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A WORTHY INVESTMENT: The Wasseker Generation

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The Earth Center is more than just an organization that offers classes in the M’TAM initiation into Kemetic culture and spirituality. The M’TAM classroom is simply utilized as a space where initiates present a collective of deep meditations and introspective observations based on the lessons of Kemetic principles and concepts we receive. Our evolution is attributed to the  study and application of these principles on a daily basis. The M’TAM education provides a fundamental understanding of the energetic forces within the existence and of how to maintain harmony with them. This education teaches us how to develop our personal qualities, which guarantees our physical and spiritual survival. However, after we initiates meditate on every lesson, we also need to continue our development outside of the classroom and inside our hearts and minds. In this process it is the initiate who seeks his or her tradition and must be prepared to embody it. Despite the perceptions we have of our colonial jobs and education, we experience this initiation process as the hardest work and responsibility we could ever carry.

The M’TAM initiation presents a lifestyle that affects our daily encounters. When the initiate is persistent in overcoming the obstacles that have been set for him/her by the society he/she is desperately seeking to detach from, he/she replaces modern concepts and behaviors with those of their Ancestors who valued and served within the Kemetic traditions. The preceding statement is tricky to comprehend because we live in a society that thrives on destruction and confusion. It is tricky because what most of the world can identify within the Kemetic paradigm is already heavily influenced by the same groups of people who invaded it. From presenting the Pharaohs of Kemet as slave drivers and accusing Kemetic royalty of practicing incest, to humanizing Neteru (Gods), and reducing the number of Commandments from 77 to 10, countless attempts have been made to turn the images of the purest, most upright world humanity has ever seen into an evil one. For anyone who has done their own research and discovered that this information is not legitimate, this epiphany will become the greatest insult to humanity’s forefathers and to us, their descendants.

By providing traditional education through the study of Sounnt (healing), Ka’at Ibi (meditation) and Medu Myeet (language), and presenting spiritual tools such as the original 77 Commandments, Sidereal Calendar (world’s most accurate time keeper), Mandela Of Denderah (original map of the sky), and more, M’TAM initiation prepares us as initiates to become thinking human beings and to accept the responsibility in fulfilling our destiny, given to us by our Ancestors. We begin to cherish the characteristics of humility, patience and steadfastness and begin to understand the importance of reclaiming a dialogue with the Ancestral spirit. Our Ancestors are the foundation of who we are and who we are to become as we acknowledge that they are the rock we stand on. Every initiate will call upon the assistance and advice of his/her generation (classmates), teachers and elders, Master, Priests, Ancestors and Neteru, in order to eliminate the individualistic mindset that colonizers have introduced to the world. We are reminded that an individualistic mentality leaves one vulnerable to manipulation and that there is strength in numbers of those who share the same values. Although there are these many elements that are present to assist us with our destiny on Earth, the journey can be considered a lonely one.

Kem people embrace the understanding that every incarnation comes with the goal of living our lives in preparation for our deaths. The cultivation of our souls is a necessary investment that is often neglected due to the distractions in modern societies. These distractions include the ambition of seeking pleasures, comforts and material wealth. Investing in our souls is what we consider investing in our “spiritual bank”. We recognize that our spirit transcends the material realm, so our investment in our “spiritual bank” becomes our true wealth. This bank  is what makes M’TAM education so valuable,  it gives each of us an opportunity to refine our lives.

From a macroscopic view, day to day, we see humanity suffering, but we are not taught to be conscious of our contribution to the decline of our species’ condition. It is much easier to blame others for the part they play in this destruction. This is why the path towards quality can be considered a lonely one because the journey on that path requires an honest assessment of oneself and of the improvements one must make in one’s life before one’s death.

On May 26, 2013, the M’TAM schools proudly graduated the Wasseker generation in Chicago, IL. The Wasseker generation is unique as one man, Meramsu Wasseker, stood alone to present himself in front of guests, family, teachers, elders, his Master, Ancestors and the Divine World (World of Neteru) as one who completed the first level (Per Ankh) of initiation after 3 years.  Meramsu (meaning brave man of the Deity Amsu) Wasseker (meaning the staff of Seker) began initiation with 10 initiates and was voted by his classmates to be the Merr (leader) of his generation. The position of the Merr is a lifelong position that comes with great responsibility. The Merr is the overseer of his/her generation and is held accountable for the overall strength, growth and stability of the entire generation. Meramsu completed the first level of all three courses and now, 2 years later, he is continuing with the next levels of Medu and Sounnt, while standing as a teacher before the younger generations. Acknowledging his Korean Ancestors, he also speaks fluent Korean and is able to share his experiences within the M’TAM education. He has endured the many challenges that initiation forces us to overcome, but again, his generation stands as unique.

Although Meramsu stood by himself on the day of graduation, for most of his initiation, he did not take the journey alone. He advanced through the first level of initiation with his generational sister, Meerly Jerome. She began initiation for the second time and studied with this generation. The M’TAM schools have seen many people come and go, as the path of a Kem is an arduous one, but Meerly humbly returned to initiation to continue her education with an even stronger will and devotion to reclaim the traditions of her Ancestors. A woman of Haitian descent, she spoke fluent Creole and strived to unite Haitian communities with The Earth Center. This motivation was sparked by the positive results manifesting in her own life after taking strides to enhance her own qualities. Meerly, after battling an aggressive illness for some time, transitioned to the Imentet (World of the Dead) months before having the opportunity to graduate with her generational brother, Meramsu. During the most challenging times with her health she maintained her studies with close communications with her Merr. Meerly Jerome was an excellent model of perseverance, courage and dedication because she never surrendered in the fight to reclaim her identity. For this reason, although she did not receive her traditional name, she is now acknowledged as an Ancestor and considered a part of the Wasseker generation. May her next incarnation be met with positivity and long life within the Kemetic traditions.

Meramsu Wasseker and Meerly Jerome are two of hundreds who have walked through the doors of the M’TAM schools. The differences between them, and every one of us, are the experiences that led them to their destiny. However, what we can find in common is a reality that we must force ourselves to become more familiar with. Who we are, where we come from and our spiritual obligations as human beings lie in a truth that no one can run away from. Each of us has a destiny to fulfill. Ultimately, the destiny of every human, with every incarnation, is to come as close to the Divine World as possible. In order to accomplish this, one must put down the corrupt behaviors of our colonizers and pick up the baton once carried by our Ancestors in Kemet.

The lesson we can learn from this generation is that death will inevitably come for us, but what matters is the time we invest on Earth in the advancement of our souls, no matter how lonesome the journey may appear to be. May the Ancestors and Divine World continue to lend courage and strength to Merasmu Wasseker and Meerly Jerome. Congratulations on your achievements along the Kem path, and may your Ancestors be proud of your work.

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