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On the Ancestral Path – Unity

We can see unity in all things.The Earth Center, located on the South Side of Chicago, with locations in New York, San Diego, Ouagadougou and Los Angeles, is an organization dedicated to the preservation of not only Kemetic (African) culture and spirituality, but the unity of the entire human family tree. Under the guidance of, Dogon Priest/Kemetic spiritual master, Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, The Earth Center pro­motes cultural and spiritual awareness, natural heal­ing and education on the highest level. In addition, The Earth Center also publishes The Rising Firefly Magazine of culture, philosophy and spirituality as well as the Sunnyside Magazine.

Being an organization with a focus on spiritual growth and transformation, seekers are given the tools to enhance their own personal human qualities as well as to ensure the preservation of the Earth. Such a task is a lot easier said than done, but since The Earth Center’s inception (born from the initia­tion camps of Tamert (Africa)), the number of people nationwide that have expressed desire to learn the authentic knowledge of Kemetic spirituality has in­creased and continues to do so. It is truly a beautiful thing to see how spiritual evolution manifests itself.

My name is Bikbaye Inejnema and I am Master Naba’s eldest student in this country. Being that I was always interested in learning the values and culture of the most advanced civilization the Earth has known (the Kemetic or Ancient African Civili­zation), I knew just seconds after meeting Master Naba ten years ago that I wanted to engulf myself in learning the things that society makes sure to keep far away from our awareness. Such knowledge is rare and is not taught in the educational system, churches, temples or mosques. Like many others worldwide, I always knew there was much more to the world than what is being presented.

Since January of 2004, telephone inquiries from seekers around the world have increased tremen­dously. There are many reasons for such interest, but the one that is most voiced is the notion of authentic­ity. People are becoming more aware of the falla­cies that are being force-fed to them by those that are motivated and driven by ambition and their own ego. Fortunately, anything built on a foundation of these factors will, sooner or later, be exposed for what it really is. The fact that Master Naba was the only authentic Kemetic/Dogon Priest allowed to teach the ancient/traditional knowledge of the world, outside of the mystery school initiation camps of Tamert, weighs heavy on the minds of many that are looking for the original source of knowledge. On the other hand, there are many who simply don’t care one way or another. The latter used to frustrate me because I knew how vital it is to be exposed to the highest level of knowledge for the survival of the whole humanity. Little did I know that these frustrations would also become a part of my education and understanding of how powerful the mind can be.

After learning more and more about the mental con­ditioning of people, those same frustrations evolved into compassion, tolerance and patience. Sensing my frustrations, Master Naba once told me, “Don’t worry, sooner or later, they will all come. Just be patient.” He spoke in a soft tone with a smile on his face. “We just have to stay vigilant and keep pro­ducing the highest quality of work,” he continued. “They will all come.”

Every day since then, his words have become evi­dent. The influx of emails and calls by those interest­ed in natural healing and spirituality is very assuring of a better world to come.

The Earth Center encourages and promotes em­bracing the most ancient human spiritual values known to man, the Kemetic spiritual system. The values within this culture are inclusive; interestingly, this inclusiveness has been questioned and shunned by many individuals that are active members of other African-centered organizations. Although such be­havior is based on the emotions of these individuals, the fact remains that the most challenging task fac­ing Kemetic (black) people is to cause or create a cohesiveness amongst the masses. To return to the same values of all of our ancestors, to have everyone on the same accord – where we once were before the destruction and colonization of the world – this is the goal. It is not impossible, and this makes it even more frustrating. But what I have been taught by Master Naba allows for a greater understanding of the major role that emotions play when it comes to the self destruction of the individual and how he af­fects his environment based on his reactions because of them. “Time and patience do more than strength and rage,” Master Naba has said on more than one occasion.

The truth is, our perception of things, people or places is merely based on what we know about them. It is the things that we don’t know about the world that divides us, and yet it is this same notion that al­lows us to be led by our emotions rather than our intelligence. These two components do not mix well together. They cannot coexist within the same mo­ment in time and produce anything of a positive na­ture. There is a whole universe of things we do not know, but that doesn’t mean that the knowledge is not there for us to learn – it is here and it is in the form of The Earth Center.

The time is now to take advantage of this rare op­portunity of being educated on the original Kemetic spiritual system, culture and values. Call The Earth Center at 773-285-0677 for more information about our products, services and classes. You can also check our website at

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