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The Talking Drum: The Crying Ceremony

Sister Khefira and Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig at The Earth Center in Ouagadougou in 2007.

THE EARTH CENTER FAMILY comes together annually to honor our ancestors Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig and Khefira Hasati. Master Naba, Maakheru (truth teller), our teacher came to the United States with a mission to heal the minds of everyone here in the colonial diaspora. He brought to us the sacred wisdom of Traditional Spiritual Masters. With this knowledge the children of the colonial diaspora can set out to live a life of quality. This sacred information is under the protection of the ancestors that have preserved these teachings for over 2,500 years. Through these teachings, I am learning to face my own corruption and strive to be a better human being. Sister Khefira is an important pillar in the sisterhood of the M’TAM schools, having upheld many important responsibilities within the Earth Center during her life. The example set by her has become a model for all future Earth Center generations.

After a 13 hour drive I arrived at a spacious Chicago property. I was greeted with warm smiles and hugs. “The men are here and the women’s quarters are there,” I was told before I was whisked away with my luggage to a comfortable three story house packed with women and sleeping children. The concrete cushioned our bare feet as we moved from one house to the next. I would never dream of walking around New York with out shoes. It was another reality, and the sun had not yet risen to reveal what was to come in this small but steadily growing Kem community. The Kemioo are devoted to the evolution of humanity. The Kem leads by example by improving the quality of their own behavior. With a humble and honest approach to the Divine World, The Kem strives to maintain the purity of the mind, body and spirit.

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Opportunity To Mobilize

Pilgrimage-with-Maakheru-walkingInitiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn how to live as human beings, cautious of how they fit into nature and into the overall existence. For 20 years, The Earth Center has been paving the way for individuals to reestablish their connection to their traditions by providing a unique education that has been untouched and kept in secrecy within the initiation camps across Meritah (Africa) in order to preserve its integrity. This education has been made available by the authority of the priests in Meritah, with the goal of assisting people who would like to relearn their true heritage and who understand the importance of dropping their colonial conditioning. Due to many requests, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in its mission, but who are not able to join the initiation, by offering memberships.

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Is it our time?

Sunrise over lake

The Sun rises, beginning a new day.

We don’t question so many ideas that we are told are facts. We take for fact that north is up and that gravity pulls us down. We assume that if today is Monday, tomorrow can only be Tuesday. New generations may never know life without cell phones, internet and video games. This world that has been artfully built for our amusement and convenience is distracting us from the reality of things.
Let’s notice that the calendar we are using has names for months and days of the week that are never explained to us in our formal education and never discussed in society. Do these names have no meaning or are the names insignificant? Where do these names come from and who decided that this is the way we should tell time? These are questions worth asking.
Upon investigation, we discover that the names in our calendar are mostly taken from Roman mythology, while the names of some months come from Roman emperors and Latin numbers. When we say today is Saturday, we are saying the day belongs to the Roman “God”, Saturn. In other words, we are worshipping Roman culture and mythology when we use this calendar.

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Brexit: Europe in Crisis

Brexit Protest

Protest in UK opposing the decision to leave the european union

AS A KEM LIVING in the UK, I have been witnessing the unfolding drama within the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom (UK) has been in the middle of a debate, to decide whether or not to stay in the European Union (EU). A referendum was held on the 23rd June 2016 for the people to vote on this topic. They voted to leave. From a Kemetic perspective, one needs to understand the history to know the present.

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The Talking Drum: Coal Mining in WV

Child coal miners in 1908

Child coal miners in 1908

NESTLED AMONG THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS, West Virginia is a state remarkable for its natural beauty and is slow to change. The economy of the state has been reliant on coal for nearly two hundred years, but increasing restrictions coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the development of other, more sustainable energy sources, has lead to a decline in coal usage for decades. This decline has residents of the state clamoring to hold on to what few jobs are left in the coal industry. From the coffee shops to the legislature, West Virginians talk a lot about how the state can hold onto coal and gripe about how Obama is “killing” it, despite the fact that the resource saw its peak use back in 1940. Since 1979, West Virginia has led the country in the number of residents who are either not working or looking for work, yet it seems that no one is investing their energies into coming up with a plan to survive the inevitable death of the coal business

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