On The Ancestral Path

Are We Advancing Or Degenerating?


“Smart” technology is doing work that has always been done by the human brain, leading us to become dumber.

We just have to use spiritual and intellectual honesty to understand that the way we are living our life is not normal.

There’s a way we should be living our lives. Everybody knows that. The thing is this: there’s this rope on your neck being pulled on the other side.

You try to move a little bit, to go where you think you should be. Then, if you go too far, the rope pulls you, then you’ll be choking. What I mean is we have too much attachment to the way the modern system conditioned us to live.

Let’s just say tomorrow everything stopped working in London, if the lights went out. I’m telling you, everybody’s going to become a zombie. They will not know how to function, how to survive. This type of dependence on the system and the modern way of life is actually very, very dangerous. We’ve been seeing it for a long time.

Every year we take people back home on pilgrimage to go deep in the culture, to the temples and all that. I will tell you, the first week, we have to deal with them having diarrhea, malaria and all that. For us back home in Africa, you get malaria, it’s just a way of building again your immune system. So first people born in these types of cities (London, etc.) are weak. The body will not have a lot of immunity. We’re not going to force people to adjust. It’s going to take a lot of work and courage for someone to just say “I’m done.” You have people, those even you may call white, their skin is white, living in other places because they say “I’m done.

We’re done with this thing. We want to live in nature.” But we have our own brothersand sisters they call themselves black because the skin is black, but their brain is still functioning with what the white man put there for them. So it’s going to be difficult, we know that. We know it’s going to be difficult. Even when you come into initiation (in the UK) I will make it more difficult for you so you understand how you’ve been conditioned.

You just need to fit into nature. There’s a lot of places in Africa, we have a lot of places where you know at anyone’s door, the food they have, they will share with you. We just ask only two things: be disciplined and humble. That’s it. The system makes sure everyone in these cities lack that. People don’t have discipline, people don’t have humility.

Already when those people go to the village, they think they are better than us. Better than us in what? You’re better because you live in big cities and have your bank accounts and all of that? The way we live at home is a choice; a choice to be able to fit into nature. We’re just nature. We don’t function like robots. So, the healing that we’re bringing is from nature. We live in nature, we still use nature to heal ourselves. But here (in UK), during the first cry every baby makes after coming out of its mother, they start injecting all types of things without exposing the baby to the nature first.

That’s really what’s been the problem. Those medicines and everything are just killing you. They just make you sick and dependent on them for those pharmaceuticals. To keep products selling and keep the system working, they have to keep you like that. That’s very sad. Coming from Meritah (Africa), coming from the traditions, the modern life is so very sad to me. If I’m sick I’m going to make sure to jump on a plane and go to Meritah to be healed. I’ll go do that. I will have to go back in the bush for them to heal me.

If I’m dying, at least I’ll be in a place where people know how to deal with the human body. Here they don’t treat your body good. They chop it open, I don’t know if they throw it in the garbage or what they do with all those part they take out of human bodies. We become engines, like cars for them where the mechanic can just open it and take something out and replace it.

Humans don’t function like that. They made us become what they want us to be and that’s very sad when I look at that situation. You see people thinking that the technology is really becoming big, growing fast and all that. What’s the goal of technology? Why do we need technology? To make things simple in our lives? To make us more lazy than how we were before? Everything that happens, we don’t just look at some aspect of it and judge it because a good judgement has to be based on the goal. We see a lot of technological products that are killing a lot of people.

Our lives become the target of our own technology and all that. Those of us coming from Meritah can see the technology is actually making you lazy. Lazy physically, and also the brain. Intellectually we’re not working. The system has a right to say the human being is using less than 10% of their brain because they put everything in front of you. When we were growing up, to solve ten plus ten, you have to calculate it. You have to use rocks there to calculate it. And that helped your brain learn how to function. But now you ask someone ten plus ten, what they will do first is go to the machine and type it and the machine gives everything. Sure it makes things be easy in life but what’s the goal? What’s the goal of us being lazy? What’s the goal of us not using all of the capacity we came into existence with?

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