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Community Gardens in Chicago

Growing Power’s 3 acre urban farm in Chicago’s Altgeld Gardens.

Food is one of the most vital and basic necessities for any human being. Yet, today, too many Americans are lacking knowledge and/or interest about how to grow it for themselves. The dramatic disconnect between humans and food, the very thing that supports our existence, puts so many people, knowingly or not, in a vulnerable situation. This over-dependency on our industrial food system to provide one’s sustenance has dire consequences. Furthermore, modern convenience such as food delivery services, grocery shopping services, etc. continue to feed this handicap.

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Survivor's Notebook

Starting Your Garden: Deciding What To Plant

Raised-Bed-GardeningNow that you’ve answered the first five questions (See the previous issue, volume 15.4, on for details), the next question you want to know is “How much should I plant?” Use this rough guide to figure out what 10 running feet of each vegetable will yield over the growing season. Plus, there will be a little left over to share with your Kem family.

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Kem Life

Return to the Origins Welcome The Debasah Generation


The graduates of the Debasah generation with their teachers From left Kasabez Maakmaah, the middle Director of The Earth Center Zeshmi and on the end Meramsu Wasseker

We say that life evolves as a cycle.  That which was lost today may be found tomorrow. At The Earth Center, we are working to reclaim what was lost to so many of us. For years, people of the modern societies have been pursuing what is easy and comfortable, thinking that we will gain something from it. The only thing we have succeeded in doing is corrupting ourselves. Through that corruption, we have seen our rapid descent down the path of self-destruction.

We are returning to the concept that the most valuable things in our lives are the things we must work the hardest to achieve. Initiation is the most valuable tool for the individual seeking spiritual evolution. Initiation presents us with the reality of both our human origins and our human condition.

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Internal Cleansing Of The Body


Routine cleasing can lessen the chance of these issues becoming life-threatening. Herbal remedies have been used for tens of thousands of years with great success.

Many people do not realize that the body itself requires maintenance. It is not enough to “eat healthy” or “exercise regularly.” If you do not cleanse your internal organs once in awhile, your body will run into “health problems” at some point, regardless of how “healthy” you think you are. Maybe you’ve developed a pattern of headaches over the years, or maybe you’ve come to expect stomach problems after a meal. Perhaps you’ve had abscesses on your skin, a constant itch in your armpits, or you’ve been ignoring a slight cough that never went away. There are many more signs one can look out for, and many different reasons that could be behind these symptoms, but oftentimes it is from neglecting one’s internal cleansing.

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Survivor's Notebook

Positive Vibrations


Frankincense resins burning on charcoal.

It is said that there is no bigger sign that the house is in trouble than when one has to go outside to find peace. Home should be a sanctuary, the place where one can retreat from dangers and risks we encounter throughout the world. It should be a place of warmth, love and positivity and the base of our support. It is likely we have all faced times in our lives when clutter, mess and dirt have made our environment uncomfortable or even intolerable for us. In other situations, the attitudes or actions of individuals within our homes produce the same result. It is at these times that we seek refuge outside the house and tend to lose sleep as we contemplate or even obsess over solutions to our perceived problems.

There are times we think we understand the reasons for our problems. Other times, we may feel a similar discomfort but not be able to identify the source. What is interesting is the human tendency to find someone or something to blame as the source for our displeasure. We convince ourselves we know the source of the problem, and if that person or thing can be changed or eliminated, we believe we will be satisfied. Usually that same discomfort remains and we simply find a new target on which to unload our frustrations. If we quiet our emotions and assess our situation with some honesty, we should be led to question our ability to understand the nature of our problem. Without understanding the nature of our problem, it is impossible to find a lasting solution. Many self-help counselors are making a living by encouraging positive thinking, affirmations, etc. but in many cases these techniques are not enough to bring long-term results.

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