On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path: Letter to Maakheru


Dear Maakheru,

If by mysterious luck this reaches you, dont be surprised that this letter is intended for you for the simple fact that our current realities here in the world of the living, makes me think of the times when you were alive. I have to admit that the nostalgia of the moments spent around you gnaws at me and some of your dignified disciples. In the bush we say, “the old ways are long gone when you see the youth kicking-and-screaming.” We are now living in a reality in which evil is being rewarded and the do-gooders are being annihilated. I’m sure during your time on this side among mortals you had seen and experienced these kinds of corruptions and weaknesses dominating all aspects of life, but at the moment it hurts me to inform you that we are facing the worst of the worst. Stupidity and vanity are being highly rewarded among humans. Well, as it is said, “times change.” I can see this approach to life being dishonest and hypocritical on the part of humanity, for time has remained time. And it’s high time humans stop hiding the forest behind the tree. Of course you warned us, your disciplines, just like the way Wsr warned humanity about the downhill journey of our species. And allow me to assure you that your teachings and Wsr’s principles are what keep us from plunging spiritually and morally to a condition where even no animal would fall. But, unfortunately, most of humankind is rapidly approaching the era in which humanity will cease being human.

Nevertheless,I hope that over there, on the other end of existence, everyone is doing well and assuming their responsibility for the wrongdoings from this end. How is existence over there? Because some claim that Allah and Jehovah have lands of milk and honey there. Perhaps not. Have you seen Jehovah or Allah yet? If not, maybe it’s because they don’t live where the dead go, but instead just live in the clouds. And if they do live in the clouds, I can see why their followers are fighting against and killing each other in order to access “the land of milk and honey”, if such a place exists.

Here, the situation has not evolved. Yet. And even if it has in fact evolved, I’m afraid to inform you that it evolved backwards. The battle between the principles of good and evil are more intense than ever before. The most disturbing thing I’ve witnessed is the battle between the white race (that’s really pink) and the black race. A comparable analogy would be the struggle of the slave trying to be free from his slave-master. Shouldn’t black people consider going back to where they came from? Because from what I can see, white men would not keep them away from going back to their origins. The black brothers and sisters stubbornly still believe they have some claims to the land conquered shamefully and structured machivellically by the renegades of the crown of England a few centuries ago.

mlkMy dear Master, if by chance you see Malcolm and Martin, please inform them that the situation of the negro has not yet improved, and it probably never will. The “Dream” has remained a dream. And upon waking, the reality is more unsettling than it was then. Even the brother in the White House did, or tried to do, what he thought needed to be done. But in the end he realized that his hands were tied more than ever. I hope black people, with the help of their Ancestors, will one day come to the resolution that a black guy in the White House will only have one job, and that job will be no different from that of a butler or valet for the white supremacist.

As for Marcus, if by courtesy he stops by your vestibule, please tell him that for his next reincarnation, if he still wants to come back to this side of existence, that he might think about better strategies to accomplish the mission he startedmarcus-garvey as far as his people are concerned. Because those people seem to have forgotten his vision and the reason he sacrificed himself for them. The irony is that whenever his portrait and flag (red, black and green) is displayed, it’s intended to proclaim the patriotism and certain civil rights from the land that he encouraged his people to give up on and go back to the land of their Ancestors. I see his name, his portrait, and his revolutionary colors being a tool for his people to betray his message and vision of freeing them. Please tell him his message of going back to the origins, and to the mother of civilization, has long been compromised and therefore achievement of his vision is hopeless. Dear Master, tell him that it’s with grief and desolation that I want to mention the uncertainty of the liberation of negroes. Because the present mental, emotional, and spiritual circumstances prove to be irrevocably certain that the situation is worse now than ever.

Master, how is Mahatma doing, now that he’s in the World of the Dead? It definitely looks like his mission has been fulfilled, though I might be wrong, but my humble perception of the situation between his people and his people’s supposed enemy is no different from black people’s situation, except for the fact that in the case of the Indian, the British are playing the role of the adopted father. Because a rational brain will see that black people are still fighting to remain slaves, whereas the Indians are already recognized as faithful servants. Tell him that the silver lining in his people’s situation that can be perceived from far is that the adopted child is seen to be vital to the adopted father to the point where the adopted father cannot even survive without their adopted and brainwashed children. Now the ideological questions are: Who is slave and who is master? Who is friend and who is not? Who does this situation benefit? So please, inform Mahatma that his most used words, “non violence,” during his life are no longer useful to his people, because none of them are trying to fight. I assume that Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are proud of him for fasting for the British instead of them, because his wish of non violence seems to be granted by those Deities of the Hindu Pantheon.

I know, Master, that you are so busy over there in the World of the Dead, being the intermediary between the dead and the dignitaries of the underworld, since those who died infected by the confusion of the era didn’t live by the principles of preservation. I’m sure you would not give up on them and you will be doing your best for the King of the World of the Dead to receive them and give them a peaceful rest, even though they didn’t take their responsibility when they were alive to ensure their access to the World of the Dead. And the blame is not totally on them, but also on those who educated them and the system that wanted them to be distracted from the non-material existence in favor of the material existence.

Through the above lines, I forced myself to find the words to express the ugly truth of how pitiful and barbaric the human race has become. You’ve always warned us about the becoming of humanity and how hopeless and desperate we are. You taught us about WSR’s warning, and to be honest, humans are rapidly going downhill.

However, I wish that you rest peacefully. This is not being sent to you as a sign of giving up on the mission and what you started, as many already gave up, but rather it’s us, your disciples, trying to inform you that even though the mission seems to be bigger than us, your teachings made sure we are capable revolutionaries, willing to take the bull by the horns.  



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