Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Modern Medicine – A Cancer on Humanity

“The Bullet that kills you is the one you don’t see coming,” Master Naba would often say. When we are ill, or injured, we are trained to automatically turn to the modern medical industry for help. What we aren’t told is that the invasive methods of diagnosis and the barbaric, often deadly methods of treatment they offer could be avoided by simply seeking traditional forms of treatment.

Last month, we discussed the dangers of the modern diet. This month, as we turn our focus on the modern medical system, it’s important to understand the connection between all the different faces of the colonial system and how they feed each other. The modern, fast food diet is the leading contributor to disease in this country, both physical and mental. Poor diet is a major, if not the leading contributor to the heart disease, diabetes, and cancers that are ravaging our communities. When our diets make us ill, the modern medical system is lurking like a pack of wolves to devour the weak and defenseless of humanity.

The medical system is an industry. For it to sell its products, it depends on people being sick. The success of medicine companies and hospitals depends their having sick people to treat. Therefore, it’s not in their business interests to really make people better. At best, they want to get people just well enough for them to maintain some level of credibility. Besides, they have to get people back to work long enough for them to pay their medical bills or their health insurance. The goal, however, is to keep their customers coming back just like any alesmen. This is the issue that arises in a capitalist society: The well-being of humanity and the planet always takes a back seat to profits.

Any problem within the body reveals itself in the form of symptoms. A symptom is just the body’s way of letting the mind know thaProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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there is something wrong and that some- it. HungerProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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s a symptom of the body needing food, thirst is a symptom of the body needing water. If a thirsty man decided that, instead of drinking water, he was going to chew gum so that he won’t feel thirsty, we might think something was wrong with him. The man may lose the symptom telling him he needs to drink, but the fact is if he doesn’t drink something, damage will be done to his body and eventually he will die. However, by chewing the gum, what he has done is increased his ability to ignore the problem. Only a person trying to sell gum would promote the message that gum quenches thirst.

If we look at the way the modern doctors treat disease, we can see that it’s often similar to prescribing gum for thirst. If we take the case of headaches, almost anything can cause a headache, however, modern doctors have one solution: Painkillers. The reality is that the headache is a symptom of a problem in the body, a signal for a person to take action to correct it. The painkillers only take the pain away, but this does nothing to solve the problem, it only makes the person feel better so they can go back to work to pay for more painkillers. However, this will only
ensure that the cause of the problem is ignored and the problem may intensify without the person knowing.

The same strategy is used to treat a cold. Medicines are prescribed to stop the coughing, sneezing and runny nose. However, in the case of a cold, these symptoms come as defenses of the body when it is fighting a cold. These medicines actually hinder the body’s ability to fight disease.
When person gets the flu or pneumonia, the doctors often prescribe antibiotics. The antibiotics do not make a distinction between the body and the infection. They enter the body and kill everything in their path. This behavior is similar to the strategy of modern armed forces. By prescribing the antibiotics, that doctor is basically hoping the infection will die before the patient does.

Unfortunately, the antibiotics, like many other modern medications, also weaken the immune system. They attack the whole body, which weakens everything, including the immune system. They also do the immune system’s job of fighting the infection. The immune system will only be strong if it regularly faces the challenge of fighting infections. It’s like using a wheelchair when one is capable of walking. The legs will become weak from lack of use and the person will become dependent on the chair. Through the widespread use of antibiotics, once again the medical industry ensures that their patients will be incapable of caring for themselves by rendering their immune systems helpless.

As a general rule, every medicine offered by the medical industry has side effects. Considering the fact that their medicines never actually cure anything, even the common cold, these side effects only serve to add to the ailments of the patient. When a patient does recover from their ailments, usually it is a credit to their body recovering naturally despite the interference of the medicine. Unfortunately, too often patients are given a medication that they are supposed to take on a long term basis, this medication causes a side effect that is treated by another medication, which causes another side effect, which is treated by another medication, etc. Eventually, body parts lose their ability to function and the patient is trapped in the system for the remainder of their days. Older people are especially vulnerable because their bodies are less able to cleanse themselves of the toxic chemical medicines. There may be no more apparent example of the ignorance and barbarism of the medical industry than the case of surgeries. Often surgeries are performed to remove or replace organs and limbs because the doctors don’t know how to re-
store health to the body. Surgeries and transplants are deemed necessary after prolonged and extensive damage is done to the body parts, usually from inside the body, either by toxic food or toxic medicine.

The job of a healer is to preserve life. This means preserving the body’s ability to function normally and fend for itself. We can see from the above examples that the medical industry has no interest in preserving life:

Painkillers – Killing the pain eliminates the warning signs, enabling the patient to recklessly continue to damage the body.
Antibiotics – Anti = against, Bio = Life.
Surgery – Cutting out vital parts of the body that don’t grow back doesn’t sound intelligent at all!

When we include these examples with the fact that the medical industry has not cured any disease since polio, even with the billions of dollars hustled for cures for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart disease and every other disease we have a name for, some eyebrows should begin to raise. Even after they spend all this money, they can’t seem to develop any medicines that don’t have side effects. Can we call a substance that causes disease and doesn’t cure anything a medicine?

A critical look at the numbers will reveal the severity of the problem. According to a 2004 Center For Disease Control Study, 47% Americans are taking at least one prescription drugs, with 20% taking at least 3. We see that this only increases with age with 87% of Americans of 65 taking at least one medication and 60% taking at least 3. The report also showed that 6% of children are taking anti-depressants and 14% of boys are taking stimulants (often to treat Attention Deficit Disorder). All of these numbers are up significantly from 10 years prior. Over half of doctor’s visits are by patients with chronic illnesses, with an average of 2 medications being dispensed per visit. If the medicine was working to cure the illness, why would these numbers be so high? The fact is, diabetes, depression and hypertension are all up substantially since 1996. Meanwhile, last year there were 588,000 doctors visits by patients experiences adverse effects of medications and surgeries. That’s well over twice the number of visits for intentional injuries, including all forms of violence and self inflicted injury! What sense does it make to put our health in the hands of this system given these facts?

Fortunately for those of us concerned with preserving life, traditional healing systems still stand worldwide as an alternative to the medical industry. These systems were developed without the goal of profiting from their patients. Instead, they make the people’s well being their priority. Traditional healers treat the sources of disease and have effectively been able to cure every disease known to man. Isn’t it time we put our health in the hands of capable, proven healers instead of amateurs and con-artists?

Next month we will dissect the medical conspiracy against humanity. Stay alive until then…

Cover Story

The Sunnyside Celebrates National Poetry Month

Ancestor Dreams

by Rezib Tutsanaii

Sometimes, sleep eludes me

I lay my head upon the pillow and just hope

Hope that I will find the door to some small oblivion

But one night, such a night it was

Began in confusion. Static in the brain but no pain

Just fear beginning to creep into my heart

“Look at my face, concentrate” he said

That voice that I had longed to hear

That voice for which I had cried my last tear

My heart said, “You talkin’ to me?”

But my mind followed his command

We stood together in a banquet hall

I looked upon his black skin, shining like a dark lake

I looked into his face, his cat-like eyes ready to pounce

He looked into me and he smiled.

Sunlight sighed upon lush carpets

The ceiling of the room stood still

A careful shield of comfort hovering

Above the heads of the crowd.

So many faces. Some light, some dark

Bright eyes of brown deep eyes of grey

And all the skin surveying every aspect of brown

To black. Hair, kinked or straight, long or not

My mind wanted to say “Who are these people?”

But my heart pulled off the last rags

That had tightly wrapped it in funerary white

And bore witness to the forbearers of its blood

Again, I owe him a debt that I cannot repay

It was his teaching that made possible this day

And the night of my Ancestor Dreams


by Khentiya Maakmaha

I look up and I smile…

I talk to my grandmother and I laugh….

I eat and I grow stronger…

I breathe in the pleasure nature brings to my nose…

I sing to the winds that echo our voices,

And like a chorus, the clouds respond to my hunger…

they thunder and I quench my thirst….


by Kasabez Maakmaha

it’s hard for me to say when it all started

i somehow don’t remember when it was i departed

from where i was before i found myself in a womb

and made my way along the path that led to this room

i can’t really say i know just where it began

or what makes me different from the clay or the sand

i don’t think i could even tell you just who i am

because what it means for me to be here

i just don’t understand

i’m lost, do you feel me? do you see me? am i here?

i’m lost, do you feel me? do you see me?

am i here? by the the time i figure out where i’m going will i be there?

why don’t i remember?

from january to december

i’m stuck in a colonially concocted paradox

sitting on the cliff side beneath the crumbling rocks

so afraid for my life that i don’t have time to think

not a moment to sleep

not even a moment to drink

so it is i stand before you spiritually malnourished

the part of me with memory

it doesn’t get to flourish

why is it i stop myself from being who i am to be,

from being who i was before my bloodline

opened up the door?

my spirit seeks to find a way to manifest itself today

and so it’s only for myself to cleanse myself so that it may


by Zemoonitah Hasati Naba

Like the freedom of a mother’s cry,

When her freed child, was freely raped, by some random guy

who also believed in FREEDUMB

The kind of FREEDUMB to forget

your culture,

your language,

your history

& ancestors

or is the FREEDUMB our oppressors imposed on us

FREE to manage the business, but not own it

FREE to show up to jury duty, or be fined

FREE to roam the Earth, just don’t forget

taxes, tolls & visas

Okay, the map that’s free of dividing lines, FREE.

Talkin’ bout the FREEDUMB to disrespect your teacher



& elders?

You say what you want, when you want, how you want.

Freedom of Speech…. right?

Where animals don’t live in cages, FREE.

And TV, video games, drugs and alcohol exists because

you then have the ability to

FREE yo’ mind free, FREE.

FREEDUMB to live in a world of chaos & confusion

To follow only 10 of 77 Commandments for 1 hour,

1 day

a week

FREE to think your own history isn’t recorded.


Out of sight, out of mind, FREE.

Take the shackles off my ankles, apply them to my brain, FREE.


Have faith and believe in FREEDUMB, FREE.

FREE to just be our




Don’t Trust It….

by Nekhitem Kamenthu

The deep latchwork of the grid locks down on

natural life and crystallizes it’s reality like an inescapable magnate.

It’s pull snaps our step into it’s pathways like rubberized walkers feeding into a slot.

Playing out it’s story in all corners of the land, from the king down to the rat that etches it’s furthest outskirts.

Made to control, destined to destroy, it’s hypnotic trance keeps the players expressing it’s form.

It’s form.

It’s Lockdown.

Imprisoning us like butterflies in ironclad suits.

The puppet strings that extend from every inch of our bodies become our shame.

The metal suits we wear become our name.

Far in the distance, the cry of the hawk permeates the thick soup-like substance with a razor sharp call from the natural world like a silk string.

Extending towards us.

Touching us with it’s gentle tendril.

The trees that we have forgot sit and patiently wait.

They are there.





Watching their crazy cousins as they shiver.

Moving, shivering, resonating at a frequency of anxious insanity.

Rising like the cheer of the crowd at the coliseum as a prisoner receives the final killing blow.

This is not a mystery.

The path that it arrives by is clear.

This is not a mystery.

The math that it thrives by is here.

This is not a mystery.

The only thing to do is to wait?

This is not a mystery.

We will not accept it as fate.

The words of the ancestors.

The caress of the trees.

The melody of the earth.

The cleansing of the breeze…. Will not let us forget what it is we have to do.

As the sun washes down on our bodies and warms us totally, permeating us like we are a breathing sponge, we are consoled, cradled, and rocked like infants in it’s warmth.

We breath it in and step forward.

Bellies strong.

Knowing our mission.

The acid of reality pours onto the falsified iron structure and eats it away into nothing.

Keeping the natural world by our side as our friend and ally.

We watch the sheep beat against the iron until bloodied.

We will not be led to the slaughter.

Walking as humans, walking as Kem,

We are waking up.

Walking as women, walking as men,

We are waking up.

As long as it’s us, and as long as it’s them,

We are giving up… playing into the battles they have set for us.

Temporary is the craziness that is set for us.

Temporary is the laziness that captures us.

Weak are the tricks that now distract us.

Loose is the grip that is trapping us.

We won’t fall for it this time.

The words of the ancestors is the guidance we find.

We walk out of a broken dream

Back to the nature.

Eyes clear, spirit gentle.

The hypnotism was mostly mental.

The children will be children again.

I’m Back,

But I Never Expected This

by Rezib Tutsanaii

How long gone?

Five thousand more

Years past since last

I breathed the scent

Of lilac’s bloom

Or felt the touch

Of wind or hair

But I never expected this.

How far gone?

Ten thousand more

Miles past since last

I walked the land

From village gate

To mountain pass

And tiger’s lair

But I never suspected this

My eyes rise to the skies

The stars are far

From where they want to be

My heart so longs

For what I cannot see

But did I know more before?

Or does my cry bear the lie

Of my imagined dreams?


The Earth Awaits

SSNov09.pdf - Adobe Reader


 Many of us have undoubtedly asked, “What is life about? On a recent subway ride home, I overheard a middle schooler ask her mother: “Mommy, how long will I live?” “Oh, honey, you’ll live a long, long time…eighty more years, at least.” After a short pause, the little girl responded, “But why so many, mommy?” “What do you mean, hon?,” asked her mother quizzically. “Well,” the little girl replied, “If a worker bee lives for a month, and a tiny shrew lives for a year, and lion lives for 15 years, and a humpback whale lives for 50 years, then why do I get to live so long?” Before I knew it, I let out a hearty laugh. What a profound

question! Her mother, clearly not expecting a question of this depth, replied: “I don’t know, honey, we’ll ask your father when we get home.” I must admit that I’ve been searching for an answer that may have satisfied the inquisitive little girl from the train that day. She clearly had her numbers in order.

I did a little research of my own, but on human life expectancy, instead of animal lifespans. It turns out that early records of human history suggest maximum lifespan of 120 years among the ancient Egyptians. The World Health Organization’s World Health Statistics (WHOWHS, 2009) report some interesting disparities in life expectancy. Which country reportedly has the lowest life expectancy? Which has the highest? Go ahead, guess. The members of Japan have the highest life expectancy of 76 years, an average of both sexes. The lowest? Well, I had guessed Afghanistan before I read the WHOWHS report. But I was wrong. Sierra Leone holds the lowest at 35 years, and Afghanistan’s average is higher by one, at 36. Interestingly, US life expectancy is 70 years. While the political, socioeconomic, and historical sources of these numbers and their discrepancies are beyond the scope of this article, it has not escaped my notice that the average life expectancy for those of African-ancestry is far less than 70 years in America.

SSNov09.pdf - Adobe Reader


Given that we are afforded an average of seven decades on Earth, what do we do with them? Or, to repeat the words uttered by the precocious little girl on the train, “But why so many…?” Now in my fourth decade of life on Earth, I ask myself this question often, and in various ways. “What have I done with yesterday?” “What am I doing with today?” “How will I make the most of tomorrow?” When I stop to think about why I am thinking about this question, I realize that I don’t have a guarantee of more years. None of us do, not even the unnamed little girl who offered the question that inspired this article. Like vanishing vapor, we are here for a moment, then gone. Since this is true, perhaps we should approach our days with the understanding that life has purpose. I have purpose. You have purpose. Regardless of the the number of days lived out, our life purpose should be fulfilled.

“So, now what?” I can hear the little girl asking me in my head? “Well,” I would say to her, “Human beings are given time on Earth because human life

SSNov09.pdf - Adobe Reader


holds a great potential. It is about something. And if it is about anything, is about quality.” What does that mean? What are the components of this quality, and what is its source? Let’s examine a few definitions of the word quality. Interestingly enough, the meaning will change depending on who you ask. Those in business, engineering or manufacturing, who make products for purchase, may define quality in terms of a standard or grade of something. Those in phonetics, who study sound and sound waves, may define quality as the character of a vowel sound that depends the shape of the mouth and position of the tongue when it is uttered. If you inquire of those who specialize in music, they may tell you that quality is nothing more than the distinctive tone of a musical note. When asked, my best friend defined it as I would have before I understood the spiritual definition: the highest or finest standard that differentiates a person or thing.



The M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality seeks to preserve, promote, and proliferate the knowledge of the mystery schools of Merita (traditional Africa). The committed Kemetic initiate is extended the opportunity to grow his or her potential quality. At The Earth Center, we are exposed to the spiritual meaning of quality. Here, this commonly used word has substance, roots, and standards. The quality that we speak of at the Earth Center is a process of deep, honest exploration and assessment of the self. The initiate is, therefore, a seeker of truth. We have been invited to the path by someone who has spent his life in the pursuit of quality. The founder of The Earth Center, Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig explains that quality is the result of an uphill journey; it demands that one finally take control of his/her life.



In the modern system, we find a culture based on and maintained by subjective truth. The motto of the time being: “What is true for me, may not be true for you.” Or even seen another way: “What is true for me is what is true.” To this The Maakheru (Master Naba’s title as an initiatic priest, meaning “voice of truth”) replies: “If the truth bothers me, I am a liar.” This is because the traditional meaning of truth is not subjective, and is not subjected to the circumstances, whims or desires of the individual. Quality, then, refers to the inherent goodness within the depths of the heart and mind. It shows itself through the deliberate practice of acknowledging and fighting to contain the evil in each of us. The seeker of truth in pursuit of quality acknowledges the evil within. Period. We know that the evil is there; we were born with it. We can’t pray it away, wish it away, or deny it, and maintain inner truth. Quality also represents that goodness which is of the Neteru (Gods). A quality that may be ours through acceptance and adherence to the 77 spiritual laws of a quality person, the 77 Commandments of the Divine Code of Human Behavior. For me, the code is the well spring of a quality life. How does the initiate identify and connect to this wellspring of life? How does the initiate raise his/her standards and achieve spiritual quality? You must first be drawn from within. Meaning, you must be a true seeker. The true seeker cannot rest easy without seeking to learn deeply of the nature of the self, the universe, and the relationship between the two. Spiritual quality, we are taught, is rooted in regular communication with our ancestors. Those who have gone before us have determined our destiny. They know why we have so many years. The Maakheru has told us that spiritual enlightenment is attainable, in this lifetime, by adopting our ancestral paradigm.



For some, these are harrowing times. The monuments that have been envisioned, erected, and exalted by men are crumbling. That which we placed our faith in is passing away. Many IRAs, 401Ks, and the like have seen tremendous devaluation since last year’s global fiscal crisis. We see more clearly upon loss of material worth that we are mistaken to place our confidence in the wind. That which we thought had inherent quality and value, has shown itself to be illusory. The Earth is ready for a change. It demands it. The bearers of the Zujatah name have been called by The Great Mother Earth to heal her, to strengthen her; to receive the mission of reconciliation of one to another, one to the land, one to the ancestors, one to the Neteru. This is their purpose. These brothers and sisters have a mighty work to do. They may not squander their years. Rather, they must build, they must plant, and must reap the harvest to show the ancestors, Neteru, and world their awesome quality. When the years become decades, and the decades centuries, what will the descendants say of their works, of their capacity to contain their evil, and manifest their goodness? As I have had the privilege to share time with each of them as a Hat Tenee (Elder and Teacher), I am beaming with confidence that, led by their intently focused Merr, they will indeed use their years wisely: Replenish the Earth, plant trees – Cultivate the Earth, build a community garden – Feed the people of the Earth, open a food cooperative – Cleanse the Earth, research and implement ways of reducing waste – Beautify the Earth, grow flowers and preserve park.

Honor the Earth, humbly remember your place in the Universe. Go forth with power, Brothers and Sisters. May the ancestors bless the work of your hands.


Saneteru performs the Kemetic Spiritual Purification or Ablution before receiving his Kemetic Name and certificate

Saneteru performs the Kemetic Spiritual Purification or Ablution before receiving his Kemetic Name and certificate






The Earth and its energies unite with those who heed the call for change. The call went out to many but few turned an ear to hear. A powerful collective of seven represent the most recent generation of graduating initiates. The Earth has uncovered the true nature of this seven. They have received the collective generational name Zujatah, which means to heal and strengthen the Earth.

The spirited, upright Merr (Class Leader) now bears the Kemetic name Haouti: The one who is marching in front.

The steadfast, disciplined financial officer is called Saneteru: The Son of the Gods.

The ever-growing, creative scribe is now Barkanitah: The blessings of the Earth.

The humble, considerate senee (brother), husband, and father is revealed as Ajdousa: The child of Sa.

The charitable, resourceful wife of Saneteru is now known as Maufpatou: The ally to all mankind.

The man of quiet confidence and strength is now called Hemsboura: The one who dwells in the house of Ra.

The inquisitive, studious senee is now Shetaneferu: The one who proclaims goodness.