you’ve been doing it for days.” And the man abruptly replied, “Yeah! That’s why I don’t need to be disturbed!” The neighbor paused for a moment and then asked, “Have you ever thought about sharpening your axe?” The man retorted, “No! I am in too much of a hurry…” And that is where the story stops.

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Feature Story

The Upsurge In Global Protest


Indigenous people unite in Paris to protest UN 21st conference on climate change (COP21).

The day was December 29, 2012. People began to hear loud, rhythmic Native American drumming coming from an atrium inside of the Mall of America. Large crowds of people began to gather to see what the commotion was all about. As one got closer one could hear the continuous BOOM BOOM of drums and native chants drowning out anything else that was audible in the space. If you had come to the edge of the atrium and looked down from the railing you would have seen over a thousand people gathered on the ground level. You would have seen that in the center is where the drumming was coming from, and around them stood people clapping and singing to the rhythm. In the outer layer of the gathering, people were moving in a circular rotation around the rest of the group. This is a round dance, “flash mob” style protest, put together by the “Idle No More” indigenous rights movement from Canada to bring attention to bill C-45. This bill, among other things, relinquishes the protection that was placed on natural waterways that pass through native lands and opens the door to commercial developments on these lands without their consent. This same day and week, many similar protests happened worldwide in support of the Idle No More movement.

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Cover Story

Survivor’s Notebook: Climate Change & COP21

U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd R) is welcomed by French President Francois Hollande (R) and (L to R) French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal, French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, President-designate of COP21, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, as he arrives for the opening day of the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, November 30, 2015. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann - RTX1WFXF

Leaders of governments responsible for destroying the world meet in Paris to discuss Climate Change in 2015

CLIMATE CHANGE: a term that represents possibly the biggest threat to human survival. Ironically, this threat is also seemingly the result of human activities. Scientists and environmentalists have been reporting that the global temperature has been at a historic high and as these temperatures continue to rise, increasingly catastrophic events will follow. They predict that melting ice caps will lead to rising sea levels, coastal cities and islands will submerge under water and so on. Amid these concerns, the governments of the countries responsible for this destruction have begun to meet as they pretend that they plan to do something about the problem. However, traditional wisdom states that “the one who betrayed you yesterday will not save you today.”

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Feature Story

Fracking 101: The American Nightmare

fracking-dangers-webGLOBAL OIL CONSUMPTION and natural gas consumption are at record levels and continue to escalate as more countries strive to modernize their societies. In the United States alone, we consume 19 million barrels of oil every day. That is equivalent to nearly 800 million gallons of liquid energy a day or 291 billion gallons per year. Daily oil consumption on the global scale is currently 93 million barrels of oil or 3.9 billion gallons of liquid energy; 1.4 trillion gallons of energy are extracted from the Earth each year. Interestingly enough, the residents in the United States represent 4% of the global population but consume 20% of this global resource. Natural gas, the fuel we primarily use for heating and cooking, is another global resource that is being depleted at alarming rates. Overall, our energy consumption is simply unsustainable and as so-called less developed countries strive to modernize themselves to be like the West, environmental catastrophes continue to escalate.

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Talking Drum

The Talking Drum: Coal Mining in WV

Child coal miners in 1908

Child coal miners in 1908

NESTLED AMONG THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS, West Virginia is a state remarkable for its natural beauty and is slow to change. The economy of the state has been reliant on coal for nearly two hundred years, but increasing restrictions coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the development of other, more sustainable energy sources, has lead to a decline in coal usage for decades. This decline has residents of the state clamoring to hold on to what few jobs are left in the coal industry. From the coffee shops to the legislature, West Virginians talk a lot about how the state can hold onto coal and gripe about how Obama is “killing” it, despite the fact that the resource saw its peak use back in 1940. Since 1979, West Virginia has led the country in the number of residents who are either not working or looking for work, yet it seems that no one is investing their energies into coming up with a plan to survive the inevitable death of the coal business

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Feature Story

Compost Nature’s Fertilizer


Woman turns the soil of a compost pile

DEEP WITHIN THE heart of every compost heap, a transformation from life to death to rebirth is taking place. Life is leaving the living plants of yesterday, but in their death these leaves, stalks and grass clippings are passing on their vitality to the coming generations of future seasons. Here in a dank and moldy pile, the wheel of life is turning.

Compost is more than a fertilizer or a healing agent for the soil’s wounds. It is a symbol of continuing life. Nature herself made compost before man first walked the Earth. Leaves, twigs, branches and fruit falling to the forest floor and slowly decomposing is composting. The birds, the insects and the animals all contribute their bodies to the vast and continuous soil rebuilding program of nature.

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Feature Story

Alternative Health Notes: Experimental Foodstuffs

AirNZ wine bottles 2006

An apple shipped to the US from the other side of the Earth

IN A SOCIETY THAT places the highest value on the way a thing makes you feel, it is no wonder that many of the things we consume were never meant to nourish the body. Food has been defined as; “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.” There are a couple key components from the definition that are severely deficient in the food industry of the United States; nutrition & maintenance of life. Food consumption should be based on giving the body the correct amount of what it needs to function adequately. If we consume food for nutrition and to sustain our lives, what is the course of action when the available food sources fail to deliver, or worse; lead us towards the opposite?

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Cover Story

Indigenous Resistance

Wixarixa woman with baby

Wixarixa woman and baby

Indigenous: a word commonly used to describe people who live in nature somewhere far away from us, people who have somehow missed the boat of modernization. We envision “Indians” in feathered headdresses or forest people who live in jungles wearing only loincloths, or bush people living in mud huts. We may imagine such people as part of the decor for exotic tourist destinations, but if we try to imagine ourselves living like them, most of us will find it difficult.

As hard as it may be for some of us to imagine, we only have to go back a few hundred years in human history to find a time when virtually the whole humanity fit the description of indigenous. Our recent tendency to consider “indigenous” populations to be interesting because they are “diverse” and “different” needs to be reexamined. If people called indigenous are simply living the same way humans always have, as expressions of nature, living in harmony with nature, then it is us, the modern people, who are now different. But what makes us different? What makes the lifestyles of our Ancestors unthinkable to us? If our Ancestors lived in harmony with nature and understood themselves to be expressions of nature, by saying we’re different is just to say that we have disconnected ourselves from our place of origin. The only difference exists in our minds and our mentalities.

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Feature Story

Starting Your Garden

garden-design-layout-ideas-webA small garden can yield big dividends. With a little planning you can have a satisfying garden in a space smaller than many living rooms. Here are a few ideas for a”basic vegetable garden.”

First, you’ll want to draw your own garden plan, varying it to fit the space available and the kind of vegetables your family prefers. In planning your vegetable garden, keep in mind that some vegetables like cool weather and should be seeded as soon as the danger of frost is past. Beets, carrots, chives, onions, lettuce, peas, radishes, parsley, turnips and rutabagas are in this category. On the other hand, beans, cucumbers, melons and squash like warm weather and should be planted later on, after the soil is warmed up and the weather is pleasantly mild (late spring or early summer).

Peppers, eggplant and tomatoes are usually started indoors (6 to 8 weeks before outdoor gardening season) then transplanted to the garden when the soil and weather conditions permit.

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Feature Story

Mexico Cartels

autodefensas storm Paracuaro, Michoacan cc

Autodefensas (Self-Defenders) vigilante group march on a town to drive out a drug cartel in Mexico.

The word “freedom” is one that has often been used to ignite passion in people and in entire communities. It can bring people to tears when combined with the right imagery and music, and it can also move people enough to start wars. It is a word that is often used to remind us of how fortunate we are for living in this era, in countries considered to be free. But do we truly understand what freedom is?

Most people living in a “first world country” believe that they are given freedom by the ruling government, but upon deeper examination, it becomes unclear whether or not those freedoms actually exist. Take for example the people of Michoacan Mexico and the situations they have endured at the hands of drug cartels and corrupt governmental officials. The Mexican people have been dealing with violence including massacres, beatings, kidnappings, ransoms and rape by the drug cartels since the 1980’s. Throughout the years, these atrocities have been rapidly escalating and spreading throughout the entire country. Drug lords have taken the country hostage in their pursuit for wealth and power. Although people are living in these conditions, Mexico can still be perceived as a free nation.

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Feature Story

“Spring Cleaning”


Accumulating unneeded belongings can lead to many obstacles in life.

With the beginning of any calendar’s new year, people are filled with a motivation to clean house. Out with the old and in with the new. It is easy to relate to the feeling of needing to let go of past things in order to get to the next frontier in life. Traveling through life, many items are collected along the way. Spring is often the season when those collections are reviewed. Dust is blown off and time is spent reminiscing. Why do individuals continue to hold on to the past this way?

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Kem Life

A Giving That Transcends


A guest receives free food and clothing at the Chicago Earth Center

In the eyes of the Earth Center’s founder, Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, service to the community is of utmost importance. Along with his primary mission – aimed to provide a bridge in which colonized people can access the traditional, initiatic knowledge of our Kemetic Ancestors – he particularly expressed a desire to see the organization spearheading charitable work, including food and clothing drives on a regular basis. Neb Naba often emphasized the importance of humility and the positive effect that it has on one’s quality as a human being. He stressed the concept of service within a communal environment; an interdependency among members of the community was the Ancestral way that sustained human life and civilization for over 150,00 years.

As humble servants of humanity, on 29 Tepia 415 (February 6th , 2016), the Earth Center continued this mission – running a food and clothing drive from the Chicago Earth Center storefront location with our partner for this event, Betty Shabazz Academy International Charter Schools, serving as a drop-off location on Chicago’s south side. Through this partnership and the hard work of initiates, the Chicago Earth Center was able to provide clothing, non-perishable foods, hot soup and bread to families in need this winter season.

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Kem Graduation

Reconquest of the Self


(Left to Right) Instructor Satehuti Bakiou, M’TAM Priest Ibrahim Issa, Instructors Naba Iritah and Baamon Shemira behind the new graduates Zouadji and Sasebik Habzneteri

I remember talking about the concept of initiation and why every spirit that comes to life needs to be initiated into life. I was saying that it is important to understand that the initiatic system put together by our Ancestors is intended for the youth, meaning any young people between the age of 6 to 13. Every life that reincarnates into the realities of our terrestrial dimension has to be equipped with the necessary means in order to face the destiny they have come to achieve, as these young boys and girls are one day going to be responsible for the becoming and the preservation of the society that watched their birth. Every traditional society preserves itself and its achievements by regenerating its long understood principles through its youth. Unlike the old traditions, new societies that are claiming to be modern (having no values and principles), have so soon violated and forgotten these basic principles of human life while sacrificing the fate of their modern youth; the same youth that are supposed to be the future of the society.

Every traditional society preserves itself and its achievements by regenerating its long understood principles through its youth. Unlike the old traditions, new societies that are claiming to be modern (having no values and principles), have so soon violated and forgotten these basic principles of human life while sacrificing the fate of their modern youth; the same youth that are supposed to be the future of the society.

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Kem Life

Community Gardens in Chicago

Growing Power’s 3 acre urban farm in Chicago’s Altgeld Gardens.

Food is one of the most vital and basic necessities for any human being. Yet, today, too many Americans are lacking knowledge and/or interest about how to grow it for themselves. The dramatic disconnect between humans and food, the very thing that supports our existence, puts so many people, knowingly or not, in a vulnerable situation. This over-dependency on our industrial food system to provide one’s sustenance has dire consequences. Furthermore, modern convenience such as food delivery services, grocery shopping services, etc. continue to feed this handicap.

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Survivor's Notebook

Starting Your Garden: Deciding What To Plant

Raised-Bed-GardeningNow that you’ve answered the first five questions (See the previous issue, volume 15.4, on for details), the next question you want to know is “How much should I plant?” Use this rough guide to figure out what 10 running feet of each vegetable will yield over the growing season. Plus, there will be a little left over to share with your Kem family.

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Kem Life

Return to the Origins Welcome The Debasah Generation


The graduates of the Debasah generation with their teachers From left Kasabez Maakmaah, the middle Director of The Earth Center Zeshmi and on the end Meramsu Wasseker

We say that life evolves as a cycle.  That which was lost today may be found tomorrow. At The Earth Center, we are working to reclaim what was lost to so many of us. For years, people of the modern societies have been pursuing what is easy and comfortable, thinking that we will gain something from it. The only thing we have succeeded in doing is corrupting ourselves. Through that corruption, we have seen our rapid descent down the path of self-destruction.

We are returning to the concept that the most valuable things in our lives are the things we must work the hardest to achieve. Initiation is the most valuable tool for the individual seeking spiritual evolution. Initiation presents us with the reality of both our human origins and our human condition.

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Kem Life

Internal Cleansing Of The Body


Routine cleasing can lessen the chance of these issues becoming life-threatening. Herbal remedies have been used for tens of thousands of years with great success.

Many people do not realize that the body itself requires maintenance. It is not enough to “eat healthy” or “exercise regularly.” If you do not cleanse your internal organs once in awhile, your body will run into “health problems” at some point, regardless of how “healthy” you think you are. Maybe you’ve developed a pattern of headaches over the years, or maybe you’ve come to expect stomach problems after a meal. Perhaps you’ve had abscesses on your skin, a constant itch in your armpits, or you’ve been ignoring a slight cough that never went away. There are many more signs one can look out for, and many different reasons that could be behind these symptoms, but oftentimes it is from neglecting one’s internal cleansing.

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Survivor's Notebook

Positive Vibrations


Frankincense resins burning on charcoal.

It is said that there is no bigger sign that the house is in trouble than when one has to go outside to find peace. Home should be a sanctuary, the place where one can retreat from dangers and risks we encounter throughout the world. It should be a place of warmth, love and positivity and the base of our support. It is likely we have all faced times in our lives when clutter, mess and dirt have made our environment uncomfortable or even intolerable for us. In other situations, the attitudes or actions of individuals within our homes produce the same result. It is at these times that we seek refuge outside the house and tend to lose sleep as we contemplate or even obsess over solutions to our perceived problems.

There are times we think we understand the reasons for our problems. Other times, we may feel a similar discomfort but not be able to identify the source. What is interesting is the human tendency to find someone or something to blame as the source for our displeasure. We convince ourselves we know the source of the problem, and if that person or thing can be changed or eliminated, we believe we will be satisfied. Usually that same discomfort remains and we simply find a new target on which to unload our frustrations. If we quiet our emotions and assess our situation with some honesty, we should be led to question our ability to understand the nature of our problem. Without understanding the nature of our problem, it is impossible to find a lasting solution. Many self-help counselors are making a living by encouraging positive thinking, affirmations, etc. but in many cases these techniques are not enough to bring long-term results.

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Talking Drum

Flint water crisis: Throwing our lives down the drain


Flint water bottle

Water – The elixir of life. It is the ever-present element to which all living beings find themselves inextricably bound. As human beings, our dependency on its life-giving qualities far outstrip even our need for food. Our reliance on it for our bodily sustenance, as well as in the many other functions it serves in our daily lives, for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning, irrigating our crops, etc., makes water an invaluable resource.

So, the obvious ill effects of polluting drinking water, might seem like a common sense thing to most thinking people. However, from what we can observe of the travesty unfolding in Flint, Michigan currently getting major news coverage, this obvious reality seems to be lost on the modern industrial entities. What is further alarming, and should perhaps be the bigger “story”, is how widespread such cases of mass poisoning, just by way of our drinking water, actually are.

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Kem Graduation

The Greatest Goal

The new graduate, Saqhau Washhek (center) with Director of the Earth Center, Nehez Meniooh (left) and M’TAM teacher Menzeba Hasati (right)

Everyone in this society values what they think their life’s purpose is. To teach, to play football, to entertain, to do this and do that. The modern person has become comfortable walking through whatever door has been made available to them by this system, confident in the illusion that they have options. Every occupation, profession, hobby, you name it, has been provided for any individual to achieve. As one takes great pride in their category of choice, they are filled with a sense of validity and worth. Proud to be valuable enough to be deemed fit as a member of the colonial workforce. However, apparently when it is time for us to be buried, our life goals, careers and possessions provided by the system we have so relentlessly sacrificed our lives to, are left behind. Perhaps it is only when we are on our deathbed that we are we struck with the epiphany that perhaps our life was about more than all of the material gains, trinkets, successes and diplomas we were distracted by during our short stay here on Earth.  But by then its too late. And that is only if we happen to experience that moment of clarity or consideration at all. In the initiatic camps of Meritah there is a saying, “when the messenger of death comes knocking, be sure you are ready”. How does one prepare for death?

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Feature Story

BEFORE YOU PLANT: The Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Urban Garden

If you’ve been considering starting a garden this year, now is the time to start planning. If this is your first time starting a garden, here are some basic questions to ask before you start.

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Rebirth of Kem Culture

10-Requirements---Denderah-Temple-DjedWe’ve had enough of the empty promises. When we see what’s happening around us, can we afford to keep believing that one day things will change? Do we keep the faith that one day they will find a cure? Must we continue to hope that someone is coming to save us? Will we continue to dream of a future free of wars, hate and barbarism? The problems facing humanity are not someone else’s problems. They are all humanity’s problems to solve.

We were promised a better life. We were told that this constitution and this democracy make the United States the best country on Earth. Our army has been invading other countries around the world for over 50 years to force this government on its victims. Tell me, where is this model working? Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? It’s not even working here! We were promised modern medicine would bring miracle cures but it seems people are dying younger than ever. We were promised slavery was over, then why was the civil rights movement needed 100 years later? We were promised Jesus would be our salvation, and yet evil and immorality seem to be at an all time high, with believers often being the worst criminals. Obama promised us change, but at the end of his presidency, somehow things seem as bad as ever.

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Volume 15.4

Building for the Future


Prophet Neb Naba with several of his disciples from the US and Meritah (Africa) visiting his village in Burkina Faso.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the start of a movement with great significance to all of humanity. Twenty years ago, the Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, began the mission of returning humanity to its original agenda. An agenda that came from an agreement entered into by humanity many thousands of years ago; an agreement that has become so skewed in its simplicity that saying it now can cause confusion amongst the readers. The agreement I am alluding to is humanity’s commitment to “be good.”

The Prophet Neb Naba died in 2008, however his life’s work continues in the efforts of his disciples. A few enlightened souls have worked to fulfill this mission while working full-time jobs in the colonial system to survive. There are just over 100 individuals that donate over 100,000 volunteer hours each year to ensure the continuation of this most noble pursuit. They selflessly give their time to lead their brothers and sisters home; home to where the preservation of life rules over the emotional conquests of those desiring only to satisfy their ambitions in their pursuit towards happiness.

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Talking Drum

Boko Haram Crisis: Religious Extremism in Meritah

Boko Haram - Nigerian Family Fleeing Baga-Lake-Chad

A family flees across Lake Chad after the Boko Haram attack on the Nigerian Town Baga in January 2015.

It’s been a year now since the “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad” or the group popularly known as Boko Haram has been accused of killing an estimated 2,000 people in the town of Baga in northern Nigeria. Months earlier, in April 2014, Boko Haram came to international prominence after kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. Most of the girls are still in captivity and some even fear Boko Haram might be using them as suicide bombers. Boko Haram is also still on the rampage, with an attack in late December 2015 on the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing at least 50 people using suicide bombers and rocket propelled grenades.

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Cover Story

A Cross Cultural Look at Fasting

Fasting-Cover-ImageIt is said in the Kemetic traditions that the reason the world is round is so that another world can exist in the limits of our horizon. The diverse traditions that are found all around the world demonstrate the human being’s ability to adapt to their surroundings. Cultures around the world have been able to take what their surroundings have to offer, adapt, and ultimately create traditions to be followed for many generations.

Although this diversity is something to marvel at, it is also equally astounding to see the similarities found  throughout the world. Many of the same traditions are practiced by several different cultures around the world, despite the distance between them. Some of these include veneration of ancestors, giving food offerings to dead relatives, chanting and fasting.

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Talking Drum

Justice Or Else

African Flags MMM

People from across the US gathered in for the Justice or Else march, various groups brought social and political messages. Photos by Obari Cartman.

Inspired and led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, more than a million Blackmen gathered in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2015 “to declare their right to justice to atone for their failure as men and to accept responsibility as the family head”, as articulated by the Nation of Islam. The theme for this 20th anniversary reunion of the original Million Man March on the nation’s capital was “Justice or Else”.

Many say it was one of the most historic organizing and mobilizing events in the history of Black people in the United States. But what were its objectives, what did it produce, what are the organizational products, and how are the people closer to their goal of justice?

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Art for Thought

Art For Thought

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Volume 15.3

The Gulmu Museum Project

Prophet of the traditions, Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig sitting before His Majesty Kupiendeli of the Gulmu Kingdom.

Prophet of the traditions, Naba Lamoussa  Morodenibig sitting before His Majesty Kupiendeli of the Gulmu Kingdom.

The Gulmu Kingdom is one of the 60 indigenous communities within the country of Burkina Faso in West Africa. The Gulmu people, also commonly called Gourmantche, represent about 7% of the population of Burkina Faso and are located in the eastern part of the country, inhabiting 5 provinces including Gnaga, Gourma, Kommandjoari, Kompienga and Tapoa.

The traditional center of the Gulmu Kingdom is located in Fada ‘N Gourma, Burkina Faso. Though many Gulmu people are making a name for their culture within the modern territories, most of them have preferred to stay in the bush away from modern corruptions in order to maintain their traditions and deep spiritual legacy.

The Gulmu people preserve one of the most refined and spiritual cultures on the planet. One of the treasures of Gulmu culture, which sets them apart from other cultures on the planet, is “the language of the Gods” or “the oracle of the Earth”. This is a system of reading earth energies which has been preserved amongst the people for millennia. “Gourmantche people interrogate the Earth about everything, and they submit to the speech of the Earth,” say ethnologists. This tradition was transmitted to the great Gulmu Ancestors before their migration from the Nile Valley to the southwestern Sahara.

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Survivor's Notebook

Reassessing Racism


Racism Is a tool of divide and conquer where each side can be controlled by directing their energies against the other.

We know the story. In the United States, the so-called “leader of the free world”, there are many people still trying to convince the government, the world and maybe even each other that their lives should matter. Many of the cities in this country remain segregated over 50 years after “desegregation”, and many glaring examples show how much differently people are treated in similar situations. With all the murders and terrorism by police, marches, riots and inflammatory politics, it is clear to see that tensions in this country are near a boiling point and many are anxious about what’s going to happen next. Why?

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Kem Graduation

Navigating The Uphill Journey


The new graduate, Hatikaheru Nejitef (center) with M’TAM teachers Bouimen Kamenthu (left) and Nekhitem Kamenthu (right)

The journey of initiation is a very difficult path with very positive results. It forces a person to confront personal weaknesses and to be honest in life. This article celebrates the achievement of the graduation of the Nejitef generation on the 9th of Kpekhan, year 413. This generation started as one of the biggest classes in the history of the New York school. By the time of the graduation, there was only one initiate left. Today we are congratulating this sole initiate, Hatikaheru Nejitef, in reclaiming his ancestral culture, as well as his steadfast dedication and persistence.

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Event Calendar

Kairika Events & Holy Days

Click to Enlarge

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Ancestral Spiritual Day
Personal Zemzem and ancestral offerings and libations at personal shrine.
Original Spiritual Day
Community Zemzem and offerings done at The Earth Center Temple. Everyone is welcome. Contact your local Earth Center for times.
Mapping the Cosmos Lectures – Kemetic Time Keeping & The Zodiac.
3rd Kairika (San Diego), 11th Kairika (Chicago)
• The Origins of the Zodiac Signs • Connecting Astronomy & Astrology
 Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration (Chicago): 9th, 10th Kairika Click here for details.
The Kemetic Fasting Period
24th Kairika: Embalment of Wsr (Osiris) – A night of prayers and lamentation.
27th Kairika: Beginning of Fasting – Do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. from sunrise to sunset
from 27th Kairika until 6th Tepia.
29th Kairika: Mourning for Wsr – A day of lamentation and prayer.
7th Tepia: End of Fasting – A feast celebrating the fasting period with family and friends.
On The Ancestral Path

Are We Advancing Or Degenerating?


“Smart” technology is doing work that has always been done by the human brain, leading us to become dumber.

We just have to use spiritual and intellectual honesty to understand that the way we are living our life is not normal.

There’s a way we should be living our lives. Everybody knows that. The thing is this: there’s this rope on your neck being pulled on the other side.

You try to move a little bit, to go where you think you should be. Then, if you go too far, the rope pulls you, then you’ll be choking. What I mean is we have too much attachment to the way the modern system conditioned us to live.

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Cover Story

Recovering Traditions: Languages of Meritah

Yaya Jammeh

Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh (left) greeting a supporter.  Jammeh is helping reignite the struggle for Meritahn (African) languages to replace colonial languages being used in his country.

No language can fit you like your mother tongue, especially if you still speak it or used to speak it well. Your mother tongue holds your earliest memories, the first human sounds you heard after birth, your earliest conversations with your mother, the first months and years of your life and much more. Your mother tongue connects you to your past as completely as no language you learn after it ever does. Your mother tongue lets you voice everything that you became since you were born; it reveals the world into which you are becoming like no other language, and it connects you to the worldview of the community in which you were born more completely than any languages you master after it.

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Volume 15.2

The Earth Center Opens In Baltimore


Baltimore Earth Center initiate displays publications during a lecture.

Yes, you read it correctly! And it has been a long time coming… The Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region has been blessed and honored to become the sixth location within the continent of Maanu (Americas) in which the sacred and prestigious education of traditional Kemetic initiation will commence. This is no small thing, and the timing of it’s opening could not have found us in a more desperate condition.

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Talking Drum

The Uprooting

Protesters in Burkina Faso have demanded the election of a new president. Which kind of leader will be the next to take office?

The continent of those considered “underdeveloped” or “uncivilized” is being invaded by several streams of thought and ideologies that have colonial and imperialist origins. The notable remark is that the authenticity of the values is being wiped out by this phenomenon.

To talk about authenticity is to talk about dignity. And he who talks about dignity talks about remaining incorruptible – standing on the principles and customs that have taken care of a people for thousands of years although some have the tendency of claiming that this is the 21st century, as if moving astray from one predecessor’s understanding of existence should be honorable.

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Survivor's Notebook



The return home to one’s roots is an essential journey. It involves returning in one’s heart and mind, to live as one’s Ancestors once did.

The basic survival instinct is to return home. No matter how far away from home we travel, whether kidnapped, stranded or lost, the quest to return home is priority for any human being. Imagine forgetting where or what home is, or even being born away from home. Imagine living in a place where every symbol that represents your home is considered evil, ignorant or obsolete. If you become convinced that there is nothing valuable about your place of origin, what will you call home? The very place that has convinced you that you have nothing to gain from your roots will be where you seek comfort, guidance, support, refuge, etc. This place will teach you your ideas of right and wrong, freedom, justice, equality, success, beauty, love… It will be your source of pride. If you are happy, it’s because this place has accepted you. If it does not, it can make your life a living hell.

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Event Calendar

Ateeri Events & Holy Days

Sunnyside 15.2 Event Calendar

Click to enlarge

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Kem Graduation

Welcome The Menihepou Graduation


The new graduate, Pehka Menihepou (center) with her instructors (from left): Imaib Ziawet, Perahru Ziaweet, Imy Maktitaoui and Zahib Ziaweet

It is interesting to think about the period of time in our lives where we begin to question the direction we are walking. The road we were walking on becomes foggy, and we end up with a sense of emptiness. When we sit down and close out the distractions that occupy our lives, the pain and void we experience leads us to question what is going on in our life.

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On The Ancestral Path

Purpose of Initiation

ethiopiainitiationExcerpt from an interview on the Kemetic way of life.

First of all, I have to express my gratitude to all of the Ancestors and Divinities of the temples that have been preserving this knowledge that I’m carrying out today, following the steps of my late father and master, Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. I will endlessly say thanks to him for paving the path and providing the unique opportunity to all of the people inside and outside of the traditional mystery initiation camps to reconnect, reclaim, and revive the Wsrian (Osirian) principles and ways of life.

Well, the type of knowledge we are really talking about and standing behind is actually the knowledge that is passed down to us by our elders, priests, and healers from the mystery schools in western Meritah. It’s an incredible component of knowledge transmitted from father to son, mother to daughter, and the elder generations to the younger generations through intense initiations. From the age of seven to twelve every child is obliged to enter the initiation camps in order to receive the knowledge that’s needed to achieve their rite of passage. One cannot acquire this knowledge without actually having a chance to be initiated.

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Kem Life

Returning Home: Death of WSR

Wsr Resurrection800

The deceased Wsr (center) with the Goddesses Aishat (right) and Nebfest (left)

Even with resistance from modern intellectual and political fronts and beliefs, Meritah (Africa) has come to be understood as the birthplace of the ingenuity of humanity… but when the topic of spirituality arises, for some reason or another we look elsewhere. It is a hard idea for the modern mind to comprehend that the origins of spirituality also come from the birthplace of humanity itself… but ask yourself, how could it not? This is the place where civilization and culture stem from, but somehow when concerning spiritual morality and human enlightenment we cannot associate these concepts with Meritah.

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Art for Thought

Art For Thought

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Talking Drum

Happy New Year

Mahata is the Goddess of cosmic harmony, truth, justice and moral integrity.

Mahata is the Goddess of cosmic harmony,
truth, justice and moral integrity.

New Year’s Day, as it happens every year, is the day the Sun rises almost at the same time as the Sirius Star. According to the Gregorian Calendar, which most of us use, this recently took place on September 11th, 2015. The original calendar of humanity is based on tracking the cycle of the Sirius Star because of the correspondence between this cycle and patterns of events, weather and energies on Earth. The beginning of the year is a favorable time for starting new activities, making new year’s resolutions, etc. This time also corresponds annually with the rainy seasons and hurricane seasons in the tropics.

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Volume 15.1

Allopathic and Homeopathic Health

Allopathy treats illness by attempting to eliminate the symptoms of the illness.

Allopathy treats illness by attempting to eliminate
the symptoms of the illness.

Allopathic and homeopathic medicines present two different views on how a human being can stay healthy. The views that the practitioner has will determine the approach that  he will take to keep his clients healthy.  One approach is to deal with the different levels of the human being such as the emotional and the mental levels of the human being and the other approach is to primarily focus on the body. The allopathic view is based on the idea that illness is a result of the body being attacked, and that  something must be done to help the body to fight the invader. Sometimes this means taking out an infected organ. The homeopathic view is that we become sick because the body becomes weak. The body may become weak because of physical, emotional, and mental factors that are not conducive to good health.

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Volume 15.1

Humanity’s Sacred Vow

This document, known as the Papyrus of Ani, depicts the deceaded (Ani) facing judgement before the Gods and listing the Commandments he was able to follow.

This document, known as the Papyrus of Ani, depicts the deceaded
(Ani) facing judgement before the Gods and listing the Commandments
he was able to follow.

The human brain cannot invent. If this is your first time hearing of this concept, like me, you’re probably saying to yourself “yeah, right”. But really, think about it for a moment. Slow down for a second and think about everything that humanity has created, all of the inventions, all of the accomplishments. I will give you a minute to let it sink in……

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On The Ancestral Path

Letter from the Prophet

Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig (right), with Imaya Khefira Hasati (left).

Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig (right), with
Imaya Khefira Hasati (left).


It is with joy that the master, and we disciples, read the letter which was addressed to Him. He was so happy to receive a letter from a child, a disciple, expressing the realities of the living just as if we, the departed, weren’t aware of what’s going on with you guys from where we are. In any case, we have the hope that you will be content to receive some wisdom from us in order to face your sad and pitiful realities. But one thing we would like you to understand, first of all, is that mysticism doesn’t have a place in the way you dialogue with us. Because we are real, just living in another dimension different from yours – a dimension that you can’t perceive – and it’s so easy for you to look at the situation and think there’s some mysticism between you and us… but there’s not. The Maakheru charged me to transmit this to you because he, as you may know, is so busy helping us who lived our lives according to the lies of the new order, and is still dedicating himself to assist all of you (who still chase the same lies).

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Kem Graduation

A WORTHY INVESTMENT: The Wasseker Generation

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 3.59.45 PM

The Earth Center is more than just an organization that offers classes in the M’TAM initiation into Kemetic culture and spirituality. The M’TAM classroom is simply utilized as a space where initiates present a collective of deep meditations and introspective observations based on the lessons of Kemetic principles and concepts we receive. Our evolution is attributed to the  study and application of these principles on a daily basis. The M’TAM education provides a fundamental understanding of the energetic forces within the existence and of how to maintain harmony with them. This education teaches us how to develop our personal qualities, which guarantees our physical and spiritual survival. However, after we initiates meditate on every lesson, we also need to continue our development outside of the classroom and inside our hearts and minds. In this process it is the initiate who seeks his or her tradition and must be prepared to embody it. Despite the perceptions we have of our colonial jobs and education, we experience this initiation process as the hardest work and responsibility we could ever carry.

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Survivor's Notebook

Parenting for Survival

Traditionally, children spend most of their first years with their mothers, observing the many functions in society, preparing them to understand their role in society.

Traditionally, children spend most of their first years
with their mothers, observing the many functions in society,
preparing them to understand their role in society.

In the United States, many parenting trends have been presented to society. These trends change periodically, once they have been proven to be faulty.  One such trend is over indulging the child’s desires. The idea of a “good parent” has become one who is able to act like a child themselves and come down to their level, thus creating a relationship that more closely resembles a friendship. Parenting has become more focused on fun and happiness than on the child’s well-being. As a result of this parenting style, children have become accustomed to being “entertained” by their parents rather than being educated by their parents. The world has become a place where sheltering children in a fantasy world is the norm and learning about the realities of existence and nature is hardly ever taught. With these constantly changing trends in child rearing, parents must ask themselves where they should look for a guideline on how to raise children.

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Talking Drum

The Talking Drum: Sinkholes

Sinkhole Florida

The Earth Is Communicating, Are We Listening?

As babies, fresh out of the wombs of our mothers, we are in our most vulnerable state. We are dependent solely on someone else to provide our every little need.

As we develop and discover a sense of independence, the idea of being weak and fragile somehow changes to the idea that we are no longer in need of assistance with our evolution. With this attitude, our egos have overpowered our ability to humble ourselves and admit that our survival is dictated by forces that are greater than any of us.

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Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Public Enemy #1 (Part 3)

Oupa Dawid Kruiper, leader of the ‡Khomani San in their claim for land rights in the Kalahari Desert. Oupa Dawid passed away in 2012.

Oupa Dawid Kruiper, leader of the Khomani San in their claim for land rights in the Kalahari Desert. Oupa Dawid passed away in 2012.

Extinction and endangered species, two terms that go hand in hand with the modern ideas of industry, economy and modernization. These ideas supposedly represent a revolution in human genius that has led to progress and advancement of humanity.  The reality has been an absolute terror unleashed on Earth by commercial and industrial empires. The introduction of money and wealth as the key to happiness for every human being has led to the justification of any act, however immoral, in the name of greater profits.

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On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path: Letter to Maakheru


Dear Maakheru,

If by mysterious luck this reaches you, dont be surprised that this letter is intended for you for the simple fact that our current realities here in the world of the living, makes me think of the times when you were alive. I have to admit that the nostalgia of the moments spent around you gnaws at me and some of your dignified disciples. In the bush we say, “the old ways are long gone when you see the youth kicking-and-screaming.” We are now living in a reality in which evil is being rewarded and the do-gooders are being annihilated. I’m sure during your time on this side among mortals you had seen and experienced these kinds of corruptions and weaknesses dominating all aspects of life, but at the moment it hurts me to inform you that we are facing the worst of the worst. Stupidity and vanity are being highly rewarded among humans. Well, as it is said, “times change.” I can see this approach to life being dishonest and hypocritical on the part of humanity, for time has remained time. And it’s high time humans stop hiding the forest behind the tree. Of course you warned us, your disciplines, just like the way Wsr warned humanity about the downhill journey of our species. And allow me to assure you that your teachings and Wsr’s principles are what keep us from plunging spiritually and morally to a condition where even no animal would fall. But, unfortunately, most of humankind is rapidly approaching the era in which humanity will cease being human.

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Kem Graduation

Victory in the Beloved Land, Introducing the Kazimeti Generation

Presenting the Kazimeti Generation. From Left: Marsaa, Henenwt, Nebiyah

The graduation of a new group of initiates into the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality is cause for celebration from people around the globe. When a new generation of Kem initiates succeeds and surpasses all of the challenges that come with initiation, it symbolizes a renewal or rebirth of the traditions that have been alive for millennia. Recently, the source of celebration comes from the Ouagadougou school in Burkina Faso, Meritah (Africa). Meritah is the original name for the continent of Africa which translates to beloved land.

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