Survivor's Notebook

Flu Season

IT’S THAT TIME of the year again. The colorful parade of falling autumn leaves has given way to naked trees, visible breath and the gray residue of salt across the landscape. As the temperatures continue to drop, the ground will eventually be covered in snow and ice.
As usual, the challenges of the upcoming months will require a great deal of preparation. Our wardrobes will change as we will have to pile on at least three or four layers of clothes just to go outside. Massive heat bills will be on everybody’s mind as we struggle to stay warm, but despite our efforts to minimize the effects of the cold on our bodies every year, we still refer to these upcoming months as “flu season.”
The advertisements at the local drug stores for flu shots are already on display on big, bright colored signs as the marketplace has found yet way to capitalize on our misfortune.

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On The Ancestral Path

Sequence-ality vs. Cause-ality

Of all the challenges the nature and universe gives us, there are some that are so subtle that they become almost imperceptible to our consciousness. There have been some that are very easy to perceive despite the rudimentary nature of our education and experience. The individual, even by himself, is capable of perceiving what we call the “gravitational force”, heat, cold…hardness, softness…etc. as being part of the world inside which we must evolve.

To the question of knowing why the nature feels obliged to present itself to us, we simply do not find an answer if we do not accept the idea that everything that presents itself to us has its importance in our lives. Let’s say it more clearly that the line of our destiny is only made of choices between options that the universe introduced to us. In this notion, there is really a spiritual trap that we find hard to perceive: the existence, in reality, does not present itself to us; it only exposes itself to our way of questioning. The nature we perceive is only the depth of our investigation! It is by coming close to the fire that we understood that it can be hot.

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