On The Ancestral Path

On The Ancestral Path: Uniting Africa

In the recent past, there have been discussions between select numbers of African heads of state surrounding the idea of uniting Africa, as Europe has with the European Union for example. The proposed African Union is a concept that can be very misleading because there is no clear understanding behind the intention or the goal of such an undertaking. What would achieving a united Africa really mean for those living there and those of us in the Diaspora? Would it mean that Africa would control all of its natural resources and funnel the monies made from them back into its own communities? Would it mean that Africa would produce its own form of currency? Would it mean that all foreign interest would be regulated and monitored by one governing body that would ensure there will be no more civil wars based on these interests? Hypothetically? Maybe? It’s difficult to say for sure.

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On The Ancestral Path


Godfather Wsr, Goddess Mother Aishat and God Child Heru

The only way to know where to step is by knowing not only which path to follow, but also who set the path for you.

If survival is your goal, then you will do things that lead to survival… it’s that simple. I can imagine that this statement is a very simple one to understand. There is no hidden meaning behind these words. There is no hidden agenda behind me writing these words. The purpose is to show the reader how simple it is to comprehend this logic regarding survival. Even the most closed minded individual cannot deny this logic even if he chooses to involve his emotions as a way of trying to complicate it. Now comes the difficult part that I will put here for you in the form of a question Is survival your goal?

This may appear to be a simple question, but really it is not if you choose to answer it honestly. Because if you say yes to this question, you will be forced to first look into your life, to look at your lifestyle, to look at your habits, to look at the vices you are attached to, to look at your health and so on and so on… Only then will you be able to answer this question honestly. Even after this self inventory is done, many of us will find it difficult to admit that we are not doing things that will lead to survival individually or as a people. It is a sort of mental defense mechanism that will keep one in a state of denial concerning this topic, as if admitting this failure will leave a scar on the image we feel the need to portray to the world, a world that does not care whether you exist or not, a world that sees you only as an object to be exploited and thrown away when you are no longer useful in carrying out the plan it had for you since your birth. Ironically, it is because of this same “plan” that we were not taught or exposed to the things, ways, and means that will ensure our survival. This is another aspect that makes my initial question difficult to answer, even honestly, because if we only know what we are exposed to and we have not been exposed to what will allow us to have a future, then how can we know whether we are doing things that will lead to our survival?

The only way to know where to step is by knowing not only which path to follow, but also who set the path for you. In other words, the way to know if you are doing things that will lead to your survival is by first learning the ways, wisdom, and knowledge of your ancestors and compare that to the lifestyle and goals that were set for you by the society in which you now live. When we look back at the history of people of color, we will not find most of the societal ills that plague the world today. You will find the difference, by comparison, shocking if nothing else. Our history does not reveal that hundreds of thousands of our people were dying from heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Our history does not reveal that we were committing massive acts of suicide. Our history does not reveal that we were killing our unborn children because we were not willing to do whatever it took to raise them. Neither does our history reveal that we murdered and slaughtered others to steal the resources of their lands. Additionally, although many of the drugs that are destroying the lives of millions are naturally grown around the world (heroine, cocaine, marijuana), I have yet to discover a history of drug addiction, being that most of these “drugs” are considered to be medicines that were used ceremoniously by our ancestors. These are just some aspects of our culture that clearly show the difference between what we have become now and what we come from. The determining factor simply relies on the goal that the society sets for us.

So what is the goal of this current society here in America? Is it set for its people to survive? The implications are truly staggering. But what is even more profound is the fact that we, as a people, can clearly see the traps that have been set for us, but we still choose to take the bait. Basically, we have a reactionary tendency to justify our own destruction. Although this behavior can honestly be seen as a mental retardation, it stems from the absence of a culture that was suppressed many generations ago by the hands of colonialism.

To say we have been lucky to survive all that has been aimed at us to bring our demise will be an insult to our ancestors, because it is only the powers of the ancestral spirit that has allowed us to endure these atrocities that we face. We cannot take credit for our lives, being that we are being made weaker on a daily basis by our society. I can only imagine then the effect it would have on our lives and what it would mean for our future survival if we acknowledged and honored our ancestors for the role they have played in our survival. Through building and strengthening our relationships with the ancestors, we are then able to give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to be survivors as well. This concept of the ancestral spirit is a very real one. If you, the reader, are unaware of this aspect of your culture, then you will not know how to benefit from the same blood that is flowing through your veins. Take the time to investigate the content within these words. Doing so may entail going outside of what your current values are, but unless it is the same values of your ancestors, you truly have nothing to lose. But if you choose not to investigate… you have already lost.

On The Ancestral Path

Coming Closer to The Divine

Divine in Human Form

(from left to right) God Son Heru, God Father Wsr and Goddess Het-Heru

For every human being born into this world, there is a path or course that has been set for their life to follow. This path is what we call destiny. In the modern belief system, the common perception is that the destiny of the individual was given to him/her by the God of his/her respective religion. If the life of the individual on Earth is free of suffering, poverty, sickness, etc. the individual then entertains the thought that he is doing what it takes to please the God of his choice, and therefore his life is favorable in the eyes of that God. On the other hand, if the life of the individual is stricken with the before mentioned influences, the individual will either feel that he should continue to try harder to please his God, or he may feel cursed by his God and lose hope altogether. These scenarios would make perfect sense if Gods dealt directly with humans, which is a common belief among worshipers of modern religions, but the reality is that Gods are not directly responsible for the outcome of the life of humans. This area is reserved for the ancestors of the individual.

All humans are born with two destinies; the prenatal destiny and the conditional destiny, which were both given to the individual by his ancestors many generations before he was born. The prenatal destiny is the path that many of us believe was given to us by God. But this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Within the Kemetic (original) spiritual system, it is taught that the prenatal destiny was set for us by our ancestors (through the blood line of the mothers) based on what that particular ancestor wished for us during that time, seven generations back. But if one traces his history back to that time and compares that to how things function today, one can see that what would have been a sufficient path for their life to follow back then may not be enough in the present time in which we live. This where the conditional destiny comes in.

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On The Ancestral Path

On The Ancestral Path: Searching for Truth

There is a question we all have as humans that is inherent in each one of us: what is the truth behind everything we can observe in this world?  This quest(ion) has been the inspiration that sparked mass movements of epic proportions, over thousands of years and around the globe. Every culture comes with its own truths. Every education comes with its own truths as well. Whether it’s based on logic, research, history, hope, faith or belief is arbitrary. The fact remains that humanity is divided because of our different perspectives of what truth is, as it relates to our understanding of the world.

The search for truth can be like a journey across the Sahara, but the determined and resourceful seeker may find the way with the help of his ancestors.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of religions and belief systems that all teach and practice what they believe to be the truth behind spirituality and the world. Some of these systems are very tolerant of others. Others, namely Christianity and Islam, are not. Ironically, these happen to be the two largest religions on the planet. I think it’s safe to say that these two systems did not achieve this status through peaceful means. In fact, history proves their methods of conversion to be just the opposite. They’ve made their strongest arguments through force and destruction, to make sure their truths become more relevant than any others… an argument that has not yet been proven or validated to the world, despite all of the blood that has been spilled in their names.

When a child is born, he becomes a victim of the education that is exposed to him. This means that whatever values or beliefs that are specific to the environment in which the child is raised will be transferred directly to him as part of the natural learning and growth process. This puts a child in a very weak position, especially if that child is being taught the values that do not belong to his culture.

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On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path

Entertaining Us To Death

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal have become icons and role models for the youth and entertainers for millions of adults but what benefit are they bringing our communities?

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal have become icons and role models for the youth. They are praised are entertainers for millions of people around the world but what benefit are they bringing our communities?

When we hear the word “Superstar”, we automatically think in terms of entertainment. Whether it is sports, music or film is arbitrary because it’s all entertainment. We have admired many people within these crafts throughout history. We have even grown to think we love them and/or hate them solely based on their work along with the media’s admiration or disdain. Some entertainers are made to appear larger than life while others will never reach the elite status of let’s say a Denzel Washington or a Halle Berry. We have become so mesmerized by their entertaining talents that we often forget… it’s all just entertainment.

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