Kem Graduation

Welcome The Menihepou Graduation


The new graduate, Pehka Menihepou (center) with her instructors (from left): Imaib Ziawet, Perahru Ziaweet, Imy Maktitaoui and Zahib Ziaweet

It is interesting to think about the period of time in our lives where we begin to question the direction we are walking. The road we were walking on becomes foggy, and we end up with a sense of emptiness. When we sit down and close out the distractions that occupy our lives, the pain and void we experience leads us to question what is going on in our life.

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On The Ancestral Path

Purpose of Initiation

ethiopiainitiationExcerpt from an interview on the Kemetic way of life.

First of all, I have to express my gratitude to all of the Ancestors and Divinities of the temples that have been preserving this knowledge that I’m carrying out today, following the steps of my late father and master, Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. I will endlessly say thanks to him for paving the path and providing the unique opportunity to all of the people inside and outside of the traditional mystery initiation camps to reconnect, reclaim, and revive the Wsrian (Osirian) principles and ways of life.

Well, the type of knowledge we are really talking about and standing behind is actually the knowledge that is passed down to us by our elders, priests, and healers from the mystery schools in western Meritah. It’s an incredible component of knowledge transmitted from father to son, mother to daughter, and the elder generations to the younger generations through intense initiations. From the age of seven to twelve every child is obliged to enter the initiation camps in order to receive the knowledge that’s needed to achieve their rite of passage. One cannot acquire this knowledge without actually having a chance to be initiated.

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Kem Life

Returning Home: Death of WSR

Wsr Resurrection800

The deceased Wsr (center) with the Goddesses Aishat (right) and Nebfest (left)

Even with resistance from modern intellectual and political fronts and beliefs, Meritah (Africa) has come to be understood as the birthplace of the ingenuity of humanity… but when the topic of spirituality arises, for some reason or another we look elsewhere. It is a hard idea for the modern mind to comprehend that the origins of spirituality also come from the birthplace of humanity itself… but ask yourself, how could it not? This is the place where civilization and culture stem from, but somehow when concerning spiritual morality and human enlightenment we cannot associate these concepts with Meritah.

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Art for Thought

Art For Thought

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