Volume 10.1

The Evolution of Man

Above is a depiction of the judgement of the deceased before the Divine World. Kemetic Society is based on assisting each individual with raising their human qualities in their journey towards the Gods.

THE GOAL OF MAN during this lifetime is to perfect the self in this state of being. The Neteru (Gods) gave us the 77 Commandments and taught us how to purify ourselves in order to reach our goal. Those Deities are now responsible for ensuring the balance and the transformation of humans. They are to us as a parent is to a child. Yet the rise of certain doctrines 2000 years ago brought a spiritual prostitution into the modern being’s mind leading them to sell their souls to the pastors, preachers, imams and politicians who will not stop manipulating humans and leading them towards destru

ction in the name of their barbaric ambitions.

As man gains the understanding of self and what his purpose is, he will be able to aspire for higher achievements and knowledge. Through many cycles of reincarnations, a human ultimately is allowed to transcend the challenges of existence in order to reach the Divine World. I would speculate his responsibility now becomes that of the ones before him who watch over the many regions of humanity.

Those Divine Beings would now transcend to the next level, which would be interplanetary balance and harmony. I would dare not venture past this point, for the magnitude of such a responsibility is far beyond my imagination. The corruptions we are taught by modern religions, are so heavy that we grew the tendency of denying and re-denying the powerful role of our dead relatives in our lives on earth. The mystery temples of Kemet teach that the human body is the first corruption in his existence, and that purity of the mind, soul and body must be the very first act for an eternal life.

Man is guided by those in the Imentet (The World of the Dead) which are known as his ancestors or ancestral bloodline. Once in the Imentet, the ancestor is pure and free from the corruption of the physical body. The ancestor is empowered by the person in its bloodline that is now in human form. This individual’s responsibility is to bring honor to the bloodline, empower his ancestors in the Imentet and strive to perfect the self by following the 77 Commandments and spiritual activities consistently.

The more we acknowledge our ancestors, the stronger they become. The stronger they become, the stronger we also will become. This cycle will be continuous with each reincarnation. We are only as strong in this reincarnation as the growth we’ve previously achieved. That’s why it is imperative to focus all efforts in accomplishing as much as we can during our lifespan. This will in turn pave the way for our ancestors when they reincarnate to continue the task for our bloodline.

This world is filled with many pitfalls and deceptions camouflaged by the corruption of this world. The individual is weak because of desires, needs and lack of discipline. This weakness also stems from being poorly educated and misled down a path of degeneration. Values, morals and priorities are ever changing and as such, keep the individual confused and lost about his true purpose.

The daily stresses of society to work, mostly for its benefit, leaves the individual exhausted at the end of the day. All he can now think about is eating and being entertained to ease the day’s stress. There are many distractions throughout the day that keep the mind so busy that it does not focus on anything productive to further enhance his position in this life. Most people in this modern society transition from this material form with little to no spiritual advancement.

The force of corruption known as Set is necessary to help the aspirant develop towards his goal. Each reincarnation will have it’s challenge, without it there would be no need to reincarnate. Once this is understood thoroughly, the task then is to incorporate spiritual development into every facet of one’s existence. Every action, activity or interaction should be aimed at some form of spiritual achievement.

It is good to learn but it’s even better to apply what has been learned in every instance. Focus on the now, the present moment or task at hand. That is what counts the most. Every little thing is just as important as every major act, there is no difference. Every thought counts, so one should assess the heart for that is where most corruption lies dormant waiting to show itself in a moments notice.

The mind only speaks or can only access what is in the heart. To be pure is to be pure in heart for that is what matters most. The heart is the strongest muscle, it has many physical functions but it has many spiritual functions as well. If your mind thinks of corruption, that means it is stored in your heart. But what is our understanding of corruption? This is the question every human being trying to reach the Divine World should be meditating on. It will not take long before one sees the self as the perfect expression of the corruptions of this society we are living in. This is why the original code of Human behaviour (77 commandments ) is crucial for our spiritual and physical growth.

The path that we are evolving on is expressing itself and the alarming state of our kind and our planet is proving what we have seen. Are we going to continue talking about evolution? Well, if yes, let us conclude that this evolution will take us to our self-destruction even before we have a chance to become enlightened spiritually through honoring the ancestral spirit and the awareness of the Divine World.

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