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Flint water crisis: Throwing our lives down the drain


Flint water bottle

Water – The elixir of life. It is the ever-present element to which all living beings find themselves inextricably bound. As human beings, our dependency on its life-giving qualities far outstrip even our need for food. Our reliance on it for our bodily sustenance, as well as in the many other functions it serves in our daily lives, for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning, irrigating our crops, etc., makes water an invaluable resource.

So, the obvious ill effects of polluting drinking water, might seem like a common sense thing to most thinking people. However, from what we can observe of the travesty unfolding in Flint, Michigan currently getting major news coverage, this obvious reality seems to be lost on the modern industrial entities. What is further alarming, and should perhaps be the bigger “story”, is how widespread such cases of mass poisoning, just by way of our drinking water, actually are.

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