Talking Drum

Is it our time?

Sunrise over lake

The Sun rises, beginning a new day.

We don’t question so many ideas that we are told are facts. We take for fact that north is up and that gravity pulls us down. We assume that if today is Monday, tomorrow can only be Tuesday. New generations may never know life without cell phones, internet and video games. This world that has been artfully built for our amusement and convenience is distracting us from the reality of things.
Let’s notice that the calendar we are using has names for months and days of the week that are never explained to us in our formal education and never discussed in society. Do these names have no meaning or are the names insignificant? Where do these names come from and who decided that this is the way we should tell time? These are questions worth asking.
Upon investigation, we discover that the names in our calendar are mostly taken from Roman mythology, while the names of some months come from Roman emperors and Latin numbers. When we say today is Saturday, we are saying the day belongs to the Roman “God”, Saturn. In other words, we are worshipping Roman culture and mythology when we use this calendar.


Pope Gregory XIII

This calendar has always represented the conquest of the world by the Roman Empire and its successor, the Catholic Church. Even the name of the calendar itself, the Gregorian Calendar, is from Pope Gregory XIII who decreed it to be the official calendar of the church. As a result, we tell time the way the Romans taught us to tell time. Even the way we think about time and value time has been established by the Roman conquerors.
Let’s examine the saying that “time is money”. Since money seems to be what rules our world, time is like a commodity that is bought and sold. If something takes “our time” but doesn’t bring us something that either brings us money or brings us what we would pay money to have, we call it a “waste of our time”.
In reality, we ourselves are considered just like currency by our own society. This is why our employers call us “human resources”. Our time is bought and sold by these companies and they aim to control as much of it as possible. The calendar is used to bring us in unison in serving this system. Our schedules dictate our actions on a daily and weekly basis. This is the only purpose we understand for a calendar.
This is why it may come as a surprise that there can also be spiritual and scientific uses for a calendar. One of the calendars that the Roman “Gregorian” calendar came to replace is the Kemetic Sidereal Calendar. This calendar is the first known to humanity. It is based on astronomical events which have been calculated with amazing accuracy.
According to the Kemetic (Traditional African) Calendar, the year begins on the day the Sun rises at the same moment as the Sirius Star. This corresponds with September 10th or 11th of the Gregorian calendar. This period accompanies energetic shifts on Earth that bring the rainy seasons and hurricane seasons in the tropical areas of the planet.
As we approach the Kemetic New Year, let’s take time to question our motivation for how we “spend our time”. The Creators of this universe have constructed the Universe so perfectly that we can always count on the rhythm of these astronomical cycles that this calendar is keeping track of. Every period of time has its effect on nature and every human being. We can understand so much more about the world by simply understanding time.
The Modern Roman Zodiac is a copy of the original research into the Divine Beings that govern time; the months, weeks, days, hours, etc. What are we missing as we rush to our next scheduled appointment? If I say what I do with “my time” is “my business”, I’m skipping past the question of who gave this life and time to me when I didn’t ask to be born? The Kemetic perspective is clear: time, and even life itself, doesn’t belong to us. There is no “my business” because the decisions we make affect this world which we are not the architects or owners of.
We will find it “worth our while” to seek the bigger picture of this vast existence we find ourselves a part of. We are each a small creation in this world filled with mystery and wonder. If we can understand the secrets of time, we can make sure to be in the right place, doing the right thing, for the betterment of ourselves and the world.

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