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A Giving That Transcends


A guest receives free food and clothing at the Chicago Earth Center

In the eyes of the Earth Center’s founder, Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, service to the community is of utmost importance. Along with his primary mission – aimed to provide a bridge in which colonized people can access the traditional, initiatic knowledge of our Kemetic Ancestors – he particularly expressed a desire to see the organization spearheading charitable work, including food and clothing drives on a regular basis. Neb Naba often emphasized the importance of humility and the positive effect that it has on one’s quality as a human being. He stressed the concept of service within a communal environment; an interdependency among members of the community was the Ancestral way that sustained human life and civilization for over 150,00 years.

As humble servants of humanity, on 29 Tepia 415 (February 6th , 2016), the Earth Center continued this mission – running a food and clothing drive from the Chicago Earth Center storefront location with our partner for this event, Betty Shabazz Academy International Charter Schools, serving as a drop-off location on Chicago’s south side. Through this partnership and the hard work of initiates, the Chicago Earth Center was able to provide clothing, non-perishable foods, hot soup and bread to families in need this winter season.

On the day of the drive, the room was overflowing with donated items. Clothing for men, women, children and babies filled the room – including several selections of jackets, hats, belts, tote bags and purses. There was also an ample amount of donated foods in addition to much appreciated donations from local grocers. Morse Market donated fresh fruit for event attendees while Trader Joe’s gave a box full of a variety of organic canned beans as well as a box of varied pasta types. The Earth Center children pitched in, taking on responsibilities to assist. Not only did the youth have fun, but they helped to fulfill an invaluable purpose in alignment with the organization’s mission. This is the power of the Ancestral culture – the traditional paradigm of Meritah (Africa) instills humility and the responsibility of service into each individual starting from childhood. Families in need filled their bags in gratitude as the smell of hot chilli and vegetable soup permeated the air. Many lounged around in shelter from the bitter cold to enjoy their meals, browsing Firefly and Ankhkasta products and engaging in conversation with Earth Center initiates and other community members. “I am homeless, I don’t really have anywhere else to go”, One man stated. This same man had arrived at the drive an hour early and left several hours later with a full stomach, clothing and a bag of non-perishable food items. Aside from giving to families in need, what else is gained from such a service?

As an organization which uplifts the Ancestral culture of Meritah (Africa), how The Earth Center interacts with the greater community reveals much about what it is. Much of the general public only has negative perceptions of “Africa” while images of the sick, hungry, warring and desperate African permeate the media’s stories in just about every reference to the continent. A service such as this drive is an opportunity to reverse such conditional thinking by placing value on the Ancestral way rather than degrading it. Perhaps in the larger perspective, one walks through the doors of The Earth Center in need of food or clothing, but in the midst of tending to their material needs, they receive an introduction to Kemetic culture. The 77 commandments (Divine laws given to us by the Neteru/Gods), Ankhkasta Natural Healing (an organization of Traditional, Kemetic Healers) and the teachings of the Maakheru give the individual philosophical and technical tools that can be applied in facing the challenges of living in this modern society – a way to understand, cope with and surpass the very conditions that create situations of poverty and dependency in the first place. Regular food and clothing drives such as the one held this past February have the potential to transcend the giving of material things – in addition, guests may find themselves being provided with a nurturing of the spirit and a glimpse into the Ancestral culture.

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