Volume 15.4

Building for the Future


Prophet Neb Naba with several of his disciples from the US and Meritah (Africa) visiting his village in Burkina Faso.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the start of a movement with great significance to all of humanity. Twenty years ago, the Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, began the mission of returning humanity to its original agenda. An agenda that came from an agreement entered into by humanity many thousands of years ago; an agreement that has become so skewed in its simplicity that saying it now can cause confusion amongst the readers. The agreement I am alluding to is humanity’s commitment to “be good.”

The Prophet Neb Naba died in 2008, however his life’s work continues in the efforts of his disciples. A few enlightened souls have worked to fulfill this mission while working full-time jobs in the colonial system to survive. There are just over 100 individuals that donate over 100,000 volunteer hours each year to ensure the continuation of this most noble pursuit. They selflessly give their time to lead their brothers and sisters home; home to where the preservation of life rules over the emotional conquests of those desiring only to satisfy their ambitions in their pursuit towards happiness.

To properly convey the significance of the Prophet Neb Naba’s mission, I must first pull the curtain from over your eyes and allow you to see the world the way those with uncorrupted minds see the world. A great crime has been committed on the inhabitants of this planet and is still happening today. Many people live under the effects of this great crime, yet do not even know they are victims. The crime was done with such severity and ruthlessness that few people alive today are even aware of the full scope of this criminal act. The crime being referred to is that of colonialism and the continued ambitions of the colonial masters that still perpetrate and profit from their crime. Those that continue to foster the agenda of the colonizer are robbing humanity of its simplest and purest of pursuits; to be good.

There was a time, not long ago, before the colonial agenda was dominating the world when humanity understood the importance of the preservation of life. Our Ancestors worked to preserve themselves, those around them, and the environment. It was understood by all that “you don’t shit where you sleep.” Meaning that you don’t destroy what you are depending on for your very life. This simple philosophy was applied in the physical realm and in the non-physical or spiritual realm. We honored our Ancestors because to do so was to honor ourselves. After all, each of us is the future Ancestor of our descendents.   

It is the mission of the late Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, Dogon High Priest and Master Healer, to decolonize humanity and restore culture and the pursuit towards goodness to all human beings. This mission started 20 years ago and is continued by all of the students and disciples initiated by the teachings of Prophet Neb Naba.

Part of his mission was the creation of The Earth Center, an international non-profit organization, founded by the Prophet Neb Naba in 1996, with the permission by his elders and the kingship of his people. He structured The Earth Center into three branches with the goal of teaching people traditional African spirituality, culture, history, values, and medicine The Earth Center brings the traditional education, that had been preserved in secret initiation camps, to all of humanity. The Earth Center organization, through its three branches, teaches students to live by their Ancestral values through the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy & Spirituality, publishes educational materials to inspire the pursuit towards divinity and true knowledge through Firefly Productions and offers herbal recipes and traditional healing techniques for the preservation of life through Ankhkasta Natural Healing.

20 years ago, there was one M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality in Chicago, Illinois. Now, there are M’TAM Schools in New York, New York; San Diego, California; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa); Charleston, West Virginia; London, United Kingdom; Birmingham, United Kingdom; and Baltimore, Maryland.

The benefits that have come in the efforts to fulfill this mission have been numerous.  For instance, The Earth Center is dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous culture worldwide. One of The Earth Center’s primary focuses is to assist in protecting the authenticity of traditional Africa, including its Kemetic Priesthood, spiritual temples and natural resources. Keeping these treasures as pure as possible so everyone can share in this great legacy and learn from the wisdom that belongs to all humanity.

Over the past 20 years The Earth Center has completed important projects such as establishing the first annual pilgrimage in the modern era that takes humanity to Africa, to experience and participate in humanity’s original culture.  Anyone that has the desire to come visit the cradle of civilization now has the pathway to do so. Because of his position as a high priest in the initiatic culture of West Africa, Prophet Neb Naba was able to lead pilgrims through spiritual and historic sites giving them access into a secret spiritual culture that has been shrouded in mystery for the last two millennia.

In 2013, during the pilgrimage that commemorated the 5 year anniversary of the death of Prophet Neb Naba, the Nabas, a Dagomba (Dogon) bloodline, were granted permission from the Ancestors and the Divine World to allow access to their temples to anyone wanting help in resisting the degeneration of the modern era. This brought the opportunity for all humanity to honor, by their presence and offerings, this temple established at the heart of humanity’s spiritual pursuit. The magnitude of this event should not be dismissed. These temples, which has been closed to outsiders for over 2,000 years are now open to anyone willing to take the journey to visit them. The temples kept by the Nabas are some of the oldest in existence on this planet, and they are now available to you.


The Earth Center’s Healing Center in Togo has opened and has provided spiritual healing services for many people across the world since Autumn 2015

Other significant accomplishments during the past 20 years are the purchase of 120 hectares of land in Togo, West Africa. These lands are being used for farming and seed storage, for harvesting rare medicines, and for the construction of the Ankhkasta Natural Healing center. Also, The Earth Center provides support for the initiation of traditional priests and we have completed the building of three wells amongst the many other smaller successes that made this all possible. Most importantly, the purchase of this land provides space for traditional culture to flourish. Many traditional ceremonies, festivals, marriage, burial and funeral practices are shunned by the colonial masters and are made difficult to perform for anyone wanting to practice their culture. These lands are made accessible to those traditional people desiring to honor the ways of their Ancestors, just as they are made accessible to you, if you wish to honor your Ancestors ways as well.  The Ankhkasta Natural Healing Center will provide a headquarters for a network of about 10,000 traditional healers that will bring 70,000+ years of healing wisdom and knowledge together under one roof; where professional healers can practice their services in their own natural context.

The Earth Center, through the Ankhkasta Natural Healing branch provides health consultations as well as Bayuali Earth Energy Readings. The services provided by The Earth Center are available to anyone, regardless of their race, religious background, lifestyle, or location. The healing services of Ankhkasta Natural Healing can be accessed by anyone in need. An Ankhkasta Health consultation is a thorough, non-invasive examination of your whole body and, unlike a modern health examination, it can pinpoint any physical ailments you may have. Following consultations, herbal remedies are given to return balance to the body.

In the Bayuali Earth Energy Readings, the priests working within The Earth Center use the science of reading the Bayuali (Earth energies), which is over 70,000 years old, originating in the oldest temples in Africa: Thebes, Memphis and Abydos.  This process of reading the Earth energies is known by modern sciences as Geomancy. Parts of this science can be found all over the world but the original form of the readings is known as M’TAM. M’TAM is the system that studies the energetic currents that are emitted or received by Earth and their influence on humans and nature. Bayuali Readings translate the energies of the Earth and how they affect humans and their environments in space and time to provide an individual with insights they may otherwise have never known. Insights that may be related to why certain themes may be repeating in one’s life, why a particular ailment may afflict the males in one’s family, or why it may be so difficult for one to control one’s emotions.

For twenty years a fight has been waged against the corruptions and false perceptions placed into us by our political leaders.

For twenty years an alternative has been available to the self-destructive, emotionally driven thought processes of desperate people being taken advantage of by their socio-economic position.

For twenty years, a traditional master with the support of his King and traditional temples has been working to make Ancestral knowledge available to all that are willing to be initiated.

One generation of human beings has been initiated over the past twenty years and we have just begun to initiate the next generation, the children of the initiates. The path home has not been so well lit for many, many years. Now that we can see the way home there is only the struggle, hard work, and sweat that is needed to complete the journey and let go of the conditioning that put us in our current situation.

For those that are able to make this transition in thought from the slave mentality given by the colonizer to the logics of their Ancestral values, your success has already been captured. You need only take the necessary steps to begin the journey. Call your local Earth Center location or check the website for when the doors of initiation will open in your area. Or, if there is no location near where you live, then call to see how to bring a school to you.

The structure that has been established in the Earth Center over the past twenty years has been done with the purpose of allowing this organization to withstand the loss of its founder and any future leaders. In fact, it is the stability of the structure that will guarantee the existence of the Earth Center for future generations. The mission is daunting and failure is not an option. The dedication shown by the disciples of the Prophet Neb Naba is the podium upon which humanity’s foundational knowledge is being re-introduced to the world.

The celebration of the Prophet Neb Naba’s mission is a celebration of human genius and your access to all that it holds. The students, initiates, and disciples of the Prophet Neb Naba pray that you will see Divine benediction for saving our lives and providing us the path back to a quality life.

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