Kem Graduation

Victory in the Beloved Land, Introducing the Kazimeti Generation

Presenting the Kazimeti Generation. From Left: Marsaa, Henenwt, Nebiyah

The graduation of a new group of initiates into the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality is cause for celebration from people around the globe. When a new generation of Kem initiates succeeds and surpasses all of the challenges that come with initiation, it symbolizes a renewal or rebirth of the traditions that have been alive for millennia. Recently, the source of celebration comes from the Ouagadougou school in Burkina Faso, Meritah (Africa). Meritah is the original name for the continent of Africa which translates to beloved land.

In order to better understand what this momentous occasion really means for these individuals and for the entire community of Kem people, one must first understand the origins of the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality and it’s mission. The M’TAM School was started by Prophet Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig in 1994. Prophet Naba is a world renowned priest and healer who was born and raised in West Meritah (Africa). Prophet Neb Naba was himself a product of the initiations found deep in the bush throughout Merita. The knowledge that is preserved and taught in these camps is the same knowledge that originated in Kemet during the Pharaonic era. It is also the same knowledge that was the gateway to humanity’s most miraculous achievements, such as the building of the pyramids, the mastery of astronomy and mathematics, agriculture, language and most importantly, the relationship with the Divine world.

Prophet Neb Naba was entrusted to spread this knowledge throughout the world to individuals seeking to remove themselves from the destructive cycle created by the modern system. And so, he traveled the world teaching this sacred knowledge to those who were willing to humble themselves and fit the role of the initiate. Having succeeded in establishing schools in Chicago, New York and San Diego, Prophet Naba returned to the land of his birth and set up another Earth Center location  in Burkina Fasso  before his passing.

This school recently graduated it’s 6th generation of initiates, the Kazimeti generation. The celebration took place on a rainy night in Ouagadougou. As with all generational groups in The Earth Center, this group started out with many individuals. However, the initiatic path is a challenging one and with those challenges only three individuals were able to succeed. The Kazimeti generational name means:the spirit that agrees/listens in order to act justly. The group is comprised of Marsaa (formerly Patrick Bereoudougou) “whose name means the Neter (God) Saa is satisfied”; Henenwt (formerly Adam Awa) whose name means “the one who consents with the Netert (Goddess) Nwt, -the mother of the Gods” and Nebiya (formerly Naba Goula) whose name means “the one who protects/supports the heritage”.

The responsibility of all graduated initiates, is to preserve and continue to spread the knowledge that was taught by the Prophet. For the Kazimeti generation, the responsibility of this task is especially important, being that they are residing in Meritah, a place where traditions are currently under strong attack by colonialism. The battle between the forces of preservation and destruction seems to be concentrated on the soil that gave birth to human genius and enlightenment.

In a way, the land of Meritah can be seen as the final frontier in the quest to colonize the entire globe. Around the world, colonizers have very skillfully attacked traditional cultures to the point of eradicating them, leaving the people of the area vulnerable to manipulation and control by the modern system. In contrast, the vast land of Meritah has provided a safe haven for indigenous people fighting to preserve their heritage and customs. In some cases, groups of people were protected from colonial attack by the simple fact that there is a geographical advantage. Groups fled to areas deep in the bush where survival is no easy matter. In those remote areas, preservers of the ancient traditions of Meritah have passed this knowledge down from generation to generation, ensuring its continuation.

Attacks come in the form of organized religions, educational systems, foreign aid, missionaries and foreign corporations. One only needs to travel there to see how strong the influence of modernization is there. The dream of becoming “modern” is being shoved down the throats of the people of Meritah as part of the agenda. Christianity and Islam dominate the religious arena, and those who refuse to choose to side with one of the two are marginalized and discriminated against by those religious institutions.

The Kazimeti  generation’s will to assist in the preservation and renaissance of the Kemetic culture will not only aide people on the continent but people world wide. They have the advantage of knowing both the modern colonial world and the traditions, which allows them to serve as a bridge to those who are seeking to return to their roots.

It is for this reason that Kemetic people worldwide celebrate their accomplishment and wish for their continued success in the fight to preserve Kemetic culture.

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