On The Ancestral Path

Purpose of Initiation

ethiopiainitiationExcerpt from an interview on the Kemetic way of life.

First of all, I have to express my gratitude to all of the Ancestors and Divinities of the temples that have been preserving this knowledge that I’m carrying out today, following the steps of my late father and master, Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. I will endlessly say thanks to him for paving the path and providing the unique opportunity to all of the people inside and outside of the traditional mystery initiation camps to reconnect, reclaim, and revive the Wsrian (Osirian) principles and ways of life.

Well, the type of knowledge we are really talking about and standing behind is actually the knowledge that is passed down to us by our elders, priests, and healers from the mystery schools in western Meritah. It’s an incredible component of knowledge transmitted from father to son, mother to daughter, and the elder generations to the younger generations through intense initiations. From the age of seven to twelve every child is obliged to enter the initiation camps in order to receive the knowledge that’s needed to achieve their rite of passage. One cannot acquire this knowledge without actually having a chance to be initiated.

Even to go out and share the knowledge with the rest of the world, it must be done with the permission of the elders. So that’s how we have been preserving this powerful knowledge that we will be talking about. My bloodline has been preserving the spiritual, cultural, and philosophical aspects of everything from the time of the Pharaohs to the present. And we have been preserving it: through intense initiations in the bush, where the young initiates learn how to approach the existence and face the challenges existence presents to them.

This is for one to be able to rise up to some level ­ the level that the knowledge asks you to be in order to carry whatever destiny you came to achieve in life. Let’s honestly look around as human beings and see the state in which our species is. Look around and see how the world is really moving. Then we will really understand that people in the modern societies are actually not fitting into the dialogue of energies, into the universal harmony of everything.

So now one has the tendency to be living life staying away from nature, trying to move “forward” in what is more like virtual knowledge, going towards the science and those New Age philosophies. The New Age movement doesn’t really give the individual a way to discover the self. I’m not a guru. I’m not a master. I’m just a disciple of the traditional mystery schools and a pilgrim of the temples which have the responsibility and the mission to go out and share the knowledge that the elders passed down to my generation. So I’m not here for propaganda. Just like my master wasn’t here for propaganda.

Whenever you see someone presenting themselves to you ­ or writing a book about some type of knowledge ­ and already that person starts presenting himself or herself as a guru, a teacher, god, master, or prophet of that kind of knowledge, one is obliged to ask unique questions…Because as human beings we have a brain, a brain that functions, and we are allowed to ask questions.

Depending on the way people present themselves, the honest seeker or pilgrim has to ask questions to know where another person is standing and intending to lead them. I have to ask a question to be able to understand whatever knowledge or prophecy you’re bringing to me, and I encourage everyone to question what my temples and my master are offering. We always tell people in the initiation that when they see and individual coming to them with some type of teachings, to make sure to ask the following questions:

Where is your knowledge coming from?

Who is your master? If you happen to have answers for these two questions, then that will take you to the third questions, which is:  where is your master coming from? Or who is the master of your master?

Knowledge has only one way of traveling. You don’t happen to get your knowledge sitting in the bar drinking, or in a nightclub getting high, or maybe sitting somewhere smoking and having hallucinations and then wake up and start writing your “epiphanies.” Since the beginning of time, constructive and productive knowledge travels through intense initiations or intense training from a Master, who got his knowledge from his or her Master, who got his or her knowledge from another Master, and so on and so on.

When the knowledge itself is already challenging you, and when you finally strive to overcome those challenges, your Master or mentor will be the one to announce to you that you have just achieved one level. But one thing to understand about the Kemetic and the Dogon initiation is that you don’t finish learning as long as you are living. The initiation into life does not have an end until the day you die.

On that day your next initiation begins in the World of the Dead. It’s understood in our temples that you live to die and every life requires an initiation. We don’t finish the initiation. I’m still being initiated. I have teachers. I have masters that I have to always go to. I have to follow them every time to get more because knowledge doesn’t finish.

Me, I keep going. I don’t just get a little bit and say, “Hey, I’m done now. I’m a guru,” or “I’m a Master,” “Kemetic Master,” or “priest,” or anything like that. I have to keep going because first of all it’s about me trying to fit into the existence, trying to fit into the dialogue of energies of the universe. And then after that, I have to keep working to get to the level I’m trying to get to. I have to keep learning and working hard in order to rise up and assist those looking for assistance.

You have to keep working on yourself to be able to help other people, too. The lack of initiation and proper education in the modern world has become a tremendous handicap to the spiritual and intellectual evolution of the modern human being. That’s why one can claim to be a “guru,” “master,” or “prophet,” just from waking up from having a dream or reading a book.

Well, the goal behind initiation is this. Remember I said at the beginning that in the village back home in Merita (Africa) the initiation is for young people. Young people who just came into existence, and now at the age where they are trying to enter the society, they need to be initiated. They need to receive the knowledge of how everything has been going. Because the society actually hopes on those people to keep going, to carry on. You can’t really build the society, a perfect society, without initiating or giving the knowledge you have, passing it down to the next generation.

So that’s really how it goes in the Kemetic system. And then at the end of the initiation everyone comes out ready to uphold the undeniable principles and customs in the society. When you’re a girl and you enter the initiation camps, you come out of the camps already a full woman, ready to fulfill whatever a woman can do in order to help the society march towards its evolution with that mission. And if you’re a boy, you come out as a man, a full man. Only initiates are allowed to sit and make decisions for the progress and the well ­being of every community in an initiatic society.

When things go wrong in the society and there’s a need for council to solve problems, every initiate is obliged to honor his spirits and Ancestors by their presence and wisdom to help lead the community to the next level. So the goal of bringing the initiation in the modern society and why we’re doing it with dedication and rigidity is to help provide the modern societies with women and men who know where they’re coming from, where they’re standing, where they’re going, and the part they have to play in the well-being of humankind.

We’re doing it because our elders, through Earth energy readings and divinations, noticed that somewhere on the face of the planet many people are cut off from the original ways of doing things and are being set up for self­destruction by mother nature. Nowadays, the Greco ­Roman understanding of life makes it so modern people don’t live as human beings. It’s almost like they forgot how to be human and instead function as robots, living the way they have been programmed to live ­ conditioned to live ­ a life of fantasy, utopia, and consumerism.

That’s how everybody lives in the modern society. So that’s something that needs to change. People need to be aware. People need to wake up and understand their human nature. Remember: it is said that the modern human uses less than 10% of their brain. What about the other 90%…? Take this as an opportunity to become human and start using the other 90% of your brain you weren’t using.

The initiation will make sure to give you the ability to awaken and start using all of those capacities that your brain is capable of. There’s this aspect of spirituality behind it, which is that every human being has the responsibility to carry on what his or her Ancestors have been doing since the beginning of time until now. Whatever I’m doing today, my Ancestors did it before me.

My father saw his father doing it. I grew up seeing my father do it, too. And my children will grow up seeing me doing it. From there they will learn to step just like me, and pass it down to their children, and so on and so on. That’s what we call tradition. That’s what we call civilization. But we have to take care of the spiritual world and at the same time take care of the physical world. You have to be walking with both of these in mind and make sure you fit in harmony with it. That’s what is missing in the modern world.

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