Seeker Meditation

The Nature of A Man

tree (411x461)
Every man in your life’s like the river Nile.
He can provide for his wife and can seed a child.
Bringing the energy of life to the fertile land,
He can build or destroy depending on your plan.
Every river in nature has at least two banks.
One on each flank paired into two ranks.
When the Nile recedes they’re closest together,
But when it inundates each side is all the better.
The east produced barley the west produced wheat,
With proper irrigation every family can eat.
Listen, Our survival is at stake, don’t u understand?
Two banks, two ranks execute a plan.
Let’s work together and, Stop working for The Man
By using corruption to excuse why you’re building dams.
The river ran, up against the solitary bank.

Can u imagine a ship with a single flank?
Fish that denied he drank,
The file without a rank,
The finest artist could persist and would draw a blank…
So, Diversionary course or perversion’s a recourse,
A single dam can’t stand the legendary force.
Be natural and resort to respecting the resource,
And the Nile will keep on course to the very shores.

– Sama’at Sakuhai

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