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Gratitude – The Kemetic Fasting Period

WSR THE KEMETIC FASTING PERIOD is a time of lamentation, reflection and introspection for the seeker on the path of a Kem. This is the time that we mourn the death and meditate on the life of humanity’s ancestral God, WSR. During this 10 day fast, Kemmioo (Kemetic People) abstain from food, water, sex, smoking, profanity and other vices from dawn until sunset. This fasting is done to accompany WSR to the Imentet (World of the Dead). It is a time of purity and sacrifice for the Kem.

WSR (also known as OSIRIS or ASAR) is the God in human form who chose to express his immortality through cycles of death and resurrection. It is this choice that has made room for the existence of humanity. WSR is not only responsible for the existence of humanity, but he is also credited with civilizing humanity throughout the course of his many reincarnations.

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Volume 10.1

The “New Age” vs. True Spirituality

AS WE ARE APPROACHING the year 2012, many people are scrambling to find information that will help them gain insight as to what will occur in the upcoming years. Many individuals have become hyper-focused on prophecies and conspiracies pertaining to ancient cultures including the Mayan, Dogon and Hopi. It is often said that we will be going through a period of transformation that many believe will alter the course of humanity.

The Mayan Calendar has drawn a lot of attention and is at the center of many “end of the world” theories.

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Volume 10.1

The Evolution of Man

Above is a depiction of the judgement of the deceased before the Divine World. Kemetic Society is based on assisting each individual with raising their human qualities in their journey towards the Gods.

THE GOAL OF MAN during this lifetime is to perfect the self in this state of being. The Neteru (Gods) gave us the 77 Commandments and taught us how to purify ourselves in order to reach our goal. Those Deities are now responsible for ensuring the balance and the transformation of humans. They are to us as a parent is to a child. Yet the rise of certain doctrines 2000 years ago brought a spiritual prostitution into the modern being’s mind leading them to sell their souls to the pastors, preachers, imams and politicians who will not stop manipulating humans and leading them towards destru

ction in the name of their barbaric ambitions.

As man gains the understanding of self and what his purpose is, he will be able to aspire for higher achievements and knowledge. Through many cycles of reincarnations, a human ultimately is allowed to transcend the challenges of existence in order to reach the Divine World. I would speculate his responsibility now becomes that of the ones before him who watch over the many regions of humanity.

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Volume 10.1

Caring For Humanity: A Kem Graduation

Ziaweet Generation

Elder Kefau Ziaweet

ONE THING THAT all human beings have in common is that we come into this world the same way: weak, vulnerable to our surroundings and victims to our environment. From the moment we come into the world as babies we have no choice but to learn from those who are in front of us. To learn the basics such as walking, talking and eating we carefully watch and learn as we are guided. As we become older we begin to pick up the nuances of how to interact with other people and how to behave in our society but we do not learn from simply being told this is what you do and don’t do.

We learn the same way as we picked up walking and talking, we learn from watching those who are in front of us; family, friends, teachers, etc. It is in the nature of the human being to copy, not to create. Even the ideas we come up with that seem new are all inspired from something or someone who came before us. As each individual walks through life, it is then inevitable that whatever is presented to us will somehow shape our becoming. However, when we look at the world around us today there are so many options as to which direction to take that it is no wonder some spend their whole life trying to find their way.

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Talking Drum

Stop Killings in Africa

GUNS OF THE WEST. It’s easy not to notice that the pillar of the development of Western countries is to feed on the blood of innocent men, women and children in Africa. Gold, diamonds, oil, coffee, cocoa, cotton and all the riches of the continent of black people are exploited by Western nations with no regard for the human lives lost or ruined in the process. Apparently history is repeating itself again in the 21st century.

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