Volume 11.2

Moringa: “The Tree of Life”

a moringa tree (280x328)

MANY OF US have heard the statement, “Let your food be your medicine”. I wonder how many of us have taken the time to think about what this means. In these “modern” times our refrigerators and cabinets are often filled with canned and processed foods. We are in the era of fast food. We are in the era of supplements and vitamins, often using these options in place of real food. Our fast paced lives prevent us from meeting one of our basic needs – healthy eating. While these products are convenient, and decrease food preparation time, they are often detrimental to our health. In fact, much of what we eat today has little nutritional value. Today we see more disease, even with our so-called modern medical “advancements”.

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Volume 11.2

Information As A Weapon of Mass Distraction

The modern education system is presented as the authority on education.

The modern education system is presented as the authority on education.

THE CULTURE OF INFORMATION addiction: Information as a weapon of mass distraction.

Many years ago, when I first returned to the U.S. from Trinidad, I remember regularly watching the game show “Jeopardy” with my mother. I recall how taken I was with the number of trivial facts, that the contestants on this show could remember. It was amazing how quickly they could turn their answers into the, “What is, Who is…” response phrase, that was the signature of this game show. I would even know some of the answers from time to time, to my amusement. I marveled at the steely poise, and robot-like accuracy these contestants exhibited in delivering the information they had stored in their brilliant minds. This played well to whatever fanciful images I had in mind of what genius might look like.

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Kem Graduation

The Struggle for Harmony: Welcome the Zeshera Generation

grad banner

THE EARTH CENTER of Los Angeles graduated its second generation of Kemetic Initiates. This group of brothers and sisters, the 2nd generation in LA, is named the Zeshera generation. Zeshera means “Emitting the light of RA.”

In the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality you learn how to read, write, and speak the Medu. This is the language people commonly call “Egyptian Hieroglyphs.” You also learn the original system of “meditation” called Ka’at Ibi. This particular course also teaches the practical and technical aspects of traditional spirituality. The other first level course of study is Sounnt, or traditional healing. In this class you learn how to diagnose illnesses with non-invasive techniques and how to use herbs to heal the body.

The M’TAM School is providing initiation into the oldest mystery school known to man: the M’TAM initiation. M’TAM means within the Earth. These teachings acknowledge that we all come from the Earth and lead initiates to understand how to live in harmony with it. In Merita (Africa) the initiations are hard to find and harder yet to enter, yet here we are in Maanu (The Americas) in the city of Los Angeles blessed to be exposed to traditional spirituality. The graduates of the Zeshera generation have learned this knowledge from its source, without any tampering by colonial agendas. They have heeded the call of their ancestors to rebuild themselves, change their paradigm and go out into the world reborn, ready to transform themselves and the world. It has been a long difficult journey as the initiation exposes the initiate to the true nature of things.

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Survivor's Notebook

The Enemy Within

enemy within (680x350)

IN THE MODERN SOCIETY, we are never encouraged to look within ourselves for the source of our own problems. Instead, our minds are saturated with images of external dangers and threats. These threats, both within our homes and across the world, both smaller than we can see and larger than we can understand, both real and imagined… all of these threats are seen as coming from outside of ourselves. We learn about the potential danger coming from terrorists plotting from overseas to take away our freedom. We learn about the man across town who was murdered by his own wife. We are warned about the heartless Republicans who are selling the country to private corporations. We are told about the foolish Democrats who are subsidizing the lazy, uneducated poor with taxpayer dollars. We hear about the Blacks, the Whites, the Mexicans… we learn about all the evils of man that we should seek to protect ourselves from. We, the good; we, the free; we, the ones favored by God must protect ourselves from the evils of humanity at all costs. At least, this is what we are taught…

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Talking Drum

Destruction of Pyramids

An historical attempt to destroy a pyramid.

An historical attempt to destroy a pyramid.

AMONG TRADITIONAL CULTURES throughout the world, building and preserving temples and shrines is a sacred act. It is a sacred act because these temples and shrines are dedicated to providing Divinities and ancestors, whom are pure, an abode or place of purity where they can have temporary residence. The builders and keepers of these holy places have been initiated as priests, monks, etc…and have learned how to purify themselves and the area around them long enough to be able to approach these pure entities and communicate with them for short periods of time. This is because the human being is, by its nature, a corrupt or impure entity which must continually work to clean itself. Within the Kemetic culture, initiatic priests do frequent ablutions in order to maintain a pure body while working in a temple. A clean heart and mind are also a prerequisite for spiritual work, the capacity for which is learning through initiation as well. This spiritual work, over tens of thousands of years, had led to the development of humanity away from barbarism.

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