Pen Renut – Kpekhan

Imin (188x432)The Month of Pen Renut
(April 9th – May 8th)
Governed by: Imin

Imin is an invisible, self-created God. He is a warrior God and is important in keeping Divine Order. He protects Gods with his shadow. Imin is very discreet but is active and verile at the same time. He is very high on the hierarchy of Gods but will come down to the battlefield to fight when the Divine Order is threatened. In the beginning, it was Imin who fought and destroyed the enemies of the Divine Order.


Hetheru (206x426)
The Month of Kpekhan
(May 9th – June 7th)
Governed by: Hetheru

Hetheru is the Universal Cow Goddess and is connected with healing and childbirth. She determines the destiny of a child at birth. Hetheru is a warrior Goddess and is represented as a woman with bull horns on her head with a solar disk between them. She is worshipped on Earth as the holy white cow. She is the wife of Heru.

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