Kem Graduation

The Greatest Goal

The new graduate, Saqhau Washhek (center) with Director of the Earth Center, Nehez Meniooh (left) and M’TAM teacher Menzeba Hasati (right)

Everyone in this society values what they think their life’s purpose is. To teach, to play football, to entertain, to do this and do that. The modern person has become comfortable walking through whatever door has been made available to them by this system, confident in the illusion that they have options. Every occupation, profession, hobby, you name it, has been provided for any individual to achieve. As one takes great pride in their category of choice, they are filled with a sense of validity and worth. Proud to be valuable enough to be deemed fit as a member of the colonial workforce. However, apparently when it is time for us to be buried, our life goals, careers and possessions provided by the system we have so relentlessly sacrificed our lives to, are left behind. Perhaps it is only when we are on our deathbed that we are we struck with the epiphany that perhaps our life was about more than all of the material gains, trinkets, successes and diplomas we were distracted by during our short stay here on Earth.  But by then its too late. And that is only if we happen to experience that moment of clarity or consideration at all. In the initiatic camps of Meritah there is a saying, “when the messenger of death comes knocking, be sure you are ready”. How does one prepare for death?

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Feature Story

BEFORE YOU PLANT: The Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Urban Garden

If you’ve been considering starting a garden this year, now is the time to start planning. If this is your first time starting a garden, here are some basic questions to ask before you start.

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Rebirth of Kem Culture

10-Requirements---Denderah-Temple-DjedWe’ve had enough of the empty promises. When we see what’s happening around us, can we afford to keep believing that one day things will change? Do we keep the faith that one day they will find a cure? Must we continue to hope that someone is coming to save us? Will we continue to dream of a future free of wars, hate and barbarism? The problems facing humanity are not someone else’s problems. They are all humanity’s problems to solve.

We were promised a better life. We were told that this constitution and this democracy make the United States the best country on Earth. Our army has been invading other countries around the world for over 50 years to force this government on its victims. Tell me, where is this model working? Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? It’s not even working here! We were promised modern medicine would bring miracle cures but it seems people are dying younger than ever. We were promised slavery was over, then why was the civil rights movement needed 100 years later? We were promised Jesus would be our salvation, and yet evil and immorality seem to be at an all time high, with believers often being the worst criminals. Obama promised us change, but at the end of his presidency, somehow things seem as bad as ever.

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Volume 15.4

Building for the Future


Prophet Neb Naba with several of his disciples from the US and Meritah (Africa) visiting his village in Burkina Faso.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the start of a movement with great significance to all of humanity. Twenty years ago, the Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, began the mission of returning humanity to its original agenda. An agenda that came from an agreement entered into by humanity many thousands of years ago; an agreement that has become so skewed in its simplicity that saying it now can cause confusion amongst the readers. The agreement I am alluding to is humanity’s commitment to “be good.”

The Prophet Neb Naba died in 2008, however his life’s work continues in the efforts of his disciples. A few enlightened souls have worked to fulfill this mission while working full-time jobs in the colonial system to survive. There are just over 100 individuals that donate over 100,000 volunteer hours each year to ensure the continuation of this most noble pursuit. They selflessly give their time to lead their brothers and sisters home; home to where the preservation of life rules over the emotional conquests of those desiring only to satisfy their ambitions in their pursuit towards happiness.

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Talking Drum

Boko Haram Crisis: Religious Extremism in Meritah

Boko Haram - Nigerian Family Fleeing Baga-Lake-Chad

A family flees across Lake Chad after the Boko Haram attack on the Nigerian Town Baga in January 2015.

It’s been a year now since the “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad” or the group popularly known as Boko Haram has been accused of killing an estimated 2,000 people in the town of Baga in northern Nigeria. Months earlier, in April 2014, Boko Haram came to international prominence after kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. Most of the girls are still in captivity and some even fear Boko Haram might be using them as suicide bombers. Boko Haram is also still on the rampage, with an attack in late December 2015 on the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing at least 50 people using suicide bombers and rocket propelled grenades.

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