Rebirth of Kem Culture

10-Requirements---Denderah-Temple-DjedWe’ve had enough of the empty promises. When we see what’s happening around us, can we afford to keep believing that one day things will change? Do we keep the faith that one day they will find a cure? Must we continue to hope that someone is coming to save us? Will we continue to dream of a future free of wars, hate and barbarism? The problems facing humanity are not someone else’s problems. They are all humanity’s problems to solve.

We were promised a better life. We were told that this constitution and this democracy make the United States the best country on Earth. Our army has been invading other countries around the world for over 50 years to force this government on its victims. Tell me, where is this model working? Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? It’s not even working here! We were promised modern medicine would bring miracle cures but it seems people are dying younger than ever. We were promised slavery was over, then why was the civil rights movement needed 100 years later? We were promised Jesus would be our salvation, and yet evil and immorality seem to be at an all time high, with believers often being the worst criminals. Obama promised us change, but at the end of his presidency, somehow things seem as bad as ever.

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A Cross Cultural Look at Fasting

Fasting-Cover-ImageIt is said in the Kemetic traditions that the reason the world is round is so that another world can exist in the limits of our horizon. The diverse traditions that are found all around the world demonstrate the human being’s ability to adapt to their surroundings. Cultures around the world have been able to take what their surroundings have to offer, adapt, and ultimately create traditions to be followed for many generations.

Although this diversity is something to marvel at, it is also equally astounding to see the similarities found  throughout the world. Many of the same traditions are practiced by several different cultures around the world, despite the distance between them. Some of these include veneration of ancestors, giving food offerings to dead relatives, chanting and fasting.

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Event Calendar

Kairika Events & Holy Days

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Ancestral Spiritual Day
Personal Zemzem and ancestral offerings and libations at personal shrine.
Original Spiritual Day
Community Zemzem and offerings done at The Earth Center Temple. Everyone is welcome. Contact your local Earth Center for times.
Mapping the Cosmos Lectures – Kemetic Time Keeping & The Zodiac.
3rd Kairika (San Diego), 11th Kairika (Chicago)
• The Origins of the Zodiac Signs • Connecting Astronomy & Astrology
 Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration (Chicago): 9th, 10th Kairika Click here for details.
The Kemetic Fasting Period
24th Kairika: Embalment of Wsr (Osiris) – A night of prayers and lamentation.
27th Kairika: Beginning of Fasting – Do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. from sunrise to sunset
from 27th Kairika until 6th Tepia.
29th Kairika: Mourning for Wsr – A day of lamentation and prayer.
7th Tepia: End of Fasting – A feast celebrating the fasting period with family and friends.
Event Calendar

Ateeri Events & Holy Days

Sunnyside 15.2 Event Calendar

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