On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path – Ancestral Quality

As human beings, we are on a continuous quest to find an understanding of who we are in relation to the world we can see. This keeps us in a very weak position because the world we can observe, in and of it self, reflects who we are as humans. Let’s give some serious thought to that. The question then becomes how can we become more than who we are if our only point of reference is what we can see? This is the dilemma we all face and it manifests itself in the different behaviors we exhibit. We have proven to be a confused civilization without the necessary direction or guidance that will birth the quality we are looking for in ourselves or others.

It is very easy for one to believe that he is a high quality individual, especially when he compares himself to someone else of the same conditioning. We often tend to base an individual’s quality on how well he maintains his lifestyle or how much prestige he has acquired from his lifestyle. It then becomes the goal of individuals within that society to strive for that, which would first entail receiving a good education with hopes that that would lead to being offered a good job. In most communities, such an individual is respected by his peers and family if he is able to obtain these goals. In reality, this only makes that individual a well educated slave for the society, but the majority of us don’t see it that way because the society does not educate us to deal with reality.

Quality is purely an internal force within us all that cannot be dictated nor judged by this society. There is really no point of reference for one to compare what he has been taught by this society, outside of the personal interests and ambitions of the leadership of said society, which are based solely on consumerism. The consumer may feel that he is gaining something that he may pay for, but really it is the person who sold it to him that truly gained. Let’s look a tfew things our society sold to us: education, religion and health. Can we honestly say we have gained something from these “products”? If so, wouldn’t our behaviors be reflective of a highly advanced, healthy and enlightened society? So as we can see, quality cannot be bought or sold.

The act of elevating our human qualities can only begin when we have a model of quality that we can look to and attempt to copy or reproduce. Our ancestors have already provided that model for us. But it is because of how we are educated and the religions we adopted that we have refused to recognize the world that our ancestors built before these modern tools of assimilation came into play. They built a world of quality that was not based on how much prestige an individual may have acquired, but more so on how harmonized they could be with their surroundings and everything in it. This means there were no winners or losers. There was no rich or poor. The focus was only on appeasing their Neteru (Gods), their ancestors and respecting nature. Adhering to these three aspects created the harmony that enabled them to have a deeper understanding of not only the world they were able to see, but also the spiritual aspects of themselves within that world. This is the definition of enlightenment. Now compare that to the goals our society has put there for us to chase.

In our present society, we are all drowning in an ocean of ignorance. We are trying to solve problems that our ancestors already had solutions for. Maybe it’s time to get closer to them if we want those solutions. Has our modern educational system offered us any tangible solutions to our suffering? Has our health care system (who still has not yet found cures for most illnesses we are afflicted by) offered any tangible solutions to our suffering? Have any of the modern religions offered us any tangible solutions to our suffering other than telling us to accept it by way of faith and belief?

It’s time we exercise honesty and admit that none of these vehicles have proven to be effective in our practical everyday lives. But yet we spend billions of dollars chasing these societal farces in hopes of finding a sense of security and peace within our spirits based on what we can observe and understand about this world. The irony can be found in the fact that this world itself is just an illusion and projection of the world that we are really preparing ourselves for, the world of the dead (Imentet).

The Imentet is the world that our ancestors understood very well. They taught us that it is this place where we were all born from and where we shall return after our life on Earth. They taught us that this is a place of purity. They taught us that this is a place absent of corruption. They taught us that this is a place of honesty. They also taught us that this is where our souls reside for the longest periods of our existence. It is only after being in the Imentet for a period of time that we make our return journey to the world of the living here on Earth. This is the cycle of life that enables every human being, through lessons learned on Earth, to reach a state of perfection. These tenants of the Imentet are what our human qualities should be compared to: purity, honesty and non corruption. But at the same time, it remains to be these same tenets that present the greatest challenge to each one of us to adhere to.

This is why we need the help and guidance of the ancestors. They make themselves available for this purpose. It is because they see and know much more than they did while amongst the living on this Earth, that they are able to guide us towards the spiritual qualities that will not only allow us to build a better world here, but also the spiritual qualities that match those principles of life in the Imentet.

A human being left on his own is capable of doing anything. A human being that has the support of his ancestors will always be made aware of what not to do, which is a much stronger position in which to exist. Do you agree? Hetep.

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