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Conclusions Written In Sand

The modern education system is presented as the authority on education.

The modern education system is presented as the authority on education.

THE MODERN SOCIETY has placed itself at the top of the educational platform. The modern leaders have now taught the inhabitants of the world their ways. People have set it as their goal to study in the modern educational system to have all the answers to their questions about life answered. When the people get their degrees, they walk around with their heads held high. They feel accomplished as if they now have the ability to navigate the world around them. They have adopted the tools, resources and answers for everything life presents to them from the modern society. When presented with other information, they immediately can counter it with what they have gained from the modern educational system or close their eyes to what is presented. Any seeker of knowledge should know it is wise to take in consideration any information that they are presented.

A human being’s brain cannot invent. This is very important to understand. If we would try to conceive of an idea, plan, action, object, etc., it will present something our brains had exposure to. When we think, we access our experiences and exposures we had in our past. If we were never exposed to a certain idea we wouldn’t be able to think it up. Let’s say you wanted to learn to sail a boat. You never sailed one before so you would be blank on the idea of how you will do it. Only after you experience it will you be able to perceive the thought of how you sail a boat. Another example would be if you were told to create a color that has not been seen before. You would have a very hard time trying to think of one. Your brain will only pull from existing colors you know. You then will mix the colors in an attempt to create one. It will lead you to reveal a color you’ve never seen before. You still couldn’t say you created the color for it already existed before you. You just found it.

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If we say it rains because the clouds collect water and the sky is at a certain temperature that the water vapors become too heavy it rains, people will say they know why it rains. They were able to perceive a small part of the process. That in itself is not all that happens for it to rain. In the modern world, that kind of approach and answer is accepted as being reasonable. This kind of approach is used in all that is done in the modern world. Humans use tools that measure only what we have been exposed to. What about the many aspects of the world that this system is completely unaware of? How can you arrive at an explanation of a situation where you haven’t seen all the factors? You can’t compute it unless you get the information directly from the source that put it in place, no matter how advanced your technology is. This dilemma leaves a person at a huge disadvantage when forced to deal with reality. We think we know it all. The modern society has created a country of people who are not just limited to what they perceive but even more relegated to the perception the society imposes on them. The human then loses the ability to think.

We use reference points for us to process experiences we have in our lives and to understand those experiences. Just because you had a certain experience doesn’t make you an authority of the situation. Many things happen that are out of our understanding. We use reference points as tools, when used properly, these reference points can further our understanding on a situation or experience. The dilemma is that most people hold on to these reference points as facts without giving them thorough self-investigation. They accept them as facts just because they came from someone we respect such as parents, teachers, world leaders, professionals etc. It is useless for a person to accept information that way if one plans to develop one’s brain or understand the world they live in. If you receive information about ideas you can use to make decisions in your life, it becomes vital that you become knowledgeable about that information. If not, you leave room to fall victim to your ignorance. We are all responsible for ourselves and we are the victims of our decisions. We don’t have the luxury of leaving the responsibility of our decisions and actions to others, so why do we?


In traditional culture, you are initiated at a young age. The initiation is very rigorous. You are provided with tools to help in perceiving the world, not to gain knowledge to impose on the world. You are taught to be responsible with yourself, your actions, and to be aware of their impact on the world around you. Reality is your teacher and it is always ready to teach. You have to have the mind to reason and put things in their place in order to have a foundation to learn. Humility and honesty become your keys to the door to knowledge. Initiatic education has been developed with the understanding that a human being lacks the capacity to perceive all of reality. This is why we can never come to any conclusions. If any human values survival then they would understand that conclusions are written in sand. What we know is very small in comparison to what is.

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