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Reading for the Solutions

Throughout the world, there are many methods of divination or reading the energy lines of the Earth, like the reading of cowrie shells (shown in this painting by Yerbanga Bousaa Shenmira). Through these methods, human beings are able to observe details about their past, present, future, health, family and ancestors.

THE STORY I’M ABOUT to tell is a story told by a wise person. So I listen with attention because I learn that in conversation we listen with the ears and not with the eyes. In most of the Kemetic countries, there’s a practice that people always go to depending on their culture and tradition, in order to live in harmony with the different components of existence and in order to resolve or prevent problems they may meet in their lives. We are talking about the practice of Earth Energy Readings that can be done in many ways, depending on the region.

In Burkina Faso, the Mossi tribe read energy through cowrie shells. The Gourmatche tribe does readings through the Earth. The people from Poo would read energies through the calabash full of water. Through these readings, they can tell you the future, the present and the past. It teaches us that in life there is no problem without a solution. Only we are the ones that do not know where and how to find the solutions.

There was a Gourmatche man who tapped (as if you were tapping into a cable) into the sand energy to do a reading. Every morning, he would do an Earth energy reading to see what was in store for the day. One morning, his reading revealed to him that he was going to die within three days. He started looking for solutions, offerings, and even sacrifices that could prevent his death. Unforunately, there were no answers or actions that could help him. What could he do?
Early in the morning, he went to the main road leading to the marketplace of the village. He found a spot a under a tree by the road and started his earth energy readings. Doing this reading, he thought maybe one of the people passing by would be able to read the symbols and give a solution. Alas, everyone passing by noticed the reading and saw what was going to happen but no one suggested any solution to him. He left from under the tree and went to the road that the wives of the King used to obtain water from the well. Among the women going to the well, one saw the reading and called the others to come and see. Together they all looked into the reading but no one among them proposed a solution that would help solve his problems. Again he kept going, still looking
for a solution.

While on the road, he came across a pasture. Still hoping to find a solution, he did another earth energy reading. He quickly hid in the bushes, hoping the shepherds passing by would interpret and provide a solution. It did not take long before he saw three shepherds coming back from the pastures with their flocks. As they were passing by, the elder among the three saw the reading and saw that someone was going to die. He called upon his younger brothers to see what the reading was saying. They did not find a solution and felt very sorry for the person.

They kept on going, except for the youngest one. He looked at the reading a minute longer. He called his older brothers back, crying out, ”Hey! Hey! Hey! Come see! Someone’s life is in danger! He is going to die tomorrow!” He was convinced he saw a solution. Because of all his persistence, his brothers decided to come back to at least listen to him. They asked for an explanation, therefore the young one began to talk, “Listen to me. Do you know in this reading I see a person near his farm, in a hut where he rests when he gets tired after working. In a small clay pot, where water is kept, there in that clay pot there is a big snake and when he goes to open this pot, the snake will bite him and he will die from this bite from the snake. That is the full detail of this reading.” The two older brothers were very surprised to see that their younger brother was right.

The man that the earth reading was pertaining to listened very attentively from the bushes as the young shepherd talked. After the shepherds left, the man left his refuge in the bushes and ran to a shade tree to find a good stick, about two meters long and strong. He began running towards his hut. Once there, he broke into the hut and ran straight to the clay pot and he broke the clay pot by placing all his strength in a terrible strike. “VOILA!” here it is, the big black snake. After a blow to the spine, the snake struggled between life and death. The man hit the snake continuously. The very thing that was going to kill him was now dead.

As I said in the beginning, there is no problem without a solution, but we are often the ones who do not know how or where to find a solution.

This story teaches us to always talk about our sickness so one can get medicine or herbs. Always talk about your situation in hopes of receiving a solution or advice from someone. We learned from a young boy that the value of a man does not just show up when he is an adult. Even a baby displays his value early on. No matter the age of someone, young or old, you must value their opinions and advice. We have to listen and receive everything a person brings.

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