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Starting Your Garden: Deciding What To Plant

Raised-Bed-GardeningNow that you’ve answered the first five questions (See the previous issue, volume 15.4, on for details), the next question you want to know is “How much should I plant?” Use this rough guide to figure out what 10 running feet of each vegetable will yield over the growing season. Plus, there will be a little left over to share with your Kem family.

YIELD per 10 feet

Asparagus: 7 plants yield 3 to 4 pounds

Beets: 10 to 12 plants yield 10 pounds          

Broccoli: 5 to 7 plants yield  10 pounds

Carrots: Many plants yield 10 pounds*

Corn: 10 to 12 plants yield 11 to 13 ears

Cucumbers: 8 plants yield 10 pounds

Salad greens: Many plants yield 5 pounds*

Onions: Many plants yield 10 pounds*

Peppers: 5 to 7 plants yield 80 peppers

Pole beans: 5 plants yield 3 to 4 pounds

Potatoes: 6 plants yield 30 pounds

Summer squash: 2 to 3 plants yield 60 to 100 squash

Tomatoes: 2 to 5 plants yield 60 pounds

* These plants can grow close together. Many can be planted or grown from seed in each row.


What you plant will also be influenced by the season. Here are some popular vegetables that should be grown based on the temperature. This chart is based on a northern US climate.

september-harvest-amsterdam-copy1Cool Weather Vegetables (spring/fall crops)






seedlingsWarm Weather Vegetables (summer crops)


Green Beans


Summer Squash



Salad Greens

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