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Reclaiming Our Culture: A Kem Graduation

By: Nekhitem Kamenthu

Iptioora Graduation

On the 2nd day of the month Nwt in the year 407 of this great year cycle, the students in the Iptioora generation graduated from their first year of study at the Earth Center. The Earth Center is an institution dedicated to preserving traditional Kemetic culture. These students studied the values of rural earth-based living versus modern industrial living. They had a chance to compare the real-life results of both of these approaches. They also studied the time tested approach to the spiritual aspects of the human situation, such as, the methods for re-connecting with their ancestors in the world of the dead, purification rituals, offerings to the dead, and a definitive understanding of the original cosmogony of beings we refer to today as “Deities” or “Gods”. This is a very special time for these student because it marks a moment where they have been exposed to very important techniques in the realms of thought and spirituality. These techniques enable them to reclaim methods that have been hidden from the average person by modern ambitions, religions, and lifestyles. These students now have important tools to reclaim their culture, regardless of ethnicity or race.

Their culture is the Human Culture. This culture and its techniques have been protected and preserved in detail in West Africa from invaders because of its geographical location. The culture was more widespread around the globe before the conquests of modern conquerors over the last 2,000 years. One reason the world went from widely spreading the knowledge of these techniques to sheltering them today is that modern powers strive to take away the strength of the individual that these techniques imbue. These tools are actually humanity’s techniques used for addressing our common reality. They belong to all of us, no matter where we are from on the globe.

These students have made a deep commitment to building the world they want to see.  Not only have they been exposed to traditional indigenous knowledge, but they have combined this exposure with their modern experience.  Now they have both perspectives under their belts. This is fortifying and will allow them to sift through the confusion of living in the system so that they can teach their future generations well, with a definitive understanding of modern corruption on a first-hand basis.  They are much different from individuals who live traditionally all of their lives because these M’TAM graduates are now prepared with important real-life tools that they can use to untie the knot of confusion that we are born into here in America. When students travel to the bush in Africa and tell the traditional people about our day-to-day social life here in America, many of them laugh and can’t believe that it is so crazy and sick! They think it is literally a joke. We know how crazy it can get, in a first-hand way, and we work towards the traditional paradigm with this important knowledge. This is truly a precious and special thing that these students have gained.

These students are equipped with all of this, as well as an opportunity to continue their study with the traditional priests in the bush of Burkina Faso. We have a trip every year where the student can travel to Merita (Africa) and learn first hand from the traditional masters who are the keepers of this knowledge.

The students have also learnt about human behaviour, and what it means to be conditioned. They know that without an alternative cultural model (paradigm) to compare their reality to, they are doomed to follow only the reality that has been presented. They have been educated about the true nature of the system and it’s motivations. No longer will they be satisfied with simply being an employee of the system. No longer will they aspire only to the goals that the system provides for them within its walls. Now they have another direction they can take in the gradual evolution out of subservience to the system, in a real life, step-by-step, practical extraction.

Today, we often look around us and know that something is wrong. We point to the symptoms of the real problems and fight them until our graves. Any traditional healer knows that you don’t cure an illness by fighting its symptoms; you get it at its root. This root for us here in America is a deep-seeded psychological hypnotic trance driven by the pursuit of domination and the annexation of power by the few. We seek to break out of this trance by instructing the student to become a clear-thinking, aware individual who approaches the world with eyes open.

These new Kem graduates have taken their first and most difficult steps.  They have challenged what they though to be true and persevered through their first level of initiation in order to reclaim a more human value system and apply techniques they’ve gained to build a stronger mind and a more acute awareness. They have truly renewed themselves with the education of their ancestors.  They are now reborn into the culture of their ancestors where they can feel at home and work from using their energies more efficiently to approach their goals.  Their goals become a harmonious position with the expansion of their understanding of the surrounding existence.  By this accord, at their M’TAM graduation ceremony they were given new names, names presented by their own higher selves in conjunction with the planet that sustains them.  These names were captured by Earth Center priests who have preserved the science of reading the Earth Energies. These priests have acquired the name of the generation, which explains the group’s combined identity and destiny, as well as the name of each individual, which expresses the identity and destiny on an individual level.

The eighth graduating generation at the US Schools of The Earth Center is the Iptioora generation.  The Iptioora generation becomes the second generation in the US Schools to graduate just two initiates.  This small class attests to the challenge found in the initiation process and the quality demanded by the M’TAM Schools.  “Many are called but few are chosen, I would rather graduate just one strong initiate whom I can count on, and guarantee his/her quality than a class full of students I am not sure of,” said The Earth Center’s founder, Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig.  The two students are Hebooi Iptioora (recently Whitfield O’Neil Jr.) and Ubara Iptioora (recently Justice Abdukalum Aleph Bey).  These students’ eyes have been opened to their spiritual realities and to their renewed purpose.  As humbly put by Ubara in the graduation ceremony, “We are just reclaiming our culture; we hope that you will join us.”

This is indeed an immense task that does not come with any degree of ease. Initiation is a task that requires students to let go of their egos, their emotions, and their useless behaviours.  Both graduates have met these challenges with great effort and honesty. We proudly honour them in their commitment to making the world a better place, starting with themselves. We wish the Iptioora generation much strength, clarity and perseverance in their journeys. We congratulate them on coming this far.

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