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Recovering Traditions: Languages of Meritah

Yaya Jammeh

Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh (left) greeting a supporter.  Jammeh is helping reignite the struggle for Meritahn (African) languages to replace colonial languages being used in his country.

No language can fit you like your mother tongue, especially if you still speak it or used to speak it well. Your mother tongue holds your earliest memories, the first human sounds you heard after birth, your earliest conversations with your mother, the first months and years of your life and much more. Your mother tongue connects you to your past as completely as no language you learn after it ever does. Your mother tongue lets you voice everything that you became since you were born; it reveals the world into which you are becoming like no other language, and it connects you to the worldview of the community in which you were born more completely than any languages you master after it.

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Modern Psychology and the Impact on Human Enlightenment

9Psychology today is defined as the study of behavior and mental processes. It is a way to study how people think, feel and behave. Within this field of study clinical psychologists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of various psychological problems. In other words, clinical psychologists have the ability to look at a behavior that someone is exhibiting and give an explanation for that behavior through the use of classifications or diagnoses. As a part of the evolution of psychology there is an emphasis on studying human beings in order to better identify disorders. Modern psychology is continuously defining new categories which people can be placed under. The constant redefining and evolution of this field of study illustrates the overall mindset of modern society. This mindset involves the need to continuously advance or evolve. However, when looking at the state that we are currently in as a society we must ask ourselves, is this how we want to evolve?

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Knowing The Time

This diagram of the stars in the Temple of Denderah is the shows Kemetic astronomy and the constellations.

This diagram of the stars in the Temple of Denderah is
the shows Kemetic astronomy and the constellations.

“What time is it?” Have you ever wondered why the New Year starts in the middle of the winter? Who decided that there were seven days in the week and fifty two weeks in a year, and what’s that leap year thing about anyway?

Every week people in this society go about their business without questioning something as simple as the reason why they celebrate certain holidays and rest and worship on the days that they are told. While we go through our lives oblivious to the impact that this has upon our minds and our existence, we can see that other cultures of the world that still have some identity of their own celebrate their holidays and work from a calendar that is a part of an ancient teaching that originates deep within the basis of their culture. Indeed, the calendar that you use is one of the most visible signs of the culture that you follow.

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African Festival of the Arts 2013

Featured artist, Najjar putting the finishing touches on “ASALI,” the featured art for the African Festival of the Arts 2013

Featured artist, Najjar putting the finishing touches on “ASALI,” the featured art for the African Festival of the Arts 2013

(CHICAGO–August 5, 2013) 2013 marks the 24th anniversary of the African Festival of the Arts as a world-class destination for family fun. It is the largest neighborhood-festival in Chicago boasting more than 300,000 attendees annually. The festival takes place throughout Labor Day weekend, August 30-September 2, 2013 in Washington Park-5100 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL. 60637.

Each year, the AFA grounds in Chicago’s Washington Park come alive as a simulated African village, replete with special interests pavilions featuring African drumming, colorful and rich fabrics, hand-crafted fine arts, interactive demonstrations, health and wellness workshops, spectacular jewelry, and mesmerizing entertainment.

This year’s Festival is themed “Asali” which means “Origins.” The term Asali is a Hausa and Trans-African language used heavily in Nigeria, concentrated as the central Sahel-region trading language. The theme speaks to the reflective spirit leading into the 25th anniversary of the African Festival of the Arts, especially with a focus of teaching the next generations about cultural and economic history of the Diaspora.

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Origins of Fasting

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When we take a closer look at religions that were created in the last two millennia, we see that all their programs included causing fanaticism in the public and a period of fasting. Most of these religions define a fasting period as a time of devotion and sacrifice of the believer to his God. The reality is that, if fasting is defined as a sacrifice of the believer to his God, all year long would be declared a period of fasting.

We shall not waste our time on the excuses religions invented to give their believers the impression that they were giving them something spiritual. This speculation around facts and the world that existed long before the religious explanations, is not unknown nowadays. Everything is designed to keep the enslaved individual in the depths of the slave ship by giving him every reason to believe that he is better that way. It is up to the individual who wants to free himself or herself and pursue the normal course of his/her destiny, to understand the almost invisible nature of the chains that maintain us in the position of victim and accomplice of the ideological currents that are fighting to control this world.

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