Survivor's Notebook

Starting Your Garden: Deciding What To Plant

Raised-Bed-GardeningNow that you’ve answered the first five questions (See the previous issue, volume 15.4, on for details), the next question you want to know is “How much should I plant?” Use this rough guide to figure out what 10 running feet of each vegetable will yield over the growing season. Plus, there will be a little left over to share with your Kem family.

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Survivor's Notebook

Positive Vibrations


Frankincense resins burning on charcoal.

It is said that there is no bigger sign that the house is in trouble than when one has to go outside to find peace. Home should be a sanctuary, the place where one can retreat from dangers and risks we encounter throughout the world. It should be a place of warmth, love and positivity and the base of our support. It is likely we have all faced times in our lives when clutter, mess and dirt have made our environment uncomfortable or even intolerable for us. In other situations, the attitudes or actions of individuals within our homes produce the same result. It is at these times that we seek refuge outside the house and tend to lose sleep as we contemplate or even obsess over solutions to our perceived problems.

There are times we think we understand the reasons for our problems. Other times, we may feel a similar discomfort but not be able to identify the source. What is interesting is the human tendency to find someone or something to blame as the source for our displeasure. We convince ourselves we know the source of the problem, and if that person or thing can be changed or eliminated, we believe we will be satisfied. Usually that same discomfort remains and we simply find a new target on which to unload our frustrations. If we quiet our emotions and assess our situation with some honesty, we should be led to question our ability to understand the nature of our problem. Without understanding the nature of our problem, it is impossible to find a lasting solution. Many self-help counselors are making a living by encouraging positive thinking, affirmations, etc. but in many cases these techniques are not enough to bring long-term results.

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Rebirth of Kem Culture

10-Requirements---Denderah-Temple-DjedWe’ve had enough of the empty promises. When we see what’s happening around us, can we afford to keep believing that one day things will change? Do we keep the faith that one day they will find a cure? Must we continue to hope that someone is coming to save us? Will we continue to dream of a future free of wars, hate and barbarism? The problems facing humanity are not someone else’s problems. They are all humanity’s problems to solve.

We were promised a better life. We were told that this constitution and this democracy make the United States the best country on Earth. Our army has been invading other countries around the world for over 50 years to force this government on its victims. Tell me, where is this model working? Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? It’s not even working here! We were promised modern medicine would bring miracle cures but it seems people are dying younger than ever. We were promised slavery was over, then why was the civil rights movement needed 100 years later? We were promised Jesus would be our salvation, and yet evil and immorality seem to be at an all time high, with believers often being the worst criminals. Obama promised us change, but at the end of his presidency, somehow things seem as bad as ever.

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Survivor's Notebook

Reassessing Racism


Racism Is a tool of divide and conquer where each side can be controlled by directing their energies against the other.

We know the story. In the United States, the so-called “leader of the free world”, there are many people still trying to convince the government, the world and maybe even each other that their lives should matter. Many of the cities in this country remain segregated over 50 years after “desegregation”, and many glaring examples show how much differently people are treated in similar situations. With all the murders and terrorism by police, marches, riots and inflammatory politics, it is clear to see that tensions in this country are near a boiling point and many are anxious about what’s going to happen next. Why?

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Survivor's Notebook



The return home to one’s roots is an essential journey. It involves returning in one’s heart and mind, to live as one’s Ancestors once did.

The basic survival instinct is to return home. No matter how far away from home we travel, whether kidnapped, stranded or lost, the quest to return home is priority for any human being. Imagine forgetting where or what home is, or even being born away from home. Imagine living in a place where every symbol that represents your home is considered evil, ignorant or obsolete. If you become convinced that there is nothing valuable about your place of origin, what will you call home? The very place that has convinced you that you have nothing to gain from your roots will be where you seek comfort, guidance, support, refuge, etc. This place will teach you your ideas of right and wrong, freedom, justice, equality, success, beauty, love… It will be your source of pride. If you are happy, it’s because this place has accepted you. If it does not, it can make your life a living hell.

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