Volume 9.1

Return of the Exodus Army

Herpw Bikbye Inejnema

Herpw Bikbye Inejema leads the Exodus Army in an awesome display of Kemetic Initiatic Knowledge.

This year, the annual benefit for The Earth Center of Maanu was held in the large auditorium in the west wing of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. This benefit is held to raise funds for students of the Earth Center who would not otherwise be able to afford to go on the spiritual pilgrimage to Merita (traditional Africa) that is held each year.

The night started out with the comedy of Meechi. Meechi was dealing with a tough audience this night. He really had to work his material in order to find a selection of jokes that fit with an audience that is very serious about traditional African Spirituality. After a while, he found his own sweet spot and the audience began to warm to his ministrations.

As Meechi began his routine, we saw on the right hand side of the stage a tall young man dressed in traditional clothing working on a painting of Kemetic design. Meechi walked over and introduced us to Marrwho Hasati, a third generation M’TAM initiate and professional artist. He would continue to work on his painting for the full performance. I am personally very familiar with Marrwho’s work, since he is responsible for most of the major works of art that are on display in the Earth Center Chicago.

The first musical act featured the music of Robert “Baabe” Irving. Robert Irving is one of the most well known Jazz figures in Chicago. He has produced numerous albums and was the music director for Miles Davis. As the story has been told to me, it was Baabe Irving who first invited Master Naba to come to Chicago.
This was my first experience of Baabe Irving live. His ensemble featured himself on piano a base player and drummer to round out the rhythm section. He also featured a saxophonist. His music stirred the soul, but for me, the best part of his performance was when he invited the vocalist Senabella to join the band and blend her lovely voice with the rest of the ensemble. She started with a song that she explained was the song that she performed when she first met Master Naba.

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