Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Modern Medicine Part II – The Incurable Conspiracy

Disclaimer: The statements of the author reflect the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the staff or publisher of the Sunnyside.

The industry of modern medicine is one of the many aspects of this culture that keep us enslaved. The modern system of colonialism and imperialism thrives on the exploitation of humanity and the planet. The medical industry is a major contributor to this exploitation and should not be considered as separate from the rest of the system. Every aspect of the system, its politics, media, food, education, government, military, and medicine functions together towards a common goal. Seeing the medical industry as a part connected to a whole will help us to understand the depths of the conspiracy by the modern system to control humanity and the world.

The colonial system sees people as human resources. We have been reduced to the level of a commodity. Like any potential resource, the colonial system has developed methods to extract us from our natural environments and use us to fulfill its agenda. The medical industry is so deeply involved in this process that it would take several entries in the Survivor’s Notebook to fully explain. The reader is encouraged to continue to research where I stop short here for the sake of space. For now, please just read on with an open mind.

First let’s note that the colonial culture sets us up to seek, above all else, the instant gratification of our desires. We want what will make us feel good, we don’t want to wait for it and we don’t want to work for it. If we’re hungry, there is a fast food joint around the corner and ready to eat snacks at the gas station or maybe our own pantry. If someone can serve it up to us on a silver platter, we will eat it. The colonial system is very good at enticing us with what we crave but the system doesn’t include a warning sign to tell us that the things it has us addicted to will make us sick.

The colonial system has succeeded in convincing many of us that it alone is at the forefront of advanced civilization and that every society that came before it is primitive and not deserving of our attention or respect. The medical industry, of course, presents itself the same way. Traditional healers are referred to as shamans and faith healers and are given no respect or recognition for the fact that their techniques of healing are mostly hundreds of times older than the medical industry. This propaganda ensures that when our toxic lifestyles make us sick, we will always go to the medical industry for help.

As was detailed in last month’s issue, it is the colonial medical system that uses primitive techniques of symptom treating instead of finding and treating the root causes of diseases. Our desire for instant gratification again feeds into this strategy. When we’re sick, we don’t want to wait to get better, we want to feel better right away. Even if we continue to walk around sick, as long as we feel better, we will go about our business as if nothing is wrong. This logic applies whether it’s popping pain pills for a headache or cutting out vital organs that could eventually heal if the right conditions are met. Often, we know the conditions that must be met for our health to improve, but we don’t want to take on the challenge if it involves sacrificing the pleasures that we’ve become accustomed to.

Traditional healers use medicines that treat the source of the diseases with the end result of curing it. Traditional treatments are not a quick fix but sometimes take weeks, months to eliminate the disease. However, the fact is that all of the diseases, from herpes to AIDS, that the medical industry has labeled as incurable, are curable and have been cured by traditional healers without side effects or invasive and dangerous procedures.

The medical industry knows this and knows that if everybody knew this, not only would they be out of business, but a key aspect of the colonial system’s conspiracy would be exposed. Not only are traditional forms of medicine disrespected by the colonial system, traditional healers risk being attacked outright just for practicing. For me to even make these claims, I have put a disclaimer at the top of this article because for a healer to even say that he’s cured a disease is illegal and not illegal like jaywalking or breaking the speed limit, but cause for major, bank breaking law suits, deportation for foreign nationals. These laws are supposedly in place for public safety but Traditional healers have been practicing successfully without these laws for thousands of years. Even if there were false claims made by some healers, lets not forget that companies make false claims all the time and face minimal threat of legal action, not to mention the damage that the legal drugs offered by the system are doing. Other healers have even been killed for attempting to go public with a cure. This illustrates how vital the medical industry is to the colonial system as a whole.

To have an accurate perspective, it’s important to note that the human body is designed to live for about 150 years. The average American lifespan is estimated to be about half of that. According to the colonial system, 75 years is supposed to be long lived, and the longest living person on record died at 122. However, in a recent trip to Merita (Africa), our group was introduced to an elder who was 122 years old. He wasn’t using a walker or a wheelchair to get around, he was riding a bicycle!

In America, the retirement age is 65 years old. This means that we work for our whole adult lives (usually not working to our own benefit) and only when we’re getting ready to die do we get a chance to rest. Of course this is only if we are lucky enough to have a job that we can retire from and still have our needs met. Is it a coincidence that our elders have so little time to rest before they die?


In 2004 it was recorded in America by The Center for Disease Control that 87% of Americans over are 65 taking at least one medication and 60% taking at least 3.

Let’s look at the way the medical industry operates. Patients come in with a problem. If they are diagnosed with a condition that the medical industry has labeled as incurable, they are prescribed medicine that they are often told that they will have to take for the rest of their lives. This medicine, even though it doesn’t cure the condition, often causes another problem, a “side effect”, which they are prescribed another medication to treat. The 2 medicines combined cause even more problems that are treated with more medications. This medicine is so highly processed that it is very difficult for the body to digest and eliminate, so it becomes a huge burden on the digestive system, especially when multiple medications are taken at once. Eventually the organs responsible for cleansing toxins from the body – the liver and kidneys – become so overwhelmed that they stop functioning properly. Since the body can no longer cleanse itself, toxins build up in the body and begin to attack the brain and other organs. This is where deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease come in.

Once the organs shut down and the person either can’t control their bodily functions or their mind starts to go, most times it’s off to the nursing home, the place where we are sent after the system has milked us dry and it has no further use for us. The nursing home plays an important role for the colonial society. It removes elders from the family so that they aren’t able to pass knowledge on to their descendants. Their families are not burdened with caring for them, so they can go about their business of slaving for the system. The nursing home also hides from us, to an extent, the horrible reality that the medical industry reduces the human being to. The nursing home is more like a roach motel for humans: Humans check in but they don’t check out.

Like legalized drug dealers, doctors earn their money by selling us medicine, so it is not in their monetary interests to be honest about where this process leads. According to the capitalist model, what sense would it make for a business to make a product that a person will only have to use once or twice when they can sell it to them for the rest of their lives. This is why, with the trillions of dollars raised during marathons, telethons or gathered from fundraising foundations by the families of dead celebrities, the medical industry has not come forward with a cure for any of the diseases that strike fear into our hearts. Our health and our lives are sacrificed once again to serve the colonial agenda.

When are we going to start taking our lives into our own hands? We can’t afford to keep using the same excuses. If we want to survive, we are going to have to learn how to take care of ourselves and each other and then apply that knowledge to our lives permanently. To do this, it will take a long term, serious commitment to changing ourselves and adopting values and priorities that will support a healthy life. These values are held by traditional cultures worldwide that preserved life on Earth for tens of thousands of years, the cultures that the colonial system works so hard to destroy and remove from our consciousness. We see that the colonial model is only bringing destruction. There is no cure for the disease of colonial culture except to remove ourselves from it. We owe it to ourselves to return to what worked for us before. It’s time to return home.

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