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Opportunity To Mobilize

Pilgrimage-with-Maakheru-walkingInitiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn how to live as human beings, cautious of how they fit into nature and into the overall existence. For 20 years, The Earth Center has been paving the way for individuals to reestablish their connection to their traditions by providing a unique education that has been untouched and kept in secrecy within the initiation camps across Meritah (Africa) in order to preserve its integrity. This education has been made available by the authority of the priests in Meritah, with the goal of assisting people who would like to relearn their true heritage and who understand the importance of dropping their colonial conditioning. Due to many requests, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in its mission, but who are not able to join the initiation, by offering memberships.

0012026-R8-034-15A Maakheru w KupiendeliThis movement, which was started 20 years ago by Prophet Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, is about having solidarity with like-minded people with a strong calling to bring about change in this world. It is for individuals that can see that we can only change the world by changing ourselves. It is about time that we rebuilt our world instead of continuing to make a place in the world of our colonial masters. The Earth Center is an organisation designed to rally together warriors who are committed to fighting against the evil that has been created by greed and hunger for power. This revolution is different in the tactics that we are using. Our strength is in our numbers and in our traditions. Therefore we must understand the importance of uniting people around the globe who are standing behind the values of their Ancestors. This is an organisation that brings together individuals who see the desperate need to fight for the rights of our future generations and the survival of our species.

The Prophet instructed and guided people to use the traditions, practises and ideologies of their Ancestors rather than those of the colonisers’. It is the continent of Meritah (Africa) which holds the origins to all subject matters and foundations of knowledge, including mathematics, science, medicine, spirituality, etc. Currently, the body of knowledge in Meritah is under the attack of growing imperialism. This membership program is designed to build the community of people who are committed to preserving and returning to those practices. . Through the memberships and through our “Projects in Meritah” we can rally together to preserve this knowledge for generations to come.

Prophet Naba’s vision was also to unify people around the globe who are also fighting to preserve their traditional cultures. Therefore, The Earth Center has been working together with indigenous people around the world. Through the memberships, individuals will have the opportunity to join this ever-growing network of people who are committed to making this vision a reality. It will give individuals the opportunity to meet and dialogue with other like-minded people, while also giving them the opportunity to extend their skill sets to further this mission.

Individuals will also be given voting capabilities and opportunities to assist with various aspects of the organisational mission. For example, the Prophet Naba once said, “it is writers who change the world” and through membership people will have the ability to contribute to The Earth Center’s publication branch, Firefly Productions, including The Rising Firefly – the largest Kemetic magazine in the world. Individuals can lend assistance as writers, editors, proofreaders, etc. to one of the most important tools we have, the spread of knowledge of our culture around the globe through our publications. Other fields include financial planning, fundraising, organisation of events, technological support, marketing and participation in board meetings.

This opportunity is for those of you who look at the state of our world and understand that there is no other viable solution than to completely reject everything that was forced upon our Ancestors by those who enslaved all of humanity. Please consider joining us in this mission.


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