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Gratitude – The Kemetic Fasting Period

WSR THE KEMETIC FASTING PERIOD is a time of lamentation, reflection and introspection for the seeker on the path of a Kem. This is the time that we mourn the death and meditate on the life of humanity’s ancestral God, WSR. During this 10 day fast, Kemmioo (Kemetic People) abstain from food, water, sex, smoking, profanity and other vices from dawn until sunset. This fasting is done to accompany WSR to the Imentet (World of the Dead). It is a time of purity and sacrifice for the Kem.

WSR (also known as OSIRIS or ASAR) is the God in human form who chose to express his immortality through cycles of death and resurrection. It is this choice that has made room for the existence of humanity. WSR is not only responsible for the existence of humanity, but he is also credited with civilizing humanity throughout the course of his many reincarnations.

In humanity’s distant past, tens of thousands of years ago, humanity was immersed in what could be called a dark age. There was no limit to the evil that man was capable of, from hunting, killing and eating each other to every other evil act that we have witnessed or heard of. Our potential for barbarism is great, as we are seeing again currently. It was during such a time that WSR came to us and began our education.

WSR taught us the craft of agriculture and the domestication of animals. In a society where we must hunt and gather to find our food, we often are not left with time to focus on our spiritual lives or our exploration of the universe we find ourselves a part of. With the agrarian lifestyle, we now have room to focus, at some times during the year, on planting, growing and harvest and spend the rest of the year, six to eight months at a time, focusing on the elevation of the human genius. This gives humanity a stable and predictable basis to work from.

It is this stability that has given humanity the opportunity to research the cycles of the stars. Our ancestors kept such accurate records for such a long period of time that they developed the Sidereal Calendar, a calendar based on a cycle that lasts 1461 years. In a hunter/gatherer society, this would simply be impossible because if we don’t know if or when we will find enough food every day, how will we be able to distract ourselves from our hunger, over a period of thousands of years, so that we can watch the stars?

The modern world still marvels at the accomplishments of Kemetic Civilization such as the Temple of Philae in the Nile Delta.

WSR taught us about the importance of honoring the ancestral spirit. This ancestral lineage that leads back to him becomes the defining aspect of our lives. We owe it to our ancestors that we have even been born. The conditions that they bring us into and the values that they raise us with have a huge impact on who we become. After they die, our relatives continue to play an important role in our lives and have the power to affect our destiny. We owe it to WSR that we have learned how to interact with them.

WSR also taught us hygiene; how to wash our bodies and how to clean ourselves spiritually through ablution. This aspect is fundamental because without physical and spiritual cleanliness, no spiritual act can take place. Our ancestors are pure because they aren’t burdened with these corrupt bodies. They will avoid coming close to us if it means they will risk dirtying themselves in the process.

WSR taught us language which allows us to communicate in higher concepts. This communication builds our mind to a higher level of functioning. The language he taught us, Medu (Hieroglyphs), is also the language spoken by the Gods and therefore helps us in our journey to come closer to them.

Possibly the greatest gift given to us by WSR also contains the greatest challenge. WSR presented us with 77 Commandments that the Divine World gave us as a blueprint for duplicating their world. Following these commandments also gives us the stability in society to be able to function without destroying each other. Following these commandments is very difficult and requires us to pay close attention to all of our thoughts, words and deeds at all times. It is this level of attention that causes us to be careful how we treat each other and even how we think about each other and everything else. This has been the inspiration for humanity as well as the blueprint for us for tens of thousands of years.

What was mentioned above is a partial account of his contributions and can hardly do justice to the legacy of WSR, but we hope you will look deeper.
During the Kemetic fasting period, Kemmioo reflect with gratitude on the contributions WSR has made in our lives. We also check ourselves to see if we are applying the tools that he brought to us and gain insight for how we can become better human beings as we continue on the path that our ancestors have laid for us. May our ancestors guide humanity home to Kemet.

Humanity’s journey to come closer to the Divine World began in Kemet. Shown above are WSR’s wife AISHAT (left) and their child HERU (right)

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