Kem Graduation

Welcome The Menihepou Graduation


The new graduate, Pehka Menihepou (center) with her instructors (from left): Imaib Ziawet, Perahru Ziaweet, Imy Maktitaoui and Zahib Ziaweet

It is interesting to think about the period of time in our lives where we begin to question the direction we are walking. The road we were walking on becomes foggy, and we end up with a sense of emptiness. When we sit down and close out the distractions that occupy our lives, the pain and void we experience leads us to question what is going on in our life.

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Kem Graduation

A WORTHY INVESTMENT: The Wasseker Generation

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The Earth Center is more than just an organization that offers classes in the M’TAM initiation into Kemetic culture and spirituality. The M’TAM classroom is simply utilized as a space where initiates present a collective of deep meditations and introspective observations based on the lessons of Kemetic principles and concepts we receive. Our evolution is attributed to the  study and application of these principles on a daily basis. The M’TAM education provides a fundamental understanding of the energetic forces within the existence and of how to maintain harmony with them. This education teaches us how to develop our personal qualities, which guarantees our physical and spiritual survival. However, after we initiates meditate on every lesson, we also need to continue our development outside of the classroom and inside our hearts and minds. In this process it is the initiate who seeks his or her tradition and must be prepared to embody it. Despite the perceptions we have of our colonial jobs and education, we experience this initiation process as the hardest work and responsibility we could ever carry.

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Kem Graduation

Victory in the Beloved Land, Introducing the Kazimeti Generation

Presenting the Kazimeti Generation. From Left: Marsaa, Henenwt, Nebiyah

The graduation of a new group of initiates into the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality is cause for celebration from people around the globe. When a new generation of Kem initiates succeeds and surpasses all of the challenges that come with initiation, it symbolizes a renewal or rebirth of the traditions that have been alive for millennia. Recently, the source of celebration comes from the Ouagadougou school in Burkina Faso, Meritah (Africa). Meritah is the original name for the continent of Africa which translates to beloved land.

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Kem Graduation

Decolonization With Initiation – Welcome The Kemma’atah Generation


BEFORE THE EUROPEAN (colonial) culture existed, there was a time when humanity was educated through traditional, initiatic schools of Kemet. There was no such thing as education without spirituality. Our very first language, known as Medu (hieroglyphics), was given to humanity by the World of the Neteru (Gods). Humanity was very aware of the spiritual aspect of things in the existence. We understood that to truly learn to preserve life, one must understand the spiritual aspect of that which they are trying to preserve.

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Kem Graduation

The Struggle for Harmony: Welcome the Zeshera Generation

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THE EARTH CENTER of Los Angeles graduated its second generation of Kemetic Initiates. This group of brothers and sisters, the 2nd generation in LA, is named the Zeshera generation. Zeshera means “Emitting the light of RA.”

In the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality you learn how to read, write, and speak the Medu. This is the language people commonly call “Egyptian Hieroglyphs.” You also learn the original system of “meditation” called Ka’at Ibi. This particular course also teaches the practical and technical aspects of traditional spirituality. The other first level course of study is Sounnt, or traditional healing. In this class you learn how to diagnose illnesses with non-invasive techniques and how to use herbs to heal the body.

The M’TAM School is providing initiation into the oldest mystery school known to man: the M’TAM initiation. M’TAM means within the Earth. These teachings acknowledge that we all come from the Earth and lead initiates to understand how to live in harmony with it. In Merita (Africa) the initiations are hard to find and harder yet to enter, yet here we are in Maanu (The Americas) in the city of Los Angeles blessed to be exposed to traditional spirituality. The graduates of the Zeshera generation have learned this knowledge from its source, without any tampering by colonial agendas. They have heeded the call of their ancestors to rebuild themselves, change their paradigm and go out into the world reborn, ready to transform themselves and the world. It has been a long difficult journey as the initiation exposes the initiate to the true nature of things.

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