Volume 9.3

Of Vital Importance

Youth's Vitality

Youth’s Vitality

IN ANY CULTURE, one of the greatest assets is its youth. The youth of a culture are its future and whichever direction they choose to go, the culture may or may not continue. How can this be true around the world and throughout history? What is it about the youth that makes them so vital? It is precisely that. The vitality of the youth is an eternal spring which quenches our thirst to carry on. It is through the youth that we continue our immortality. Turning our backs on the youth is akin to walking backward, at a certain point you can go no further. We can easily recognize this point: it is not experience that makes youth valuable, it is the vitality. One can then understand the value of elders, and the need for both.

Under the oppression of colonialism a human being becomes denatured and distracted. The

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