Talking Drum

The Talking Drum: Sinkholes

Sinkhole Florida

The Earth Is Communicating, Are We Listening?

As babies, fresh out of the wombs of our mothers, we are in our most vulnerable state. We are dependent solely on someone else to provide our every little need.

As we develop and discover a sense of independence, the idea of being weak and fragile somehow changes to the idea that we are no longer in need of assistance with our evolution. With this attitude, our egos have overpowered our ability to humble ourselves and admit that our survival is dictated by forces that are greater than any of us.

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Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Public Enemy #1 (Part 3)

Oupa Dawid Kruiper, leader of the ‡Khomani San in their claim for land rights in the Kalahari Desert. Oupa Dawid passed away in 2012.

Oupa Dawid Kruiper, leader of the Khomani San in their claim for land rights in the Kalahari Desert. Oupa Dawid passed away in 2012.

Extinction and endangered species, two terms that go hand in hand with the modern ideas of industry, economy and modernization. These ideas supposedly represent a revolution in human genius that has led to progress and advancement of humanity.  The reality has been an absolute terror unleashed on Earth by commercial and industrial empires. The introduction of money and wealth as the key to happiness for every human being has led to the justification of any act, however immoral, in the name of greater profits.

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On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path: Letter to Maakheru


Dear Maakheru,

If by mysterious luck this reaches you, dont be surprised that this letter is intended for you for the simple fact that our current realities here in the world of the living, makes me think of the times when you were alive. I have to admit that the nostalgia of the moments spent around you gnaws at me and some of your dignified disciples. In the bush we say, “the old ways are long gone when you see the youth kicking-and-screaming.” We are now living in a reality in which evil is being rewarded and the do-gooders are being annihilated. I’m sure during your time on this side among mortals you had seen and experienced these kinds of corruptions and weaknesses dominating all aspects of life, but at the moment it hurts me to inform you that we are facing the worst of the worst. Stupidity and vanity are being highly rewarded among humans. Well, as it is said, “times change.” I can see this approach to life being dishonest and hypocritical on the part of humanity, for time has remained time. And it’s high time humans stop hiding the forest behind the tree. Of course you warned us, your disciplines, just like the way Wsr warned humanity about the downhill journey of our species. And allow me to assure you that your teachings and Wsr’s principles are what keep us from plunging spiritually and morally to a condition where even no animal would fall. But, unfortunately, most of humankind is rapidly approaching the era in which humanity will cease being human.

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Kem Graduation

Victory in the Beloved Land, Introducing the Kazimeti Generation

Presenting the Kazimeti Generation. From Left: Marsaa, Henenwt, Nebiyah

The graduation of a new group of initiates into the M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality is cause for celebration from people around the globe. When a new generation of Kem initiates succeeds and surpasses all of the challenges that come with initiation, it symbolizes a renewal or rebirth of the traditions that have been alive for millennia. Recently, the source of celebration comes from the Ouagadougou school in Burkina Faso, Meritah (Africa). Meritah is the original name for the continent of Africa which translates to beloved land.

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