Wsr sits upon his throne

We must reclaim our fathers kingdom

Know that these words are for you.

So far from you, my heart must be strong
Listen, to the expression of my thoughts
I hope everyone there is doing well

Mama, it has already been 500 years
since I left you
Mama, 5 centuries since I was snatched
from your arms

Since then, I have just been following
the path of my destiny
searching for my daily bread
searching for my survival
searching for the survival of my roots
searching for the path that will lead me back to you

I know this vibration in me comes from you
and your brave sons
For your voice never stops resonating in my heart
Oh Father you know me very well, call your kinsmen
and tell them that your son will bring your breath
to the doorway of the elders

I will never throw in the towel

So far from you, my race destroys itself.
Courage is my only motivation

The strength of our rivers, those rivers of blood
still carve their banks
And my will to follow your steps is intensifying
But the shackles on my neck still choke me

Tell Mom that her children want to be blessed
That here,
there are too many dirty tricks and false prophets
The NasaRa remains the same, the wolf in sheep’s clothing
I will persevere for the cause still foreign to them

I advance and the sun burns me
I retreat and the rain soaks me
The wall must be rebuilt, for yesterday is not today
And today has nothing to envy of yesterday

The sun sets have snatched me from you, Mama
The sunrise will announce my return
Because the desire to stand up and walk possesses me
My dignity, I will hold it high
My integrity, I will reconquer it
Your breath, I don’t want it to remain
in the land of X – King – Muhammad
I want to take it back to the land of upright people…
The Motherland or Death, we shall overcome!

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