Day of Tehuti – Education to Achieve Perfection

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On the day of the 19th of Tehuti, we got gathered, the God’s brought us. They said, “Okay, you said you wanted to be Divine Beings, you want to do all to get close to us, right?” We said, “Yes.” “So, these are the commandments for you, 77 of them. Obey them, and stay pure, behave right. Inspire yourself from our world.” We celebrated that. We got the guidance, we got the Divine guidance.

Hmm, now. We have now something to compare. That’s where our notion of good and bad came from. Good is what takes us close to the Gods. Bad is what takes us away from the Gods. So, the idea of being good and bad is not a personal speculation. Just like how your religions have brought it like everybody is born knowing what is good or knowing what is evil.

So, based on that, every individual’s goal, our society understood that this life, it’s too short, it’s like an instant of a dream in the night. The instant of a dream in your sleep in the night; very, very, very short. But this is where you will be judged by your behavior. If life is very short here. We understand that life is not over. What we are looking for is that cycle of life, that continuation, but that is subject to the quality of life.

If a society is a positive society. It keeps in mind the fact that every individual has that goal of quality, trying of reach the Divine World. So for that, the rules of society, the values of society are set into helping the person achieve that… not using them. That’s what we call education. Gods educated us. They brought us light. If we want the life of quality, for a human being to be good, it is really an individual job. Our society knows that.

If it’s really an individual job. It can’t be a society of law. Laws don’t make a society. It is humans that make a society. Well, if laws make a society, to be able to have a society of law, you would have to have law enforcers, right? For them to always follow every step, everything you do to see if its according to the law, right? But since these law enforcers are human, they would need to have law enforcers for them, to see if everything they do, while they’re checking you, is according to the law and so on and so on and so on. It is impossible. When you are at home with your family, I don’t see that there is a policeman standing there to make sure that you guys are treating each other according to the law. Well, in a case in a society of law, we are supposed to kill each other because a policeman is not there.
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You see? It doesn’t work/ There can’t be a society of law. It’s a society of a human.

So, to have a strong society you will have to have humans that are stable and clear in their mind. And you can have a strong society. But when you colonize a society, you want the opposite of that. People are confused enough, that everything you want them to do you just have to convince them and they will do it. You see, these are the differences, the colonial system and the society. A society relies, pulls its strength on the strength of the individual. The colonialism relies on pulling its strength on the weakness of the individual. That’s two different things.

You see. You getting this? Ok. In our system, set by our ancestors, the whole world was at peace. Let me give you an example. This first ways of colonizing the world, the clergy first said they want to free humanity from the strength and the weight of spirituality….the weight, because the 77 commandments, that’s a lot of commandments. That’s a lot of “thou shall not do.” You know how they solved the problem? They said, “Well, let’s cut it to 10.” How can you say, “The laws that say I should not do evil, you say you’re freeing me by making me know that now I can do them.” Just like now they say all you have to do is pray and confess yourself. How can we stop evil if the individual has this option? “I can do all the evil I want, as long as I believe in Jesus, he died for me.” You see? Don’t you see how appealing, seductive those ideas are? If somebody tells me this, “Hey you can do evil as long as you worship this God.” Nobody will tell me that, but yet they can tell you that and even then you will think, “Something’s not right,” But the laziness aspect, the corruption aspect of your life will take over. You’ll go, “Hmm… that’s interesting if I believe in that…” And belief doesn’t take that much effort. Just say, “Yes, yes, yes.” But quality is an uphill journey, it’s not downhill. It’s about taking control of your life. It’s about going through all of the effort that involves quality.

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So, you have a choice. For the last 700 years, 800 years we went and followed this system. What did we get from it? Slavery and more slavery! People getting sick. People dying from illnesses they never heard of. Trees disappearing. Rivers and lakes becoming polluted, you can’t drink from them. That’s what we get for following this system. If you want more of that, you know that you are part of the problem that humanity is facing. Now, the other choice is the recovery of this world toward the quality, the individual quality that we can show, reeducating ourselves.

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