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Journey With No End: Introducing the Meznkhepra Generation

Yatubenou Meznkhepra

Yatubenou Meznkhepra

ON NOVEMBER 20, 2010, the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality welcomed its 19th generation of initiates. The M’TAM School is part of the larger Earth Center organization and is responsible for leading a human being back onto the path of development followed by his or her Ancestors. This path leads towards the highest standards of quality and purity attainable by a human being.

This is a long journey. In the M’TAM School it is often said that the education you receive is like an uphill journey. This was certainly the case for the first generation of the Los Angeles Earth Center. Their wadj (the energy line that motivates a person) has held them together as a generation for the past two years.

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On The Ancestral Path: What Are We Becoming?

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THIS WORLD WILL ALWAYS continue to go on… despite all of our frustrations, fears, depressions and hopelessness. Regardless of how lonely, destitute, desperate or confused we may be, this world will go on. It does not matter if one is suicidal or psychotic, with thoughts of killing himself while taking the lives of anybody else that happens to be sharing the same space at the same time, this world will continue to go on. This world does not care about the individual or his intentions. Actually, there are only a comparatively small number of people in this world that are even aware of any one individual’s existence. If one is a liar who tells lies to one or one hundred people, why would the world care about that? If one is a thief who just robbed a bank, but the monies of those who live in his community is being kept safe in another bank, why would his community care at all about his action? If a family in Mexico is brutally murdered and the news reaches a town in Poland, would the people who live in that town lose any sleep by receiving this news? I think not. This world will continue to go on because the world simply does not care.

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The Tree That Rejected It’s Roots

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LONG AGO IN ANCIENT TIMES, when the trees and animals still spoke of the secrets of the universe, there lived a very special tribe of baobab trees known to the world as the Atifu- neferu-nita: the beautiful trees of the Earth. These trees were very sacred and very old. They kept the mysteries of the people. The Atifu-neferu-nita were very careful with their seeds, and since they were so ancient, there were only two of the seed laying trees left amongst them. These two seed laying trees used all of their energy and created one last tree. This tree would be the one to create more seeds to keep the Atifu-neferu-nita alive. This tree was named Atifheru: Tree
of Heru.

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