Volume 10.1

The “New Age” vs. True Spirituality

AS WE ARE APPROACHING the year 2012, many people are scrambling to find information that will help them gain insight as to what will occur in the upcoming years. Many individuals have become hyper-focused on prophecies and conspiracies pertaining to ancient cultures including the Mayan, Dogon and Hopi. It is often said that we will be going through a period of transformation that many believe will alter the course of humanity.

The Mayan Calendar has drawn a lot of attention and is at the center of many “end of the world” theories.

As many people attempt to find answers to honest questions regarding spirituality, the universe, and history among other things, the modern/colonial system capitalizes on the state of confusion that we find ourselves in by presenting answers that can be obtained by simply swiping a Visa or Mastercard.

During this time of confusion, many organizations have been developed to satiate the thirst for answers at a very expensive price. Seminars and lectures are held throughout the country with lecturers covering topics ranging from secrets of ancient cultures to empowerment through traditional knowledge. Unfortunately, much of the information that is presented is not information coming from those cultures themselves. Instead, the modern world extracts information through a western lens. The knowledge that is then presented to seekers is often based on assumptions. Furthermore, ancient teachings from around the globe are blended together to create a “Frankenstein” of a culture. The things that are chosen to be a part of the melting pot are usually based on biased opinions and things that feel good.

The situation that we are in is a clear example of how dynamic evil can be. Through the teachings of Master Naba, we have come to learn that evil can take on any form and is always changing. It even disguises itself as something that one may perceive to be good. If one is not vigilant, one can easily become entangled in evil without even knowing.

The same is true in the New Age community where individuals are honestly seeking guidance and are attempting to return to the traditions of their ancestors. Many of these people have been unknowingly fooled into believing that the “Frankenstein” of a culture that they are following is different from the same mentality this modern system has presented to us over and over again.

Believing that spirituality can be attained solely through financial means is far from the truth. We are expecting to go about our spirituality in the same manner as we go about our food: fast, convenient and easy. However, it is said that evil/corruption always goes down hill and spirituality handed to you on a silver platter is, without a doubt, a slippery slope to destruction.

For example, a self proclaimed “Spiritual Warrior” led seekers to their deaths when improperly running a sweat lodge. Individuals paid up to $10,000 dollars to be a part of a week long retreat. Unfortunately for those individuals, their impatient and eager search resulted in their deaths.

The sweatlodge is a traditional spiritual ceremony that has become popular in the US. Rites such as these are sacred and should only be performed under authentic supervision.

The challenging part for the seeker, is to determine what practices to trust and to follow. The downfall of following the new age path is it’s lack of history and structure. It seems that a system without these fundamental components would create a society full of lost and confused individuals running around in circles. One way to confront this dilemma is by applying the questions that Master Naba once posed: “Has it been done before? If it has, what was the outcome, and is that the outcome I want for myself? If it has not been done before, how can I trust it?” It would be very absurd to gamble with ones spirituality. If it has a history, then it will be clear to determine if it is trustworthy.

True spirituality has nothing to do with being fast or easy. It is something that the individual commits to and sacrifices for every day. It involves very technical practices that must be applied with commitment and dedication. The ancient spiritual systems practiced by traditional cultures across the world including Merita (Africa), Maanu (The Americas), Asia and Europe share similar values and guidelines on the path towards the Divine World. All of these include ancestor worship (the World of the Dead) and acknowledgement of the Divine World (the World of the Gods). Kemetic culture, stemming from Merita, is the oldest spiritual system. It requires purity of mind and spirit. The path towards attaining purity has been outlined for humanity through the Divine Code of Human Behavior given to us by the Divine World on the 19th of Tehuti, over 70,000 years ago. It contains 77 commandments including social, personal and spiritual rules that the individuals must live up to in order to achieve purity of mind and spirit. This is a clear example of a spiritual system with both a history and a set structure.

The knowledge that will open the doors to the spiritual world must be earned over time.

As we continue to discover what 2012 has in store for humanity, it is important that we remain vigilant on our path to spirituality. The ability to remain disciplined and humble will keep the seeker from being distracted and manipulated on their journey.

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