On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path: The Words of Gods

As I’m writing this article, I am thinking about the Day of Tehuti. On this Holy Day (celebrated for over 50,000 years within Black Civilization) we celebrate human moral and intellectual qualities. The Day of Tehuti commemorates the day humanity decided to make ourselves different from the other species of the planet through the quality of our civilization. On the world scale, the state of our present societies is the result of the selfishness of our political leaders. These political leaders, whose egos and ambitions cannot be measured, are true disciples of the “Law of the Jungle.” The Neter (God) Tehuti said,

“To affirm what is true and to want what is just is to preserve; but to affirm and to want the opposite is to destroy. When the individual discovers the truth and wants to operate justly, nothing resists him.“

Today in the 21st century, is it necessary to explain again, to the consciousness of black people, the advantage of a spiritual revolution designed to reclaim the dignity of their forefathers? For 20 centuries, ‘black people’ have been fighting to survive the civilization and spiritual approach of the oppressor. So this speech will not be the first that we ‘black people’ have heard about this struggle, still, I hope that it will create the realization in the mind of every person. This era presents the first opportunity in exactly 1600 years that we will be creating this revolution proving — first to ourselves and second to the rest of humanity — how our people understood existence, how we worshipped our Gods, and the reasons for doing so.

Since the close of Misra (the Nile Valley Civilization centered around the throne of the Pharaoh), many books have been written presenting to humanity the suffering of the Jews, and one has not had a break from hearing the criticisms heaped on the holocaust Jewish people suffered, while in reality the suffering of the Jews cannot, in any way, be compared to the one that black people have been going through. Today, it will be 25 centuries, meaning two thousand five hundred years, that black people have been struggling to survive — just to survive! I do not make it a habit to speak about racism (race issues), and I don’t usually meddle in political affairs, but in the legacy of those ancestors who celebrated human moral quality we must find the courage to dare to talk about these matters for the sake of the truth.

After being assimilated with the devil by the Judeo- Christian political religious movements, doctrines were forged which automatically encouraged hating black people. Under the banner of these doctrines many have gone as far as to say that “Niggers don’t have souls.”

Hmm… Is that to say that the 44th President of the United States does not have a soul?

I would be forced to answer “Yes”, having observed the gratuitous destruction of human life (of men, women, children, farmers, traders/merchants, priests, etc.) that America has been undertaking over the past 6 years for the sake of American pride (barbarism). This has been done using that soulless “son of the Devil”, whom after 53 years of living is still convinced that American Machiavellianism is the solution to humanity’s problems.

Hmm… This devil in him, is that coming from his blackness or his whiteness? When I look into the history books, Africans never bombed any other country, they never killed women and children in foreign lands. From what we can see, Africans never built ships to cross seas to go treat other human beings as “Jesus” would have them treated. It should be noted here that Jesus was the name of the first slave ship that brought men from Africa to America; men who looked just like Obama’s ancestors but who became victim to the cruel deeds of what these Judeo-Christian doctrines have been promoting.

I think it’s time we abandon the folklore of this worldview for one that gives the right to every human being, every human culture, every human territory to exist, dignified in the best way it can according to its own worldview. The modern educational institutions (colleges, universities) have so far been producing only brains programmed for destruction. Some of these brains are in the heads of the Presidents, political leaders and religious leaders of our so-called super powers.

It has always been said that two cultures uniting build a balance for preservation. In this situation, a black man and a white woman have come together both carrying the contribution they received from these modern institutions. The result is the one we see today: One who is ready to go ahead killing fathers, mothers, and children just to prove the power of the devil that he has inherited. Let’s just agree that all of the killings are justified, whether for a good reason or a bad reason, those reasons have led to the killings of the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi and political leader Osama Bin Laden. They have also led to wars conducted throughout various countries in Africa and the Middle East. It is retarded for the human brain to call those bloodthirsty killers our “leaders” or “heroes” without thinking of what we are glorifying.

If an individual is able to kill evil, what will he be considered? Actually, there is no name to identify him… if you kill the devil, you are just a devil-killer, not a hero… and a devil-killer should be more terrifying than the devil itself.

Our political leaders have a selective intelligence aimed at finding the right words to beckon the hope and praise of people (which is their only ambition). Meanwhile, this “intelligence” or greed creates enemies for these people who have now become their devoted followers. One can see that President Obama inherited from his black side his skin color and sweet talk. The only thing one can see that he achieved with them is his own contribution to the systematic destruction of that “black side” (his black brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children) whether on American or foreign soil. He did promise Americans that he wasn’t being elected for black people and he was being elected for America. Maybe it was this sweet talk and the desire for a black president that blinded black people who thought he would come to fulfill Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. But the dream MLK Jr. had has remained just a dream. Electing Obama did not make MLK Jr.’s dream come true.

Every culture, every race, every people possesses the answers to every question a human being can ask, and no answer one can bring is better than the other. Many countries that America and its allies have been attacking and destroying are just nations who have their own culture, their own dreams, their own principles — just as America does. America, as “the police of the world” is just an expression of a raging ego bent on validating this hopeless illusion called “The American Dream.” The motto, “God Bless America” has brought pride to every American, however the blessings of America never came from God, but instead from guns and killings. America has been sacrificing other people, spilling blood from people of other countries to get those blessings.

Where I am from, we say “Motherland or Death, We Shall Conquer.” The conquest for the Kem is the conquest is a conquest of oneself, not a conquest of other people, nations or those holding foreign cultures. We reflect upon this annually on the Day of Tehuti. We remember that our Ancestors made a decision to conquer themselves as individuals: overcoming our primal tendencies in order to achieve a civilized harmonious place within our surroundings. This day represents the moment humanity was given 77 Commandments which are the Divine Model given to humanity for us to separate ourselves from animals and establish civilization. From this day, the purpose of human civilization is to assist each individual in the elevation of one’s consciousness through the adherence to this Divine Model.

According to this definition; America cannot be classified as civilized: Its leaders proclaim to know what’s best for the world, but America has not yet conquered its own people. It has not yet conquered its problems as a country; yet it makes every American feel proud of their government killing others, stealing oil, diamonds and gold and feeding its insatiable ego. God Bless America… just no other place!

The direction that follows the will of a man determines if he is, or has been, happy or unhappy in life. Considering that most Blacks have denied their origins and sold their souls to foreign saviors who resemble their slave masters, I will say that it is about time we pray for the regeneration of our ancestral wisdom for the benefit of all humanity. Our Ancestors have proven to the world what their wisdom can do, but the government of the people, by the people and for the people just keeps exposing itself and proving its spiritual immaturity.

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