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Decolonization With Initiation – Welcome The Kemma’atah Generation


BEFORE THE EUROPEAN (colonial) culture existed, there was a time when humanity was educated through traditional, initiatic schools of Kemet. There was no such thing as education without spirituality. Our very first language, known as Medu (hieroglyphics), was given to humanity by the World of the Neteru (Gods). Humanity was very aware of the spiritual aspect of things in the existence. We understood that to truly learn to preserve life, one must understand the spiritual aspect of that which they are trying to preserve.

Udjaib (Frank Halcond) - Strong Heart

Udjaib (Frank Halcond) – Strong Heart

A healer, for example, will learn in traditional initiatic schools how to treat the spiritual aspect of the body, unlike modern doctors who can only operate based on observations of the physical aspect of the body. Whether the doctors are aware or not, they become destroyers of life due to the modern education, disconnected from the spiritual understanding of existence. It is the Kemetic education that allowed our ancestors to build such great civilizations that we cannot build today with modern education. Everything we achieve is only achieved by the way we have been educated.

The question we must ask ourselves is, what have we achieved in life that is truly meaningful and gives us a purpose to live? Most of us have been initiated into colonial schools since the age of five years old and have nothing to show for it. We may have money but we can’t take that with us when we leave this life. Many of us here in America have graduated and even teach at the top universities yet we know nothing about the universe. We don’t even bother asking what is our place or role we play in this universe we live in. The modern education has not taught us how to be civilized human beings like our ancestors. We are taught to live barbarically; if one dis¬agrees, they should ask themselves honestly why they use dry tissue paper to wipe themselves after they poop instead of cleaning themselves with water, knowing that dry paper isn’t capable of cleaning anything. One who will argue this is one who has been taught to defend their corruption in every way, despite how illogical they sound.

Nemba (Andrea Chapman) - Sweet Soul

Nemba (Andrea Chapman) – Sweet Soul

It is not easy for one to decolonize the mind from a barbaric state. The best way to learn how to think like our ancestors is simple, just go to the tribes in the world who still preserve the same traditions of our ancestors and humbly seek knowledge. It is possible to decolonize our thinking and return to the ways of our ancestors. The only difference between the modernized human and traditional human is that the modern human is a victim of colonial education and foreign values. We have been educated to think our own relatives were savages by the colonizers who could not understand them because they too were lost from the ways of their ancestors.

At The Earth Center, new initiates will begin to learn who they are as human beings for the first time in their lives. They will be the testimony of the benefits of applying the non-colonial knowledge to their life. Humility as well as spiritual and intellectual honesty are necessary for students to face the challenges that will force them to grow in quality. One will be exposed to one’s weaknesses and corruption, leaving the individual with no choice but to look within him/herself to make a change. This is a humiliating yet wonderful experience because it will allow one to become more humble and tolerant in the face of life’s challenges.

Menuhati (Marquell Brown) - Stable in mind and heart

Menuhati (Marquell Brown) – Stable in mind and heart

Going back to the traditional school of your ancestors for the first time can be scary. It is like going to kindergarten for the first time but instead you are 20 or more years old. Most cannot take being in such a humiliating position, especially if one holds a high position in colonial society. One almost wants to cry upon realizing how far away one has been led away from cultural knowledge. However, it is never too late to learn your roots.

The new initiates are blessed to receive the knowledge of their ancestors. They have struggled and sacrificed their time to come to class every week despite criticism from loved ones, and the inner struggles of letting go of colonial values in favor of the traditions, they stood strong like warriors seeking truth.

We congratulate the Kemma’atah generation for their efforts to continue to carry on the knowledge of the ancestors. They have struggled to maintain good hearts which has allowed them to continue the uphill journey towards success in their spiritual paths. They will now be in a position to help guide others back to their traditional, Kemetic values. It will be a challenge to support each other as spiritual brothers and sisters but never give up. May your ancestors continue to guide you all towards a successful life. Traditional proverb: What you learn is what you die with.

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