Kem Graduation

Journey With No End: Introducing the Meznkhepra Generation

Yatubenou Meznkhepra

Yatubenou Meznkhepra

ON NOVEMBER 20, 2010, the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality welcomed its 19th generation of initiates. The M’TAM School is part of the larger Earth Center organization and is responsible for leading a human being back onto the path of development followed by his or her Ancestors. This path leads towards the highest standards of quality and purity attainable by a human being.

This is a long journey. In the M’TAM School it is often said that the education you receive is like an uphill journey. This was certainly the case for the first generation of the Los Angeles Earth Center. Their wadj (the energy line that motivates a person) has held them together as a generation for the past two years.

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Kem Graduation

Graduation In Kemet: The Nemapatou

Presenting the Nemapatou Generation Merunitah (top left) and Zir (Elder) Mahaira (top right) complete the Ablutions (Spiritual Purifications) before receiving their certificates and their Kemetic names which have been given by the Earth.

IN MERITA, THERE IS a proverb that says, “One should not drop their old calabash looking at the basket of another.” In other words, one should not get caught up in what belongs to another or what is coming from elsewhere to the point of abandoning that which belongs to you and that which serves you better. Our ancestors have warned us of this a long time ago.

Today, in seeking the path that leads towards truth, man is exposed to a diversity of doctrines, sects, religions, etc. All of them pretending that they can help us solve our problems, improve our conditions of life, and gain better knowledge of the will of God for our enlightenment.

Since colonization was born, we have been victims of this situation which is associated with government policies. Yet, humans in front of this sad reality still have this tendency of striving to achieve their goals by ignoring the unique path that is common to all, the one we know better, given to us by our ancestors. We ignore the path forged by our ancestors in order to embrace what has been imported from somewhere else. On these foreign paths, we find it hard to adapt because we are urged to only use faith or belief which doesn’t fit the reality of everyday life.

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Kem Graduation

Graduation: The Call to Return Home

The Sakuhai Generation

The Sakuhai Generation includes students from the Chicago and New York Schools, united across the continent by Initiatic bonds. These are the Chicago graduates.

In the M’TAM education system, we say that the difficult part is not learning something new. The hardest part is saying goodbye. As initiates, our first priority is the paradigm shift that must take place. For this, we will have to say goodbye to many of the habits, values, mentalities, and even people in our lives. In the colonial world, we have been conditioned in a certain way that enables others to control us. The individual in the modern society has simply been hijacked and is being led to his own destruction without even knowing it.

Few of us are aware of how deeply the modern system has ingrained these seeds of destruction within us, but examples are everywhere. All we have to do is look at the state of our communities right now. While some people are feeling on top of the world, living their dreams, their neighbors on the other side of the tracks have to resort to desperate measures just to survive. While the system will hold up those who are supposedly succeeding for the whole world to admire, the others are simply put to the side. While the system will take credit for each “success,” each “failure” takes the blame for his own suffering. Each failure is punished for the desperate acts he must take due to his situation. Often this is a situation that he was born into, that he has no control over.

Sakuhai New York Graduates
Sakuhai Generation New York Graduates

We understand, based on these facts, that the human being is extremely vulnerable. We come into this world without the choice of who our parents will be or what kind of community we will come to. We are born into a world that we don’t understand and we only have those who came before us to give us our understanding of the world. The modern system has made its agenda clear. It will use any means at its disposal to ensure our understanding of the world is the one that it has defined for us. For us, this becomes how we define ourselves and we fight to protect this definition;

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Kem Graduation

Reconciling with Tradition

Bakiou Generation

Herpw Bikbaye (center) welcomes the Bakiou Generation Sahtehuti (left) Iritmaat (right)

An ancient wisdom says “Little by little the bird builds its nest”.  If you have ever been given the opportunity to touch your fingers to a bird’s nest, you understand the profundity of this proverb.  Even more, if you will challenge your logic to understand how the bird is able to realize such a feat, you will be impressed by the patience shown by the bird to ensure its survival as an entity of the cosmos in which everything is subjected to the principle of perpetual transformation.  Unlike this tiny bird who, like so many others, has understood that patient, harmonious work will contribute to the perfection of this existence, it is the supposedly intelligent humans who, of all species, still think we control this world. However, time and time again our patience and commitment can be seen but not towards our own survival; instead it is put to work for the ambitions and future set for us according to the utopia of our leaders in a world where reality is constantly challenging us. We have become the only species to believe that we will gain our freedom by ignoring the natural wisdom of traditional culture in order to invest in the propaganda of what we want to see in the illusions set by colonialism. Modern man is now left confused in his delusions, only because he is led to reject his ancestors and their traditions in order to embrace the empty rhetoric of leaders promising a bright future. Until the moment the individual realizes that his leader has only set him towards self-destruction by asking him to ignore or forget what has given him life and ensures the perpetuation of that life, he is doomed…. as it has always been said in Kem (Black) civilisation, “The branch who wants to flower learns to honor its roots.”

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Kem Graduation

The Challenge to Improve the Self

The Shemzura Generation

The Shemzura Generation (from left to right) Kefaibra, Hamiba, Jazra and Hatnima

The Earth Center is happy to announce the graduation of the Shemzura generation. They are the 15th generation of M’TAM initiates in the colonial world.  This graduation symbolizes the first mile-stone of their initiation, an important gateway into the beginning of their journey of spiritual growth.  Even though the first year of initiatic education is just the beginning, it does not come without tremendous challenges for the initiates. The first part of the initiation challenges the student on a deep psychological and emotional level, and it forces the student to become very honest with themselves. Honesty is not easy for us as humans. We strongly congratulate the Shemzura generation. The 14th of Penipt, year 409 (October 24th 2009) marks the date of this special occasion.

The graduating students hail from the New York branch of The Earth Center. They are Hatnima Shemzura (formerly Gordon Reneau), Jazra Shemzura (formerly Jennifer Zachariah), Kefaibra Shemzura (formerly Menelik Livingstone), and Hamiba Shemzura (formerly Brandon Glaude). “Hatnima” translates as “Body of Truth”, “Jazra” translates as “Ra Commands”, “Kefaibra” translates as “Loyal to Ra”, and “Hamiba” translates as “Shining Soul”.  The generation’s name as a whole is “Shemzura”. This means “Followers of Ra.”

This generation is unique in a couple of ways. Hatnima was born in Belize, and Jazra was born in South India. Also, Kefaibra and Hamiba are both the youngest graduated initiates in the history of the Earth Center in the US, graduating at 19 and 21.

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