Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Day of Tehuti The Quality That Binds Us


by Kasabez Maakmaah

Human beings cannot survive in this world alone. Our existence depends on more than we often realize. We depend on our communities and nature to meet our daily requirements for living. Our food, clothing and shelter, we do not create these things on our own. Even for us to be born and to be raised to adulthood took hard work and sacrifice from our parents and those involved in our upbringing. When we are born, we arrive into this world helpless. If not for the love and care of others, we would not survive 1 week.

It is our communities which bring us up and make us who we are. It is our communities which inspire us to become who we will become. It is nature that provides all the resources to make all this possible. Our ability to live in harmony with our community and nature play a big part in our quality of life and even how long we will live. On a larger level, the same is true for our communities. The ability of our community to exist in harmony with other communities and nature will determine the quality of its future.

The universe operates on this principle of harmony: Any entity in existence must remain in harmony with existence in order to continue to exist. This can be observed on a very simple level. We can observe this in our own lives. There are natural laws which govern our lives. We know that there are certain things that we have to do just to live: Eat, sleep, breathe, have children (to perpetuate ourselves for generations). There are certain things that will kill us: Fire, water, disease, other people. We remain in harmony with our world by obeying these laws.

Our values are determined by what we will and will not do in our quest to survive the challenges of this world. Our quality is determined by our obedience of these values. This quality is what will determine the level of respect that we earn in our communities. If we are helpful to others, others will be helpful to us. If we are hurtful to others, others will be hurtful to us. Our actions become like echos that come back to us like a return on investment. Once again, we see this same principle apply to our communities. The quality of our community will determine how other communities treat us. If our communities are respectable, we will be respected. If our communities are ignorant, we will be treated like fools.

When we observe the world around us and we notice the widespread destruction and chaos that seems to have become normal for us, an honest assessment will tell us that our lack of quality as a world community is at the root of our misfortune. We all want to see ourselves as good people but how good can we be when we aren’t living in harmony with our surroundings? The values we are adopting are not leading us towards a bright future. It should not be a mystery that, if our values are not inspiring us collectively to take actions that ensure our survival, not as a special interest group, but as a part of the vast variety of cultures and lifeforms on this planet, then we are putting ourselves at odds with the rest of the world. If our values teach us to see the survival of only a small group as being more important than the rest, then our values are failing us. With that mentality, we will only succeed in making ourselves enemies of the rest of the world.

It is our quality that brings us together. People unite when they know they can trust each other based on the values that they share. People come together when they have a common goal that leads them in a common direction. People on a path towards the same destination will adopt similar qualities. It is this quality that binds us together and makes us a community.

Kemetic Civilization is the original culture of humanity. This means that is belongs to all human beings and is not limited to a geographic location or to a “race” of people. The only requirement to be a part of Kemetic Civilization is to uphold the values of the culture. Central to these values are the 77 commandments, which outline all of the actions a human being must not commit in order to remain in harmony with existence. It is according to these values that humanity has survived in harmony with the Earth for over 100,000 years, accomplishing feats that are unimaginable to the “modern” person. If we understand that our current values are failing us, then it makes sense for us to return to what has worked for us for so long.

On the Day of Tehuti, we celebrate the day that humanity, as a collective, decided to make its goal to become Divine Beings and duplicate the Divine World. To assist us, we were given the 77 commandments by the Divine World.

We recognize that the perfect order of the universe, from the cycles of the stars in the cosmos to the cycles of the seasons on Earth does not happen by accident or coincidence. We recognize that it is the Divine World that is responsible for the perfect harmony of existence. We become inspired by that perfection and it becomes our goal to duplicate that perfection within ourselves and amongst each other. This is the goal of Kemetic Civilization.

It is clear that the path that humanity is currently on is only leading to more and more destruction. It is we who are causing this destruction as a collective. None of us can deny responsibility. We can only look at the values that we are holding to see why we allow ourselves to participate in the destruction of the world.

If our values are leading us to destruction and self destruction, our values will have to change for us to turn ourselves around. It’s time for us to return to what works.

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