Het Heru

Heru/Herut the God Child within all of us

We came into this world alone
No one to protect us from the place we call home
Like orphans
Taken to an unknown place
No way to know what hides behind that unknown face

Yet we trust, accept, adopt, repeat
The values that are held by the ones that we meet
The ones we call
Claiming that they love you
And put no one else above you
But our parents
They were orphans too
No telling what they learned to do

Within this fortress of corruption
There exists no sacred ground
Only consequences of circumstances beyond our control

But let it stop with us

If we can do better for the sake of our children
Then let us take every measure
To battle the evil that we’re holding within
So our children wont have to remember
These dark days of hopelessness
May the sun rise again
upon the next generation

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