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Food as Politics

GMO-ActivistsIt is difficult to pinpoint the exact time frame in which food became politicized, but here in America, food is steeped in politics and is constantly a subject within current events. The politics of food are too numerous to name in one short article, but here are a few:

  • Genetically modified food (GMO)
  • Nutrition standards  
  • Infant formula  
  • Fast food conglomerates
  • Processed food and labeling
  • Meat safety
  • Pesticide standards
  • Water as a commodity

Although each of these topics are equally important, we will review a couple of these within this article.


Baby with bottle

Many will take the position that infant formula is necessary because women in this American society need to work and therefore a substitute for the milk that a mother naturally produces is necessary.  Convenience is the driving factor which the formula manufacturers market heavily, at a steep price. Whereas, in indigenous societies, it is a woman’s responsibility first and foremost to feed an infant from her breast, which just so happens to be free of charge. “Wet nurses” are sometimes used if she is unable to produce sufficient milk for the child, or a mother may simply need to feed another mother’s child, but it is rarely simply for convenience. In indigenous societies, it is very common to see women feeding their children in public, whereas the current movement in America is to prohibit women from exposing themselves in public. This is a common sentiment in America, even though one can turn on a television channel or simply walk down the street and see breasts exposed as a fashion statement. A system that doesn’t value the woman or her children will somehow turn what is natural into a political movement with economic, consumerist motives.


mcdonald_0The fast food market is full of food that cannot even be considered food because of all the artificial and genetically modified ingredients as well as abusive treatment of animals prior to slaughter. This so called food has very little nutritional value. However, it’s scientifically engineered to taste good and  marketed at a very cheap price so the masses are fooled into the idea that fast, convenient, cheap food is harmless to the body. Major fast food chains are making billions off of selling ill health for consumption, having convinced million of people of the idea that quick and cheap is the best way to eat.

In many poor neighborhoods, fast food is the only option as there are no markets supplying fresh food. These areas are  known as food deserts. In indigenous societies, food is grown in fertile land, free from toxic chemicals. There are spiritual rituals at every point in the process during the planting, growing and harvest seasons. This spiritual energy is infused into the food which contributes to good health and flavor. The people work the land and eat the food that is grown.

hot dog sludge

The filling of hot dogs being manufactured at a factory. Is this food?

The list of food related controversies goes on and on, but it all comes down to a battle of ideas, which the average American is not even aware is taking place. The battle is being waged and the masses succumb to politicized ideas hook, line and sinker. Perhaps this is because there are either no values being promoted by American society or they are so far degraded that people, moving on emotions, just accept whatever ideas they are fed.




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