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Civilizational Mobsters

Religious extremists have terrorized humanity for over 2500 years

I can’t think of any time or place where I’ve heard the word “mob”, and it’s notorious connotation, used in anyway positive or praiseworthy. Yet in the world of human interaction and societal interrelation, the battlefield of ideas, make this type of group the commonplace structure within which human beings are forced to exist. If you’re asking how, let me elaborate. A mob, as far as we can observe, has always been a large group of individuals usually brought together based on an emotional reaction to a circumstance of some nature. This reactionary stimulus is responsible for setting the conditions in which mobs are formed and is where we can trace the hidden hand controlling the battlefield of ideas at play. islam-will-dominate-the-world_1

What could be a more fitting example than the recent emergence of the so called ISIS insurgency and its antithesis in Western opposition?

The history of ISIS, whose official motto is, “Remaining and Expanding”, can be traced back to conflicts that began as far back as  2,500 B.C. when certain groups of humanity departed from the civilizing values of humanity’s original culture, known as Kemetic culture. Kemet was the founding civilization of the highest cultural, spiritual and intellectual achievements, whose capital straddled the banks of the river Nile even long after the times of this fateful rebellion. So, the ongoing pendulum swing of political ambition expresses itself through the ages up to this very day.  As with most other groups of its ilk, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has taken up the banner or baton of its many predecessors whose histories seem inextricably linked. That link is particular to this part of the world, the so-called “Middle East”, that appears forever mired in the chaos born from the fissure that occurred between the original culture and its rebellious offspring. Since that time, the so called Eastern and Western worlds have been locked in an infernal struggle between factions of these original rebels.

Ultimately, the age old discord seems to be over something as inane as the reasoning, ‘My God is greater than yours and I’m going to prove it.” At some point, the political rhetoric underlying each side’s justification for the evil they were going to commit against the other took on the cloak of religion. There were numerous related empires that were later built under the guise of religious altruism and zealotry. Each have, at different points in history, found their own human citizenry on the business end of a sword, gun, cannon, missile etc. while other humans take aim. These conflicts, in relatively recent times, simply signified the event that marked the end as well as the beginning of another swing in the momentum of the pendulum within the spectrum of political ideas.

The empires I’m speaking of are that of the now Islamic and Christian turned “secular/democratic” empires. ISIS, perhaps marks one expression among many others over the centuries, of that pendulum swing of political ambition and its capacity to mobilize generations of people to fulfill its self-serving aims. It is a supposed offshoot of Al Qaeda, which is itself presumably connected with the Taliban. The Taliban was reportedly formed in response to the Russian vs US surrogate war in Afghanistan, in which the US ironically armed and trained Taliban fighters. Given this string of decades long conflicts, involving connected groups that were spawned out of proclaimed resistance to Western imperialism, we can quickly see how the corruption of politics can find innumerable frontiers to capitalize on our human vulnerability to emotionalism. So, ISIS is perhaps the newest Western made Eastern enemy based in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. The terror they are reported to have caused, by way of bombings, armed occupations and insurrection in general, are tactics that seem to have become typical of Middle Eastern political entities of whatever caliber. These acts however, are the perfect stimuli that can used as emotional fuel.

On the other side are the Western self-proclaimed “defenders of freedom”. This body of Western countries, led primarily by the US, have built a reputation for themselves as the world leaders. They seem to be on the side the pendulum has swung in favor of in the battlefield of ideas. These countries have used their ambition to bring much of the world to its cultural knees. Their foreign affairs policies and exploits have earned them the disdain of many countries into which they have sunk their vampiric fangs, often leading to the inception of the very rebel groups from whom they are claiming to defend their freedoms. Their ambition has led them to develop some of the most ingenious and insidious manipulation tactics in order to engender the support of their populations, who have gullibly supported them, now to the cusp of another world war. This really begs the question, if the defense of your freedoms leads to a world war or any war that destroys countless lives, including those of your own people, not to mention the wider planet; what is this “freedom” you are defending?

The ideologies at play are the age old arguments that pit Western imperialism against Middle Eastern imperialism and justify the attitudes and actions they will incite in their subjects. The notion of Western secular “freedom” in juxtaposition to Middle Eastern theocratic “fundamentalism”, is the main thrust behind today’s conflicts. So the clash is between two basically antagonistic cultures and their ambitions for world domination. Each of them have built into their ideologies all of the rhetoric that prepares those they educate to take the commensurate position, which in turn facilitates and rationalizes the carnage that so often results.

The turmoil rages on, even as millions of lives can be tallied in the ever growing body count this battle of ideas has claimed. It is symptomatic of the modern system’s psychopathic attempt to place this fight on the grounds of flesh and blood. How many lives will it take to quench the ambitious power mongering of these civilizational mobsters whose bloodlust seems to know no bounds? Clearly the goal is destruction and death, an aspiration that these rebellious cultures are undoubtedly showing us that they harbor for all life. Every time one “side” strikes a blow with blood soaked instruments of mayhem, in the hopes of scoring one for their agenda, we are shown proof of this fact.

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