On The Ancestral Path

The Origin Of The Sidereal Calendar


What we perceive in the universe is rhythm but what does this rhythm have to do with us? The rhythm of the universe can only have meaning to the human being if we can find it within the human being himself. But for now we’re having a problem here because we can try to understand this only if we have the assurance that somewhere within this notion of rhythm there is a space where we can place a human being because that will make a human being a universal being. It will allow us to become aware of our place in space. If we have our place in space it gives our life some understanding.

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Origins of Fasting

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When we take a closer look at religions that were created in the last two millennia, we see that all their programs included causing fanaticism in the public and a period of fasting. Most of these religions define a fasting period as a time of devotion and sacrifice of the believer to his God. The reality is that, if fasting is defined as a sacrifice of the believer to his God, all year long would be declared a period of fasting.

We shall not waste our time on the excuses religions invented to give their believers the impression that they were giving them something spiritual. This speculation around facts and the world that existed long before the religious explanations, is not unknown nowadays. Everything is designed to keep the enslaved individual in the depths of the slave ship by giving him every reason to believe that he is better that way. It is up to the individual who wants to free himself or herself and pursue the normal course of his/her destiny, to understand the almost invisible nature of the chains that maintain us in the position of victim and accomplice of the ideological currents that are fighting to control this world.

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On The Ancestral Path

Day of Tehuti – Education to Achieve Perfection

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On the day of the 19th of Tehuti, we got gathered, the God’s brought us. They said, “Okay, you said you wanted to be Divine Beings, you want to do all to get close to us, right?” We said, “Yes.” “So, these are the commandments for you, 77 of them. Obey them, and stay pure, behave right. Inspire yourself from our world.” We celebrated that. We got the guidance, we got the Divine guidance.

Hmm, now. We have now something to compare. That’s where our notion of good and bad came from. Good is what takes us close to the Gods. Bad is what takes us away from the Gods. So, the idea of being good and bad is not a personal speculation. Just like how your religions have brought it like everybody is born knowing what is good or knowing what is evil.

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On The Ancestral Path

Sequence-ality vs. Cause-ality

Of all the challenges the nature and universe gives us, there are some that are so subtle that they become almost imperceptible to our consciousness. There have been some that are very easy to perceive despite the rudimentary nature of our education and experience. The individual, even by himself, is capable of perceiving what we call the “gravitational force”, heat, cold…hardness, softness…etc. as being part of the world inside which we must evolve.

To the question of knowing why the nature feels obliged to present itself to us, we simply do not find an answer if we do not accept the idea that everything that presents itself to us has its importance in our lives. Let’s say it more clearly that the line of our destiny is only made of choices between options that the universe introduced to us. In this notion, there is really a spiritual trap that we find hard to perceive: the existence, in reality, does not present itself to us; it only exposes itself to our way of questioning. The nature we perceive is only the depth of our investigation! It is by coming close to the fire that we understood that it can be hot.

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On The Ancestral Path

On The Ancestral Path: Uniting Africa

In the recent past, there have been discussions between select numbers of African heads of state surrounding the idea of uniting Africa, as Europe has with the European Union for example. The proposed African Union is a concept that can be very misleading because there is no clear understanding behind the intention or the goal of such an undertaking. What would achieving a united Africa really mean for those living there and those of us in the Diaspora? Would it mean that Africa would control all of its natural resources and funnel the monies made from them back into its own communities? Would it mean that Africa would produce its own form of currency? Would it mean that all foreign interest would be regulated and monitored by one governing body that would ensure there will be no more civil wars based on these interests? Hypothetically? Maybe? It’s difficult to say for sure.

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